Hulda Stoerker

F, #58, b. 18 July 1881, d. 22 March 1889
Grandaunt of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Father*Conrad Friedrich Stoerker1 b. 17 February 1851, d. 13 June 1927
Mother*Wilhelmine Cuno1 b. 10 August 1857, d. 20 March 1940
     Hulda was born in Warrenton, Warren County, Missouri, USA, on 18 July 1881. The Stoerker family moved to Warrenton, Missouri in 1881. Conrad was serving at St. Paul's Church at what is today called Steinhagen. Hulda was born here July 18, 1881..2,1 She was the daughter of Conrad Friedrich Stoerker and Wilhelmine Cuno.1
     Hulda died on 22 March 1889 in Plum Hill, Washington County, Illinois, USA, at age 7. Then came what was called the "Diphtheria Winter of 1889". Hulda was a victim of it, dying at the age of seven. She died on March 22, 1889 in her rocker at 3:30 am.2,1 Her funeral was on 23 March 1889 St John's Church, Plum Hill, Washington County, Illinois, USA.1 She was buried on 23 March 1889 St John's Cemetery, Plum Hill, Washington County, Illinois, USA. She was the 100th death since the founding of the church in 1854.1
     Her obituary was published on in Nashville Journal, Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, USA, on 29 March 1889

Died or diphtheria Hulda, daughter of Rev and Mrs. Stoerker aged 7 years 8 months and 4 days, she was ill only 4 days. The afflicted family have the sympathy of the community. Rev. Buchmueller of Nashville officiated. Rev. G. Doernenburg. Rev. C. Doernenburg and Rev. Schultz also attended.3
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