Herald Kimble Sanders

M, #325, b. 11 January 1932, d. 24 July 2007
1st cousin 1 time removed of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Father*Kimble Jones Sanders1 b. 18 September 1896, d. 18 July 1964
Mother*Murlie May Herrell1 b. 27 November 1902, d. 17 September 2001
Herald Sanders
     When Muriel as a child, her uncle Frank lived with them for awhile. He would have nightmares that scared Muriel and Herald.2

     Herald enjoys playing golf.2

     Kim Sanders would always call Margie, Marjorie.3

     Herald was born in St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA, on 11 January 1932.1,4 He was the son of Kimble Jones Sanders and Murlie May Herrell.1

     Photo in 1932 in St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA.

     His common name was Harold Sanders.
     Herald weighed 8 pounds when he was born. Herald spells his name Harold. His mother spells it Herald. (According to census records, the family name at one time was spelled Herald and Herrald.)

Herald met and married Marilyn while he was working as a railroad telegrapher with one of the companies in Michigan.

As of 1991, Herald was living in the Detroit, Michigan area and working for the railroad.

Herald retired from the railroad in January 1994 after 38 years of service. He was 62 years old. The railroad gave him a watch in honor of his retirement.

     Amy Nell and her husband spent their wedding night at Muriel and Kim Sander's house. All of the kids spied on them during the night.5,6

     Photo of ?,?, Herold, Kim, Lila, and Muriel Sanders,?,? Circa 1945. Original photo in the possession of Sue Myers (#130.)

?,?, Herold, Kim, Lila, and Muriel Sanders,?,?

     Herald Kimble Sanders was employed as railroad telegrapher by Missouri Pacific Railroad.1,7

     Photo of Herald Sanders. Original photo in the possession of Lila Behan (#319.)8

Harold Sanders


     Photo taken by Sheila Altenbernd (#172) in January 1984 in Shrewsbury, St Louis County, Missouri, USA. Original photo in the possession of Sheila Altenbernd (#172.)

     Herald had a stroke that weakend his left side. He also has had congestive heart failure.9

     Sue recently received an e-mail from Lila Behan (Herald's sister). He was at the bank recently. A woman was being accosted. In spite of several medical problems, he grabbed the man and yelled for help. He hung on until the police arrived to arrest him. The woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. The police told Herald that was a brave thing he did. His response was "Well, what else could I do?"9
     Herald died on 24 July 2007 at age 75.
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