One of the satisfying parts of doing genealogy research is discovering stories about our ancestors that were previously unknown. One of the most frustrating parts is hitting a brick wall. The following are such cases.

Frank Royer Herrell #27 (11 Feb 1875 - 7 Feb 1915)

Family lore indicates that Frank is at least part Indian. There are many stories floating around, but so far nothing has been uncovered to prove or disprove them.

One story is that Frank is a full blooded Indian. At some point he came to live with the Herrell family.

Another story is that Frank is actually the son of Whig Herrell, but his mother was an Indian. Whig brought his son home to live with his family.

Dorothy David Miller #76 (18 Sep 1915 - 14 Sept 1969)

According to her birth certificate, Dorothy was born to David and Stella Miller. Dorothy's original birth certificate was lost in a courthouse fire. She filed for a delayed certificate when she was an adult. Dorothy's father left the family when she was just a baby.

Dorothy came in contact with her father again as an adult. She introduced her daughters to this man as her father. His name was David Reidy.

Dorothy bears a strong resemblance to David Reidy and she clearly considered him to be her father. So, that leaves the question of who was David Miller?

Was David Reidy using the name of David Miller at the time of Dorothy's death. This seems unlikely since records have been found showing that David Reidy was born in California, Missouri. Why would he change his name to Miller and then later change it back to Reidy?

Was there another man that Stella married whose name was David Miller?

Is it possible there never was a marriage and that Stella made this up to cover up the illegitimate pregnancy? I haven't found any record of a marriage.


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