These pages are built in part in memory of my father, John Altenbernd. It was his stories of the family that awakened my interest in genealogy. Many of the stories he told are contained on this site. More are being added as time permits.

Unfortunately, my uncle Bill Herrell died before I took an interest in knowing more about my ancestors. He spent many years working on his family history. A copy of his work served to start my own work. Without his efforts I wouldn't have been able to learn as much as I have.

Many other family members have contributed information over the years as well. Their continued help is greatly appreciated.

I have tried to make these pages as accurate as possible. If you notice any errors or have any additional information to add, please contact me at Sheila Altenbernd.

I have several pictures with unidentified people in them. Check out Who Am I? in Photo Galleries. If you can identify any of these people. Please let me know.
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