New Zealand WISES DIRECTORY 1880
THAMES section
Page 266 - 268
Copy of complete Directory Available at NZSG Library (NZ.Dir.1880.FCH)
Transciber note:
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Introduction, page 266:
THAMES, Auckland Prov. 49 miles SE by steamer from Auckland City; in Thames County - known also as
Grahamstown& Shortland - an important Gold mining centre & shipping port; 3 branch banks
(NZ Union & New S Wales); 2 daily newspapers (Advertiser & Evening Star);
Post town & Municipality & Te. Statn., Pop 6,463
ABBOT James   Waiotahi 266
ADAMS William   Waiotahi 266
ADAMS Wm Engineer Waiotahi Creek 266
ADCOCK William Butcher Pollen St 266
ADLAM Joshua Walter   Grey Street 266
AIREY Matthew Hy Draper Pollen St 266
AITKIN Alex Civil Engineer Sealey St 266
AITKIN Thomas Dispenser Mary St 266
AKERS Mrs Carter Mackay Street 266
ALEXANDER Hy Blacksmith Moanatairi 266
ALKEN George   Waiotahi 266
ALLAWAY Jacob Boarding Housekeeper Brown St 266
ANGOVE Edward John Hotelkeeper Beach Road 266
ARNS Frederick Linesman Karaka Rd 266
ARTHUR John Blacksmith Irishtown 266
ASHMAN Fredk Tailor Pollen Street 266
AVERY William Grocer Grey Street 266
BAKER William Carrier Pollen Street 266
BALCKE Augustus Grocer Mary Street 266
BARTY David Hotel Keeper Pollen St 266
BASHAM George Carpenter Pollen St 266
BAWDEN Saml Battery Owner Tararu 266
BAYLDON Danl Hy Surveyor Owen St 266
BAYLISS William Carpenter Tararu 266
BENNETT Fredk Gardener Tararu gdns 266
BENNETT Homora   Waiotahi 266
BENNETT T A Grocer Pollen Street 266
BENNETT Thomas Albert Storekeeper Waiotahi 266
BENNETT Wm Carpenter Baillie St 266
BERTRAM Richd Tentmaker Pollen St 266
BIRCH John P Painter Richmond St 266
BIRMINGHAM Henry S Shipowner Grey Street 266
BLOOMFIELD Samuel Carpenter Willoughby Street 266
BOBBETT William Butcher Pollen St 266
BORMAN Gustave Engineer Tararu 266
BOXALL William   Waiotahi 266
BOYER Alfred Carpenter Mackay St 266
BRASSEY Nathl G Solicitor Albert St 266
BRIANT George Battery Owner Karaka Creek 266
BRIDGES Mrs Grocer Karaka Road 266
BRILL Michael   Waiotahi 266
BRODIE Alexander   Waiotahi 266
BROWN Charles   Waiotahi 266
BROWN James Dealer Pollen Street 266
BROWN John Engineer Tararu 266
BROWN Robert Samuel Poundkeeper Mackay Street 266
BROWN Thomas   Tararu 266
BROWN Thomas Milkman Tararu 266
BROWN William Butcher Albert St 266
BROWNLOW Edward Moulder Tararu 266
BRUCE Mrs Margaret Boarding Housekeeper Coromandel Street 266
BRYAN John Bus Owner Willoughby Street 266
BRYNE Patrick   Waiotahi 266
BUCKLEY Tim Bootmaker Pollen St 266
BULL Charles Grocer Pollen Street 266
BULL Geo Battery Owner Karaka Rd 266
BURNS Mrs Baker Karuka Creek 266
BURRA Robert Stationer Brown St 266
BURTON William Publican Pollen St 266
BUTLER Albert Contractor Eyre 266
BUTTERWORTH Chas Pub Pollen Street 266
BYSBROM Mangus   Waiotahi 266
CAHILL Matthew James Amalgamist Kirkwood Street 266
CAMPBELL Alex Carrier Kirkwood St 266
CAMPBELL Henry Elmes Solicitor Walters St 266
CAREY Thomas   Waiotahi 266
CARNEY William   Waiotahi 266
CARNIE William Engineer Waiotahi Ck 266
CARPENTER Wm Gum mercht Grey St 266
CARRAN Henry Contractor Punga Flat 266
CARRICK William Manager Union Bank Albert Street 266
CARTWRIGHT John Watchman Karaka 266
CASELY John Engineer Eureka Hill 266
CASEY John Baker Tararu 266
CASEY Maurice Carrier Tararu 266
CHALMERS Mrs Dressmaker Tararu 266
CHRISP William Carpenter Tararu 266
CHRISTENSON Christen Carpenter Davy Street 266
CLARK George   Waiotahi 266
CLARK Margaret   Waiotahi 266
CLARK Miss Minnie   Waiotahi 266
CLARK Mrs   Waiotahi 266
CLARK Thomas Brewer Waiotaha 266
CLARKE James Grocer Owen Street 266
CLARKE Thomas Carter Tararu 266
CLARKE Thomas Publican Tararu 266
CLARKEN James   Waiotahi 266
CLAXTON Wm Tailor Albert Street 266
CLIMO Noah Mine Manager Kararu 266
CLINKES Henry   Waiotahi 266
CLOULL Joseph   Waiotahi 266
CLOULL Mrs sen   Waiotahi 266
COCHRANE Alexander   Waiotahi 266
COCKS James General Dealer Mary St 266
COLDICUTT John Carrier Baillie St 266
COMER Robert Mine Manager Moanatairi Creek 266
CONNON Alexander Gardener Keddell Street 266
CONOLLY Cammeron   Waiotahi 266
CONROY Michael Painter Waiotahi hl 266
CONROY Michl Painter Queen Street 266
CONSTANT William Joseph Publican Pollen Street 266
COOK Henry Engineer Bella Street 266
COOK William Engineer Baillie St 266
COOKSON Andrew Jeweller Brown St 266
COOPER George Printer Albert St 266
COOPER Henry   Waiotahi 266
CORNES Thomas Carpenter Waiotahi 266
CORNISH George Tailor Tararu 266
COULLS James   Waiotahi 266
COUPLAND Edward   Waiotahi 266
COWAN Henry Cooper Pollen Street 266
CRAIG James Auctioneer Queen Street 266
CRAIG James   Waiotahi 266
CROCKER George Bootmaker Brown St 266
CROCKER John Bootmaker Brown St 266
CROSBIE Thomas Dairyman Waiotahi 266
CULLEN John Carpenter Albert Street 266
CULPITT William Saddler Pollen Street 266
CUMMINGS     Waiotahi 266
CURTIS Charles Publican Brown St 266
DALZIEL George Butcher Pollen St 266
DANN Fredk Cabinetma Pollen St 266
DARE William Wheelwright Waiotahi 266
DAVEY Richd Cabinetma Kirkwood St 266
DAVEY William Blacksmith Tararu 266
DAVIES Edwd Carpenter Richmond St 266
DAVIES Wm Harbour Master Baillie St 266
DAVIS Hugh Carrier Amy street 266
DAVIS Thomas Engineer Sealey St 266
DAYKIN Francis Mine Manager Rallenston Street 266
DEEBLE William Grocer Rolleston St 266
DENBY George Chemist Brown Street 266
DIAMOND Mat   Waiotahi 266
DODD Charles Edwd Publican Grey St 266
DODD John Eliers Solicitor   266
DODD Richard Newton Contractor Beach Road 266
DONNELLY Patrick William Publican Beach Road 266
DONOVAN Thomas Carpntr Mackay St 266
DOUGLAS Robt Baker Willoughby St 266
DRISCOLL Michael   Punga Flat 266
DRIVER Henry Ironmonger Pollen St 266
DRIVER Hy Dunn Painter Pollen St 266
DUNLOP Thomas Carrier Tararu 266
DUNLOP Thos Mine Manager Beach Rd 266
DUNN Andrew Publican Mary Street 266
DUNN Joseph   Waiotahi 266
EDMONDS Peter Moulder Waiotahi Hill 266
EHRENFRIED Louis Brwr Mackay Street 266
ELLIOT John Engineer Waiotahi Hill 266
ELLIS Chas Jackson Grocer Tararu 266
ELLIS     Waiotahi 266
EMMETT John Henry   Waiotahi 266
ENDRES Henry Publican Mary Street 266
ENSOR Samuel Publican Mary Street 266
EVERITT William, Jun Cabinetmaker Mackay Street 266
EVERITT Wm Cabinetmaker Pollen St 266
FAGG William Plumber Pollen Street 266
FARRELL James Builder Richmond St 266
FARRELL John Dairyman Irishtown 266
FARRELL John Builder Richmond St 266
FARRELL Robert Builder Pollen Street 266
FAULL Wm Undertaker Owen Street 266
FERGUSON Jas Coal Merchant Beach Rd 266
FERGUSON William Carter Beach Rd 266
FIELDER Robt Boat Builder Beach Rd 266
FINLAY John Jwllr Williamson St 266
FISHER Hugh Blacksmith Burke St 267
FITZGERALD James   Waiotahi 266
FITZGERALD John   Waiotahi 266
FLEMING Andrew Agent Baillie St 267
FLETCHER John Grocer Owen Street 267
FORGIE James Baker Pollen Street 267
FORSAITH Samuel Smyth Draper Owen Street 267
FOX John   Waiotahi 267
FOY Jas Jos Photographer Pollen St 267
FRANK Henry Hairdresser Pollen St 267
FRASER William Magistrate Tararu 267
FRATER John Agent Eyre Street 267
FRENCH John   Waiotahi 267
FRENCH Mrs   Waiotahi 267
FRICKER Walter Painter Tararu 267
GARRETT Jas Alex Engnr Mackay St 267  
GARRETT Oliver Messenger Government Offices Queen Street 267
GARRETT Thomas Publican Pollen St 267
GARVEY James   Waiotahi 267
GELLION D R Broker Albert Street 267
GIBBONS John Engineer Eyre Street 267
GILLAN Alex Publican Brown Street 267
GINN Geo L Bricklayer Queen Street 267
GOLDSWORTHY John Mine Man Davy St 267
GOLDSWORTHY Thos Mine Man Waiotahi 267
GOLDSWORTHY William Mine Manager Pollen Street 267
GOLDWATER Meyer Clothier Pollen St 267
GOLDWORTHY Thomas   Waiotahi 267
GRAHAM Thos Publican Rolleston St 267
GRAIN Peter Grocer Rolleston Street 267
GRANT John Drill Instructor Eyre St 267
GRANT Obediah Baker Pollen Street 267
GREEN John Shoemaker Waiotahi 267
GREEN William Hatter Pollen Street 267
GREENSLADE     Waiotahi 267
GREENWOOD Benjamin Corn Merchant Pollen Street 267
GRIBBLE John D   Waiotahi 267
GRIFFITHS Owen Carrier Queen Street 267
GRIFFITHS William Engineer Tararu 267
GRIGG John Undertaker Pollen Street 267
HALL John Wm Chemist Owen Street 267
HAMERTON John Draper Willoughby St 267
HAMILTON A Teacher Waiotahi 267
HAMILTON Hugh Jun   Waiotahi 267
HAMILTON Hugh Sen   Waiotahi 267
HANCOCK     Waiotahi 267
HANSEN John Ernest Grocer Pollen St 267
HART John Saunders Gunsmith Pollen Street 267
HAVERFIELD John Painter Waiotahi 267
HAWKES Henry Bootmaker Owen St 267
HAWKINS John   Waiotahi 267
HAWKINS     Waiotahi 267
HEALEY Thomas Fruiterer Pollen St 267
HEIGHWAY John F Engineer Eyre St 267
HELDT John Augustus Cabinetmaker Pollen Street 267
HENLEY John Agent Albert Street 267
HETHERINGTON Sam Drpr Pollen St 267
HIGGINS Robt Butcher Karaka Road 267
HILL Charles   Waiotahi 267
HILL     Waiotahi 267
HIRST Daniel   Waiotahi 267
HODGE James Henry   Waiotahi 267
HOGG Alexander Brewer Baillie St 267
HOLLIS Edwin Wise County Clerk Pollen Street 267
HONISS Edward Agent Pollen Street 267
HORGAN George Teacher Waiotahi 267
HORGAN   Schoolmaster Waiotahi 267
HORSBRUGH Thos Legal Man Tararu 267
HOUSELY Henry   Waiotahi 267
HUME Alexander Agent Albert Street 267
HYAMS Mrs   Waiotahi 267
HYMAN Henry Bootmaker Williamson Street 267
JACKSON Thos Shipbuilder Baillie St 267
JACOBS Wm Bootmaker Pollen Street 267
JAMES Thos Mining Man Owen St 267
JARVIS John Finch Bootma Pollen St 267
JEFFREY James Fruiterer Pollen St 267
JOHNS Edward Publican Tararu 267
JOHNS John   Waiotahi 267
JOHNSON Charles Builder Baillie St 267
JOHNSTON Allan Carrier Mackay St 267
JOHNSTON John   Waiotahi 267
JOHNSTON Miss   Waiotahi 267
JOYNT Charles Grocer Pollen Street 267
JUDD Chas Iron Foundry Queen St 267
KAREY Isaac Messenger Mary Street 267
KELLY Patrick Bootmaker Pollen St 267
KENDALL     Waiotahi 267
KENNAN Richard Agent Richmond St 267
KILGOUR James MD Pollen Street 267
KINGSFORD Richard   Waiotahi 267
KINSMAN Edwin Plasterer Karaka 267
KITCHING John Chadwick Carpenter Mackay Street 267
KITCHING Thos Draper Willoughby Rd 267
KNEEBONE Thos Mine Man Beach Rd 267
LAISHLEY Rev R   Beach Road 267
LAMB Peter & Alexander Timber Merchants Mary Street 267
LANGE Henry Tailor Baillie Street 267
LAURIE William Turncock Pahau Street 267
LAWLOR Geo Mill Man Beach Road 267
LAWLOR Hy Chas JP Beach Road 267
LAWSON George Engineer Davy St 267
LEWIS Louis   Waiotahi 267
LEYDON John Auctioneer Pollen St 267
LITCHFIELD Wm Grocer Pollen Street 267
LOISMAN     Waiotahi 267
LOUGHMAN Mrs William   Waiotahi 267
LOVETT George Carpenter Sealey St 267
LOWE     Waiotahi 267
LUSH Rev Church Of England Mary Street 267
LYMBURN James Painter Albert St 267
MAHONEY Wm Publican Brown St 267
MANNERS John   Waiotahi 267
MANNING Thomas Battery Owner Baillie Street 267
MARSHALL James Draper Albert St 267
MARTIN William Draper Pollen St 267
MASON John Brookes   Karaka Creek 267
MASON Mrs Stationer Mary Street 267
MATHEWS Charles   Waiotahi 267
MATHISON David   Waiotahi 267
MAXWELL Peter Firewood Dealer Pollen Street 267
MCCARRON Ed Mason Irishtown 267
MCCAUL George Tinsmith Brown St 267
MCCULLOUGH Wm Printer Albert St 267
MCDONALD John Sailmaker Beach Rd 267
MCDONNELL Charles Fruiterer Brown St 267
MCDONNELL Edward Corn Chandler Albert Street 267
MCDOUGALL     Waiotahi 267
MCDOWELL Wm Publican Owen St 267
MCFARLAND Robert James Surveyor Pollen Street 267
MCGOWAN James Grocer Pollen St 267
MCGUIRE Mrs Thomas   Waiotahi 267
MCILHONE Hugh Publican Pollen St 267
MCINTYRE Allan Blacksmith Waiotahi 267
MCINTYRE Allen   Waiotahi 267
MCKENNA James   Waiotahi 267
MCLEAY Danl Bootma Pollen Street 267
MCLEOD John   Waiotahi 267
MCMEICE James   Waiotahi 267
MEACHAM George Undertaker Owen St 267
MEARS Abraham   Waiotahi 267
MEARS Mrs   Waiotahi 267
MEARS Samuel Grocer Pollen Street 267
MELHOSE Louis Agent Albert Street 267
MENNIE Alexander Baker Queen Street 267
MENNIE James Baker Queen Street 267
MILLER David Grocer Owen Street 267
MOLAM John   Waiotahi 267
MONTGOMERY Samuel   Waiotahi 267
MONTGOMERY William   Waiotahi 267
MOOR Robert Carpenter Waiotahi 267
MOORCRAFT Thomas   Waiotahi 267
MORGAN Eli Chas Bootmaker Grey St 267
MORONEY Michl Bootmakr Pollen St 267
MORROW Chas Publican Willoughby St 267
MORWICK John   Waiotahi 267
MUIR John Tailor Brown St 267
MULLIGAN Michael Publican Pollen Street 267
MURRAY Thomas L Manager Bank of New Zealand Brown Street 267
MUSKETT John Henry Cordial Maker Eyre Street 267
NEAL John Butcher Owen Street 267
NEWMAN Wm Plumber Sealey St 267
NICHOLLS John Carrier Pollen Street 267
NICHOLLS John Blacksmith Karaka Rd 267
NICKS John Publican Karaka Road 267
NICOLAI Robt Cradlemaker Mackay St 267
NIXON Gerald   Waiotahi 267
NODDER John Stationer Pollen Street 267
OSBORNE John Grocer Albert Street 267
O'SULLIVAN Patrick   Waiotahi 267
OTTO Andrew Grocer Brown Street 267
PALMER Chas Confectioner Pollen St 267
PARTINGTON George Wheelwright Abraham Street 267
PATTERSON William Keddy Engineer Davy Street 267
PAYNE Martin H Surgeon Pollen St 267
PEARCE John Publican Albert Street 267
PEARSE     Waiotahi 267
PEARSON Edward   Waiotahi 267
PERRY J R Battery Owner Willoughby Street 267
PETERS John Cabinetmaker Karaka Creek 267
PHELAN Mrs Patrick   Waiotahi 267
PHILLIPPS John Oil Merchnt Pollen St 267
PHILLIPS Alexander Bus Owner Mackay Street 267
PINE Charles   Waiotahi 267
PITKETHLEY Geo Blacksmith Grey St 267
PLANT William Dispenser Pollen St 267
POPE Robert Aug Grocer Baillie St 267
PORTER James   Waiotahi 267
PRICE Alfred Ironfounder Beach Rd 267
PRICE George Ironmoulder Beach Rd 267
PRICE Thomas Tailor Davy St 267
PULLEINE Fredk Seedsman Albert St 267
QUADRI Antonio Bootmaker Pollen St 267
QUEALY Thomas   Waiotahi 267
QUIGLEY John   Waiotahi 267
QUIGLEY Thomas   Waiotahi 267
QUINT Charles   Brown St 267
RAFFERTY John Aerated Water Manufacturers Pollen Street 267
RAWDEN Thomas Overseer of Works, Borough Council   267
RAWDON Thomas   Waiotahi 268
READ John Timber Mer Brown St 268
READ William Builder Kirkwood St 268
REGAN John Publican Brown Street 268
REID William Grocer Campbell St 268
REID     Waiotahi 268
RENNICK James   Waiotahi 268
RENSHAW Jas Ironmonger Owen St 268
RICHARDS Richard Publican Owen Street 268
ROACH Henry   Waiotahi 268
ROBINSON David   Waiotahi 268
ROBINSON Henry   Waiotahi 268
ROBINSON John Baker Beach Road 268
ROSS Alexander Grocer Pollen Street 268
ROWE Wm Mine Man Moanatairi 268
RUSSELL James Engineer Tararu 268
SAUNDERS Jsph Grocer Richmond St 268  
SAWYER A W Miner Owen St 268
SAWYER Mary Ann Publican Tararu 268
SCHOFIELD   Teacher Rolleston Street 268
SHOOT Thomas Grocer Mary Street 268
SIMMONS Daniel   Waiotahi 268
SINGILL George   Waiotahi 268
SKEEN B   Waiotahi 268
SKELTON James   Waiotahi 268
SMALL S J   Waiotahi 268
SMEATON   Teacher Waiotahi 268
SMITH James   Waiotahi 268
SMITH Robert Sen   Waiotahi 268
SMITH Robt Nesbit Grocer Beach Rd 268
SNELGAR George   Waiotahi 268
SNOWLING Frederick Grocer Pollen Street 268
SOUTER William Agent Beach Road 268
STEADMAN Jas B Engineer Tararu 268
STEPHENSON Samuel Publican Beach Road 268
STEPHENSON William Builder Mackay Street 268
STEVENSON William Patternmaker Davy Street 268
STOCKWELL James   Waiotahi 268
STONE Robert Shipbuilder Pollen St 268
SUTHERLAND Jack   Waiotahi 268
SYMINGTON Geo Publican Owen St 268
TAYLOR Geo Blacksmith Mackay St 268
TAYLOR John Tailor Walters Street 268
TAYLOR Richard   Waiotahi 268
TAYLOR Richard Dairyman Punga Flat 268
THOMAS Rchd Blacksmith Moanatairi 268
THOMPSON John Builder Eyre Street 268
TOOKEY Daniel Native Interpreter Beach Road 268
TOWNSEND John Butcher Pollen St 268
TREANOR Alexander   Waiotahi 268
TREMBALT     Waiotahi 268
TREZISE Henry   Waiotahi 268
TUCKER John   Waiotahi 268
TURRELL Lewis Dyer Rolleston Street 268
TWOHILL Edmund Publican Pollen Street 268
VAUGHAN Mtthw Publican Albert St 268
VEALE Thomas Grocer Pollen Street 268
VERNON Henry Valuer Grey Street 268
VICKERY Geo Blacksmith Pollen St 268
VIDALL George Busowner Davy St 268
WADE John Wm Tinsmith Pollen St 268
WALDRON Henry   Waiotaki 268
WALKER J W Mine Manager Kauranui Hill 268
WALKER Robert   Waiotahi 268
WEBB James   Waiotahi 268
WEIR Peter   Waiotahi 268
WEST John Blacksmith Willoughby Street 268
WESTON Jesse Engineer Beach Road 268
WHITEHEAD Mathias Bootmaker Pollen Street 268
WILKES M J Jeweller Pollen Street 268
WILKINSON William Newspaper Proprietor Albert Street 268
WILLIAMS Joseph Cornwall Publican Queen Street 268
WILSON John Agent Brown Street 268
WILSON Robert Manager Gas Works Mary Street 268
WILSON William Draper Pollen St 268
WISEMAN Richard Tailor Albert St 268
WISHART Robert   Waiotahi 268
WOOD Theodore Tobacconist Pollen Street 268
WOODWARD F G R Agent Queen St 268
WOOLCOCK James   Waiotahi 268
WOOLFE Bernard Amalgamist Tararu 268
WYLIE Richd Engineer Rolleston St 268