Thelma E. Briggs

F, #602, b. 15 May 1908, d. 3 September 2009
Father*Male Briggs1
Mother*Female Unknown1 d. circa 1945
     Thelma E. Briggs was born on 15 May 1908.1,2 She was the daughter of Male Briggs and Female Unknown.1 Thelma E. Briggs was graduated circa 1921. Thelma was 13 when she graduated from grade school.1
     Thelma E. Briggs was employed by a candy factory. This was her first job.1
     Male Unknown married Thelma E. Briggs, daughter of Male Briggs and Female Unknown.1
     Thelma and Floyd met in a Kroger grocery store in St. Louis, Missouri. Floyd was following her around the store and then got in line behind her at the check-out. He asked "Are you alone?". She said, "Yes". He asked "How long?" She replied "5 years.". He said "6 years for me. Could I call you sometime?".

Thelma gave him her phone number. She didn't think he would remember it because he didn't have anything to write with.

She went home and began putting her groceries away. Before she had finished, Floyd called.

They talked on the phone a few times, then Thelma left town for a couple of months. Bill died while she was out of town. When she returned to town, they went out and quickly became great friends.1
     Floyd told Thelma he didn't like the name Floyd. He asked her to call him Herrell instead. All the kids in the neighborhood called him Herrell too.1
     Floyd and Thelma traveled a lot together. Thelma did most of the driving because Floyd's eyes were bad.

On one trip, her took her to Berger and Hermann Missouri. He showed her the hospital where a couple of his grandchildren were born.

They went by the cemetery to see where his son, Bill, was buried. They wanted to check and see if there were flowers on the grave.

They stopped by Verna's house, but she wasn't home.

They made a trip to Florida together too.1
     In a letter from Thelma, she states, "He did have a quick temper and I guess I was not so sweet at times, but all in all we got along real well and had good times just taking long rides and playing cards at his house on Fyler. We got married on April 14, 1976, and sadly he passed away September 7, 1976. I missed him a lot. He made me laugh a lot and that was good for me. We cared a lot for each other and enjoyed being together. He kept his watch business over on Fyler for we didn't want a lot of those watch men coming in and out in our home on Louisiana Avenue. The landlord may have suspected some wrong doing like drugs or something. So he was over there a lot and that gave me a chance for some privacy I needed. Our time together was short and sweet in spite of his blow-ups once in a while. He was very considerate too. He talked much about his life when he worked for the Railroad. He had some interesting stories to tell and I listened and laughed at most of them. But our times when we played cards and went for long rides were very good for both of us. His tempermental ways didn't keep us apart for they were forgotten right away and all was right again."
Thelma later remarried Warren Wood about 1980.
     In May 1986, Thelma and Warren moved from Florida back to St. Louis.
     Warren had prostrate cancer. Thelma was able to care for him and keep him at home until his death on Octomber 20, 1992. His death was difficult for Thelma and she went to Coronado, California to spend some time with her son.

     She resided 4675A Louisiana Ave, St Louis, Missouri, USA.
     Thelma weighed 125 while she was married to Floyd. He told her she needed to gain some weight. They would go to the cafeteria to eat and he would get macaroni and cheese and cake. When they sat down, he'd give it to Thelma to eat.1
     Floyd and Thelma enjoyed singing together. They did this frequently.1
     Floyd was very jealous. He didn't like it when Thelma talked to other men.1
     Floyd made Thelma laugh a lot. They were happy together. All of Thelma's family thought highly of Floyd.1
     Floyd Bible Herrell married Thelma E. Briggs, daughter of Male Briggs and Female Unknown, in St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA, on 14 April 1976.3
     Floyd and Thelma each kept their own houses after they married. They lived in Thelma's house on Louisiana Street. Floyd continued his clock repair business in his house.1
     Thelma worked at a photo development lab.. She was eventually promoted to an inspector. This was the last job she had.1
     Thelma made several trips alone to Canada while she was single.

She likes to walk and used to take long walks all the time.

Thelma plays the piano and organ.1
     Thelma enjoys traveling by car, bus, or train. She has flown a few times, but doesn't really like it.1
     Warren Wood married Thelma E. Briggs, daughter of Male Briggs and Female Unknown, circa 1980.3
     Thelma, as Warren Wood's wife, resided with him, in Florida, USA, between 1982 and 1986.1
     Thelma and Warren frequently went out dancing.1

     Photo of Warren and Thelma Wood Summer 1984 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA. Original photo in the possession of Sheila Altenbernd (#174.)3

Warren and Thelma Wood -- Summer 1984 -- Louisville, Kentucky

     Thelma and Warren were in a hurricane once. It hit around 8 am and was pretty scary.1
     Thelma, as Warren Wood's wife, resided with him, in St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA, between 1986 and 1992. They moved back to St Louis when Warren was diagnosed with cancer. Thelma did not want to end up living alone in Florida.1
     Thelma E. Briggs lived at 3920 Hydraulic Avenue, St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA, in December 1991.
     Thelma doesn't go out much anymore. She spends most of her time at home alone. It gets lonesome.1
     Thelma has problems with her tear ducts in her eyes. It causes them to water a lot. In spite of that, her vision remains very good. She's still able to pass her driver's license eye test without glasses.

She has high blood pressure, but it is controled with medication.1
     Thelma died on 3 September 2009 at age 101.2
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Family: Thelma E. Briggs and Male Unknown

Family: Thelma E. Briggs and Floyd Bible Herrell

Family: Thelma E. Briggs and Warren Wood


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