This page is dedictated to family members that have died recently.

Wayan Buchanan #443 (28 Oct 1921 to 21 Jan 2013)

Wayan's body died on Feb 28, 2013. The essence of who he was died 5 years earlier after a delayed resuscitation left him with severe brain damage.

Wayan was a good person with a big heart. He would help out anyone who needed assistance. He will be missed by many people.

Margie Seago #443 (28 Oct 1921 to 21 Jan 2013)

I was fortunate enough to have visited Aunt Margie in November. It was a fairly quick visit, but we both enjoyed it.

Aunt Margie was a talented artist and her home was decorated with her works in oils, water colors, and ceramics.

Even at 91, she was as alert as ever. In recent years she learned to use the computer and helped a friend with her floral shop.

Peg Sanders #303 (1 Sep 1932 to 9 Jul 2011)

I didn't know Peggy very well. I met her only once during my adult years and that was several years ago.

Her health was already declining then, but we had a wonderful visit. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet her.

Peggy was a wonderful artist and many of her works could be seen hanging on the walls in her home.

David Glen Myers #165 (27 Apr 1939 to 13 Feb 2008)

Dave was a good natured person and enjoyed his life. He loved to tell jokes. His pizzas were always a big hit at any family gathering.

Dave was a welcome addition to our family. He brought so much into my motherís life. He loved her. He cherished her. He made her laugh. Mostly, he made her happy.

Dave accepted Momís family as his own. All of our lives are richer for having known him. He will be missed, but heíll live on in the memories he left with each of us.

Herald Kimble Sanders†#325 (11 Jan 1932 - 24 Jul 2007)

I have had limited contact with Herald over the years. Fortunately, there have been some scattered family reunions where I was able to get to know him better. Herald and I have also exchanged letters in recent years. Among other things, I was struck by what a neat penmanship he had.

Just a couple of months ago, Herald saved an elderly woman from a car jacking. When he came out of his bank, he saw that a young man was trying to hijack a woman in her car. Herald ran over to them and grabbed the man around the waist holding his arms to his sides, and hoping somebody else would come along to help. Another man drove up and Herald told him to call the police. The police responded immediately and were able to arrest the offender and take the woman to the hospital. They told him that was pretty brave of him and Herald said, "What else could I do?"

Herald was elderly himself and had a number of health problems. No one would have thought less of him if he had not done anything. He didn't think about his own safety, however, he just jumped right in and did what he could. We could use more people like Herald in this world. He will be missed.

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