Caspar Heinrich Elert

M, #1, b. 7 June 1772
3rd great-grandfather of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Father*Joh. Ernst Elert1 b. before 1772
Mother*Anne Ilsabe Walter
     Caspar was born in Germany on 7 June 1772.1 He was the son of Joh. Ernst Elert and Anne Ilsabe Walter.1
     He was baptized at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Buer, Melle, Hannover, Germany, after 7 June 1772. The religion was Lutheran. Joh. Casp. Wolter was the godparent.1
     He resided at #14 Bremer, Buer, Melle, Hannover, Germany. In September of 1992, Marion Stoerker visited Buer, Germany. He described it as a "delightful old german village with the Evangelisch Kirche in the center and old housed around it." He also found the old Stoerker homestead, #14 Bremer. The house has been remodeled into a flower shop, but the old structure can still be seen. A tour of the cemetery, did not reveal any Stoerkers buried there.2
     Caspar Heinrich Elert was a farmer in Hannover, Buer, Melle, Germany.
     Caspar Heinrich Elert married Katarina Maria Störcker, daughter of Jost. Fried. Stoerker and Female Unknown, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Buer, Melle, Hannover, Germany, on 11 October 1799 . Marriage records indicate that Casper Henr. Elert, called Störker, and Cathr. Mar. Störker were married on October 11, 1799. It is unclear from this whether he had assumed the Störker name already prior to his marriage. According to German custom at the time, when a man with no wealth or property married a woman with these means, he had to take her surname in order to have legal access to her property. In all probability, this is the reason for the change in name from Elert to Störker.1
     Caspar Heinrich Elert married Mar. Elisab. Störker, after 1814.3
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Children of Caspar Heinrich Elert and Katarina Maria Störcker

Child of Caspar Heinrich Elert and Mar. Elisab. Störker


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