Emma Elise Stoehner1,2

F, #124, b. 18 November 1895, d. 19 August 1980
Father*August H Stoehner Sr3,4 b. 27 October 1854, d. 1 May 1915
Mother*Lizzie Wahlbrink4 b. 17 February 1856, d. 16 July 1936
     Emma was a cheerful person and she and Ida, who was widowed at the time, were very close as sisters, and the three of us had many good laughs together. They taught me to play Canasta, every day at lunchtime. They would talk about this or that and I mostly listened. I never saw or even knew of Gottlob, but did meet Carroll.3
     Emma was born in Missouri, USA, on 18 November 1895.5,6,2,4 She was the daughter of August H Stoehner Sr and Lizzie Wahlbrink.3,4
     Emma Elise Stoehner was listed as August H Stoehner Sr's daughter on the 1900 US Federal Census St Charles Township, St Charles County, Missouri, USA, enumerated 20 June 1900.4 Her birth date was listed as November 18, 1895, age 4. She was born in Missouri. Her father was born in Germany. Her mother was born in Germany.4

     Photo of Emma Stoehner circa 1910. Original photo in the possession of St Charles Historical Society at http://www.scchs.org.7

Emma Stoehner -- About 1910

     Gottlob Stoerker married Emma Elise Stoehner, daughter of August H Stoehner Sr and Lizzie Wahlbrink, St John Evangelical Church, St Charles, St Charles County, Missouri, USA, on 12 July 1922 . Emma Elise's attendants were Flora Stoerker. Gottlob married Emma, and they had a son, Carroll. Sometime after the birth of his son, Gottlob changed his name to Carroll also. Trouble erupted for Carroll and he was gone and unheard from for several years. Emma fearing he may have remarried divorced him to keep him from getting into further trouble.8,9
Gottlob and Emma Stoerker (left)

     They resided 4302 Helena Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio, USA, in 1929.10
     They resided at 117 North Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale, California, USA, in 1931.11
     Emma Elise Stoerker was shoeworker in 1939 at St Charles, Missouri, USA.12
ME by John Altenbernd

Aunt Emma and Carroll

     Aunt Emma Stoerker lived in St. Charles with her only child and son, Carroll. Her husband Gottleib had left her some years before, one step ahead of the police. If Emma knew where he was, she wasn't telling. Certainly no one else in the family knew where he was. Emma seemed unembittered by it all so far as I could tell. She was always pleasant, and there was a mutual acceptance of her as part of the Stoerker family. She was still legally married to Gottlieb in those years, but later on she divorced him. Mom told me she was afraid that Gottlieb had remarried on the assumption Emma had divorced him, and she didn't want to get him into possible bigamy problems.
Carroll was considerably older than I. We would visit Aunt Emma and Carroll when we were in St. Charles, and Carroll would try to play with me. What I remember most about him was that he had a lead-melting set. The melted lead could be poured into moulds which he had to make things. There were animals, but primarily he had a virtual army of lead soldiers and equipment such as cannons. I enjoyed watching him make them.
In later years Carroll reunited with his father. Gottlieb, who had no middle name as was the Stoerker custom, then went by the name G. Carroll Stoerker, a very rare instance of a father naming himself after his son instead of the other way around.

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( St Charles, Missouri, USA.)13
     They resided at 408 South 2D, St Charles, Missouri, USA, in 1939. This indicates Emma was a widow, but Gottlob didn't die until 1976. He had left her, but was not deceased.12
     Emma was divorced from Gottlob Stoerker St Charles, Missouri, USA, between July 1943 and August 1943. Emma filed in St. Charles alleging that Gottlob had lived apart from her since 1931.Carroll was 18 when Emma filed. Gottlob did not contest the divorce. Emma got custody of Carroll, but before long, Carroll was in California...3
     Emma Elise Stoerker was employed International Shoe Company, St Charles, Missouri, USA.3
     They resided St Charles, Missouri, USA, between 1950 and 1954.3
     Emma Elise Stoerker was employed International Shoe Company, Flora, Illinois, USA.3
     Emma Elise Stoerker lived Flora, Illinois, USA, abt 1955-1974.3
     She resided in San Rafael, Marin County, California, USA, in August 1980.5
     Emma died on 19 August 1980 in Marin, California, USA, at age 84.5,6,2 She was buried after August 1980 St John's Cemetery, St Charles, St Charles County, Missouri, USA, at. Emma is buried in August Stoehner lot number 63, section A.6
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Child of Emma Elise Stoehner and Gottlob Stoerker


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