Arthur Theodore Tiedemann

M, #190, b. 14 August 1926, d. 24 October 2004
     Art was born in a hospital in Oak Park, Illinois, but spent the first 25 years of his life living in Franklin Park, Illinois (another Chicago suburb).
     Art and Tympy lived in Madison, Wisconsin from July 1954 until Ruth's death. Art continued to lived there after that. Their address is 1910 Waunona Way, Madison, Wisconsin 53713-1614. Their phone number is (608) 222-1630.
     Art retired in May 1989 after 35 years of teaching electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin. After retiring, he began taking(auditing) some classes.
     In early 1992, Art began researching the Stoerker ancestor line for Ruth. I have corresponded with Art a number of times since then. I have never actually met him, but feel I have gotten to know him through his letters. His humor shows through in his writings. He must be a very interesting person to know.
     During the course of my early research, I had listed Ruth and Art with a son Christopher. I later learned their son's name was actually Norman. I inadvertently added Norman and left Christopher. Norman and JoAnne apparently teased their parents on a number of occasions about their phantom brother. On a subsequent letter from Art, he drew in a ghost and named it Christopher
     The following is a copy of Art’s Christmas letter.

“               1910 Waunona Way
               Madison, Wisconsin 53713-1614
               Late December, 1994

     One does not lose one’s mate/companion/lover/friend of over 40 years and just carry on with no change; it ain’t easy, but there’s not much choice. 1994 was not one of my better years. Aside from Ruth’s death in January, I totaled the car in June (not a scratch or bump on me), and in July one of my very close cousins died. The good news is that I became a grandfather! On April 28 Mary and Norman had a daughter, Kelly Ruth.

     Aside from Kelly, the biggest family news is that JoAnn did volunteer work for the World Cup games in Chicago this past summer. She worked in the “credentials” office where all the press and VIP’s came to get official badges. She has a picture of her and Placido Domingo with his arm around her. Next in line of family happenings is Norman’s and Mary’s move from the Chicago are to Woodbury, a suburb of St. Paul. Mary is working for 3M, and Norman is continuing working for Bell Labs 3 days/week via phone and computer terminal.

     The reason this is late is that I wasn’t home the week before Christmas; I attended an Elderhostel at the Jewish Community Center of Delaware in Wilmington. (Who else would host an Elderhostel the week before Christmas?) I told them when we were all introducing ourselves the first afternoon the I was their token goy; it turned out there was one other (out of 51). We two plus a couple from California were the only ones from west of the Appalachians. In fact over 3/4 were from NY, NJ, MD, or PA. I had a great time.

     After a year’s hiatus, I went back to auditing courses at the University: psychology, geology, and astronomy. Thus, I now have 27 courses (with zero credit) on my transcript since retirement. In January I plan to take a two-week train trip south and west, stopping to see relatives and friends along the way. In March I will be in Belize (British Honduras to those of you who, like me, studied geography a long time ago.) on two back-to-back Elderhostels; one has to do with dolphins and one with howler monkeys.

     It keeps me off the streets.

     Heres hoping 1995 is better than 1994!


     Arthur worked. He worked as Engineer.
     Arthur was born in Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois, USA, on 14 August 1926.1
     His common name was Art.
     Arthur Theodore Tiedemann married Ruth Arlene Stoerker, daughter of Theophil Stoerker and Frieda Johanna Philomina Frankenfeld, at Emmaus Chapel, St Charles, St Charles County, Missouri, USA, on 20 June 1953 . Ruth had to get permission from the Medical School to skip her graduation so she could come home married.
     When Art and Ruth went to get a marriage license, they knew they needed a blood test, but did not know it would take a week to get the results. There was not a week left until the wedding. They needed to find a judge to issue the license. They were able to. The license reads "issued by order of the court".
     They hoped to be married in the new Emmaus Chapel, but it wasn't ready yet so they were married in the old one.1,2,3,4
     They resided at 1910 Waunona Way, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA, in June 1992. The house was by a lake.4
     Arthur Theodore Tiedemann lived at 1910 Waunona Way, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA, in 1996.5
     Arthur died on 24 October 2004 at age 78.6
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Family: Arthur Theodore Tiedemann and Ruth Arlene Stoerker


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