part of "Wises: The New Zealand Towns Directory 1912" Pages
Reference: NZSG Library fiche
Intro Page 918: "THAMES, Auckland (including Tararu, Parawai, Shortland, Karaka Creek, and Grahamstown).
A Seaport and goldfields municipality situated at the mouth of the Thames river, on the Firth of Thames;
is 42 miles S fr Auck by steamer dly (8/- single, 13/- return), or by rail 149 miles dly (30/- return).
Two dly newspapers (Advertiser & Star). Thames co. mails cl Auck 8.40 9.20 am 3.30pm arr here dly 5.10pm & 7.10 am,
Cl here dly 9.30am; Mails also by stmr as opportunity offers: tel M O & S B Office. See Lcl Gov
Transciber note:
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Many street names/occupations have been abbreviated in the listing, refer to other years for "clues" re full details
ADAMS Ernest Feltus Mining engnr & survyr Queen St 918
ADAMS Geo labr Karaka Creek 918
ADAMS Geo Miner Tararu 918
ADAMS Harry J asst mining engnr Cochrane St 918
ADAMS Michl Bootmkr Pollen St 918
ADAMS Victor Geo Bootmaker Pollen St 918
ADAMS Wm J Mnr Tarua Rd 918
ADAMSON Mrs J P Grocer Franklin St 918  
ADDICOAT Thos Mnr Mackay St 918
ADDISON Wm fndry hd Kirkwood St 918  
ADDISON Wm J Lab Davy St 918
ADLAM Albt Ernest Con Grey St 918
ADLAM Gerald A Ml hnd Gry St 918
ADLAM Mrs Elizb J   Grey St 918
AGNEW Jas McNeil   Pollen St 918
AGNEW Saml Miner Hape Rd 918
ALEXANDER Lewis Chas Fredk Carpenter Edward St 918
ALLAN Jno Mchnic Mary St 918
ALLEN Richd Storeman Wharf 918
AMEY Francis Miner Totara 918
ANDERSON Ernest Mnr Brwn St 918
ANDERSON Jas P Mnr Brwn St 918
ANDREW Jno H Miner Mary St 918
ANDREW Mrs Annie   Willoughby St 918
ANDREW Mrs Elizb   Mary St 918
ANDREWS Bert P Shpg agent   918
ANGEL Mrs Lndrss Rollestn St 918
ARMSTRONG Jno Engnr Qn St 918
ARNS Fred Lineman Davy St 918
ARNS H Carptr Queen St 918
ARO Peter Miner Block 27 918
ARO Wm Miner Franklin St 918
ARTHA Saml Miner Irishtown 918
ASHMAN Miss Eva tchr Pollen St 918
ATKINSON Mrs R   Davy St 918
AUBREY Robt Hy Mnr Sealey St 918
AUBREY Wm Draper Up Albt St 918
AUTRIDGE Humphrey   Richmond St 918
AUTRIDGE Jas Gardnr Hape Creek 918
AUTRIDGE Jas Miner   918
AUTRIDGE Louis Mine mgr Richmond St 918
AUTRIDGE Thos Miner Rchmd St 918
BAKER Geo Miner Queen St 918
BAKER Harold Jerves Gold assayer Hape Rd 918
BAKER Jno Thos Survyr Davy St 918
BAKER Mrs Martha   Tararu 918
BAKER Percy Miner Pollen St 918
BAKER S Mine Mgr Richmd St 918
BAKER Wm Mine Mgr Hape Rd 918
BAKER Wm Hy Bsc, Dir Schl M   918
BALLATYNE C Fndy hd Pollen St 918
BAN Matea Farmer   918
BANE Jno Miner Sealey St 918  
BANE Wm (B Bros)   Mary St 918
BANE BROS   Cabinet makers   918
BANK N S W (R Smith, Mgr)     918
BANK N Z (J Bevin, Mgr)     918
BANKS Jno Edwd Sec Hosp Queen St 918
BARAKAT Geo Jwlr Parawai 918
BARGH Chas Thos Engnr Mackay St 918
BARKER Cadwalleder   Tararu 918
BARTLEY J Miner Tararu 918
BATEMAN Alder Jas Butcher Baillie St 918  
BATEMAN Alex Btchr Rolleston St 918  
BATEMAN Robt Bchr Rollestn St 918
BATES Jno Draper Mackay St 918
BATTEN E R L Dntst Pollen St 918
BATTSON Francis Clk Pollen St 918
BATTSON J Hy Plmbr Pollen St 918
BAYLDON Thos Cook Harbour Master Beach Rd 918
BAYLIS Wm Carpenter Tararu 918
BEATON Mrs V Rstrnt Polln St 918
BEDDEK H A Const Pollen St 918  
BEDFORD Arth Ernest Clk Qn St 918
BELCHER Miss Elizb Music Tchr Sealey St 918
BELL Wm Labr Beach Rd 918
BENNETT Fredk Minr Tararu Ck 918
BENNETT Jas Miner   918
BENNETT Thos Miner Moanatairi 918
BENNETT Wm G Miner Tararu 918
BENNIE Boyd Asst insp mines   918
BERRY Chris C Miner Tararu 918
BERRY Wm Constable Queen St 918
BEVIN Jas Mgr Bank NZ   918
BICE Jno, Sen Miner Edwd St 918
BILLING Alfd Baker Pollen St 918
BILLING Emma (Mrs) Nurse   918
BILLING Fred Grocer Grey St 918
BILLING Thos H Postman   918
BIRCH Chas Exchange Htl   918
BIRD Alex Miner Waiotahi Cr 918
BIRD Wm Miner Waiotahi Creek 918
BIRNEY Geo Miner Sandes St 918
BLACK Geo Alfd (Danby & B)   918
BLANCHFIELD & CARBUTT General dealers Pollen St 918  
BOLES Herbt Miner Tararu 918
BOLES Jno Miner Tararu 918
BOLES T H D Miner Tararu 918
BOND Geo Miner Bella St 918
BOND J Carptr Bella St 918
BOND W Cycle rep Bella St 918
BOND Wm Minr Moanataiari Ck 918
BONE Geo Store Tararu 918
BONGARD Wm Chemist Pollen St 918
BOWDEN Thos Alex Survey hnd   918
BOWERS Geo Dealr Pollen St 918
BOWIE Mrs Margt   Richmd St 918
BOXALL Chas Miner Waiotahi 918
BOXALL Edwin Miner   918
BOXALL Mrs C   Waiotahi 918
BOYLE Jno   Richmond St 918
BOYLE Thos Miner Lambert St 918
BRADY Mrs Chas   Tararu 918
BRAMLEY Edwd Blksm Davy St 918
BRATLIE I J H Btchr Owen St 918
BRAY Mrs Annie   Parawai 918
BROKENSHIRE Albt Plumber   918
BROKENSHIRE Jas Hairdresser Pollen St; pr Sandes St 918
BROWN A F Station master   918
BROWN Cyrus Jos   Richmond St 918
BROWN E J Miner Foxton St 918
BROWN Edw Eng drv Up Albt St 918
BROWN Ernest Richd Jockey Pollen St 918
BROWN Isaac Alfd (B & Co)   918
BROWN Jno Miner Hape Rd 918
BROWN Oscar Miner Up Sealey St 918
BROWN Thos Vet Surgn Tararu 918
BROWN W Gage Settlr Parawai 918
BROWN & CO   Cycle dlrs Pollen St 918
BROWNLEE Geo Lnrd Cab ppr Mary St 918
BROWNLEE Harry Salutation Htl   918
BROWNLEE Hy Blcksmth Mackay St 918
BROWNLEE Hy Gilbert Moulder Mackay St 918   
BROWNLEE Jas Mnr Irishtown 918
BROWNLEE W J Smth Irishtn 918
BROWNLOW Edwd Fitter Karaka Rd 918
BRUCE Albt ?, sharebrkr, &c Willghby St 918
BRUCE Alex Mnr Terrace St 918
BRUCE W E fndymn Terrace St 918
BRYANT Geo Wm   Martha St 920
BUCHAN Jno S Blksmth Beach Rd 920
BUCHANAN J Miner Tararu 920
BUCKLEY Timothy, Jun Amalg 920
BUCKLEY Wm Labourer Bella St 920
BUICK & Co   Jewellrs Pollen St 920
BULL Chas E Clerk Princes St 920
BULL Clarence W Mine mgr Davy St 920
BULL Ernest E Miner Prncs St 920
BULL Hedley C Letter Carrier   920
BULL Jas G Miner Broad St 920
BULLING Mrs Mary   Kirkwd St 920
BUNKER B Gardnr Tararu 920
BUNNEY Jos Miner Queen St 920
BURGESS Fredk Jas Stip magist   920
BURKE Miss M   Willoughby St 920
BURNS A W Miner Waiotahi 920  
BURNS Arch JP. Grcr Owen St 920
BURNS E Lab Willghby St 920
BURNS H K Schl instr Baillie St 920
BURNS Malcolm N Clk Qn St 920
BURRETT Thos Miner Waiotahi 920
BURT Wm Swyr Up Sealey St 920
BURTON Mrs Grace   Mackay St 920
BUSH Hy Labr Kauaeranga 920  
BUTLER Patk Constble Queen St 920
BUTT Edwd C Shp Clk Hape Rd 920
BUTT Jno Bell Miner Hape Rd 920
BYRT Mrs A M   Upper Sealy St 920
CALSLEY Robt Miner Moanatairi 920
CAMERON Chas driv Wtahi cr 920
CAMERON Jno. Jun Miner Waiotahi Creek 920
CAMERON Mrs Mary   Waiotahi Ck 920
CAMERON Ronald Asst baker Waiotahi Creek 920
CAMERON Wltr Miner Waiotahi 920
CAMPBELL Alex Miner Karaka Rd 920
CAMPBELL Arch Contr Albert St 920
CAMPBELL H Bushm Willby St 920
CAMPBELL Miss Christina Hosp nurse   920
CAMPBELL Miss M J Tchr Baillie St 920
CAMPBELL Mrs Mary   Hill St 920
CAMPBELL Wm Miner Tararu 920
CANNON Richd Miner Sandes St 920
CANTRELL A W Labourer   920
CARGILL Jno Labr Karaka Rd 920
CARGILL Robt W Lab Karaka Rd 920
CARPENTER Jno   Pollen St 920
CARSON Wm Bookseller, stationer & music seller. See advert Pollen St, Thames 920
CARTWRIGHT Ezra Mine Manager Sealey St 920
CASEY Jas   Waiotahi Creek 920
CASLEY Mrs Mary Jane     920
CATER Fredk Miner Pollen St 920
CATER Mrs Frd Draper Pollen St 920
CATRAN Mrs Sarah   Walter St 920
CATRAN Steph Miner Cmpbl St 920
CAUSLEY Fk Labourer Parawai 920
CAUSLEY Saml Labr Parawai 920
CAUSLEY Wm Riverside Nrsry   920
CHALLIS Arch Miner Tararu 920  
CHALLIS Fredk Miner Tararu 920  
CHALLIS Geo M Miner Tararu 920
CHAPMAN Arth Town clk   920
CHAPMAN R Hay Suptd Old peoples home   920
CHAPPELL Francis Bldr Clar St 920
CHAPPELL Hy Blrmkr Clar St 920
CHESTER Wltr Arth Photogrphr Pollen St 920
CHILDERHOUSE Mrs Jno Brdghse Karaka Rd 920
CHOAT A J Bdg hse Rchmnd St 920
CHOAT Arth Fisherman Qn St 920
CHOAT Wltr A Clerk Queen St 920
CHRISTIE Aug Miner Haven St 920
CHRISTIE Dvd Miner Waiotahi 920
CLARE Mrs Ellen Mary   Qn St 920
CLARK Arth Milk vendor Pollen St 920
CLARK Geo Fishmn Mackay St 920
CLARK Wm Smeaton Clerk Thames Co Co Rolleston St 920
CLARKE Arthr Btmkr Kirkwd St 920
CLARKEN Jas   Waiotahi 920
CLARKEN Jno Miner Albt St Up 920
CLARKEN Owen Btchr Waiot C 920
CLARKEN Patk Porter 920
CLARKEN Ptr Miner Albert St 920
CLAXTON Frank Hy JP. Mgr Hauraki clthg fac Pollen St 920
CLAXTON Wm Jas   Queen St 920
CLEMENTSON Robt Labr Mcky St 920  
CLENDON Edwin Jno Solicitor   920
CLINKER Herb Painter Mcky St 920
CLINKER Hy Jas   Mackay St 920
CLINKER Jno Hy Cptr Mcky St 920
CLOUTT Mrs E J   Walter St 920
CLOVER Herbt Richd settler   920
COAD Wm Statnr Pollen St 920
COAKLEY C Grcr Pollen St 920
COAKLEY J Grcr Pollen St 920
COBB Fred Blksm Sand St 920
COBB Wm Miner Sand St 920
COGAN Edwd Fishrmn Mackay St 920
COGAN Frank Fisherman Mackay St 920
COGLAN Jno Labr Tararu 920
COLE Wm Jno Foundry hand Rolleston St 920
COLLINS Ernest Frtr Pollen st 920
COLLINS Fredk Miner Tararu 920
COLLINS Hy Labr Tararu 920
COLLINS Jas Miner Parawai 920
COLLINS Jos Miner Parawai 920
COLLINS R J Miner Tararu 920
COMER Geo, Sen Mnr Broad St 920
COMER Jno Turner Broad St 920
COMER Jno Mchnst Davy St 920
CONNELLY Mrs Alice   The Terrace 920
CONNELLY Mrs Margt   Tararu Rd 920
CONNOLLY Frank Butcher's asst   920
CONNOLLY Jno Butcher Pollen St; pr Mary St 920
CONNORS Patk Bushmn Karaka Creek 920
COOK Mrs Ann   Rolleston St 920
COOKE Jno Carter Karaka Rd 920
COONEY Jno Detective Mackay St 920
COOTE Jno Micht Assayer Richmond St 920
CORBETT Jno Tailor Parawai 920
CORBETT Miss J Teacher Waiokaraka 920
CORCORAN F Carter Up Alb St 920
CORDES Geo Fndry hd Cchrne St 920
CORDES H Painter Mackay St 920
CORDES Hermn pntr Mack St 920
CORDES Mrs Anna   Mackay St 920
CORKRAN Richd Thos Car fac Pollen St 920
COURT Alfd Edwd (C & Son) Hape Rd 920
COURT Alfred JP. (C & Son) Hape Rd 920
COURT & SON (A) Drprs Pol St 920
COUTTS Edw Bler mkr Abraham St 920
COUTTS Jno Blr Makr Beach Rd 920
COUTTS Miss Inez Drpr's asst   920
COWLING Fredk Go Bowen Htl   920
COX R Milkman Pollen St 920
COX Richd settler Mackay St 920
COX Wm Thos Farmer Banks St 920
COXHEAD Wm Jno Farmer   920
CRAIG Alex Labourer Davy St 920
CRAIG Wm Fitter Pollen St 920
CRANEY Hy Fishrmn Fenton St 920
CRAWFORD Jno Clerk Parawai 920
CRAWFORD Syd Clerk Totara 920
CRAWFORD Thos Miner Tararu 920
CRAWFORD Thos Hy   Parawai 920
CREAN J Pol sgt Queen St 920
CRIBB Geo Dairy Mary St 920
CROCKER Geo Boot mkr Brown St 920
CROCKER Jos Boot mkr Brown St 920
CROPP Hy W   Parawai 920
CROPP Mrs E J Dressmkr Mary St 920
CROPP Wltr J Blr mkr Parawai 920
CROSBIE Jas Miner Edward St 920
CROSBIE Thos, Jun Miner   920
CROSBIE Thos, Sen Fmr Rlstn St 920
CULHANE Mrs Mary   Irishtown 920
CULLEN Elizb Cornwl Arms Htl   920
CULLEN Geo Draper Pollen St; pr Queen St 920
CULPAN Geo Bush contractor   920
CULPAN Thos Geo Bushman   920
CULPITT Jno Chas Saddler Poolen St; Pr. Mackay St 920
CUNNOLD Frk L Teleg Fenton St 920
CURGENVEN Jno Wm   Sandes St 920
CURIN Ivan Martin Store & gum buyer   920
CURRIE Arch Bootmr Pollen St 920
CURRIE Duncan Cpnter Parawai 920
CURTIS Wm   Parawai 920
CUSSEN Miss I Tchr Beach Rd 920
DABB Jno Miner Tararu 920
DABB Melchizedec Miner   920
DABB Saml Miner Tararu 920
DALDY Edwd A Mine mgr   920
DALDY Miss H J Tchr Bwn St 920
DALDY Robt Hy Minr Bowen St 920
DALTON Dvd H Tbcnst Pollen St 920
DANBY Edgar (D & Black)   920
DANBY Jno Bootmaker Pollen St; pr Mary St 920
DANBY Jno Wilfrid Bootmaker Mackay St 920
DANBY & BLACK   carpenters   920
DANN Fredk Cabinet Maker Pollen St 920
DANN Fredk Geo Asst cbntmkr Pollen St 920
DANN Wm Hy Drpr's asst Poln 920
DARE Arch Miner Waiotahi Cr 920
DARE Jas Frmr Mt Pleasant 920
DARE Jos Hy Miner   920
DARE Miss Elizh Teacher Waiotahi Creek 920
DARE T G Fishmn Pollen St 920
DARE Thos Brdghse Pollen St 920
DARE Thos, jun Fisherman Pollen St 920
DARROW Robt Engr Mackay St 920
DARWELL E L Drvr Kirkwd St 920
DAVEY Wm P Blmsmth Pahau 920
DAVIES Dvd Engnr Sealey St 920
DAVIES F Fitter Sealey St 920
DAVIES Hugh Miner Sandes St 920
DAVIES Wm Milkman Parawai 920
DAVIS Geo S Clk Queen St 920
DAVIS Hy Farm hand Parawai 920
DAVIS Jno Miner   920
DAVIS P E Elec instctr, Schl of Mines   920
DAVY Alfd Miner Sand St 920
DAVY Danl Miner Sealey St 920
DE RUNG J ag Sngr Co My St 920
DEEBLE Ernest (D & Sons)   920
DEEBLE Joel Ast bchr Pollen st 920
DEEBLE Malachi (D & Sons)   920
DEEBLE Wesley Stremn Rlstn St 920
DEEBLE Wm Grocer Rollstn St 920
DEEBLE & SONS   Btchrs Owen St 920
DELANEY Jno Labourer Tararu 920
DENGATE Wm Fredk Engineer   920
DEVERELL A E Draper Pollen St 920
DEXTER & CROZIER   Cycle Dealers Pollen St 920
DICKSON J Miner Franklin St 920
DICKSON Mrs Mary   Franklin St 920
DODD Arth Earle Elliers Clerk Queen St 920
DODD L J Miner Parawai 920
DODD Levi L C Grcr Parawai 920
DODD Mrs Han   Sealey St 920
DOIDGE Chas Fdy hd Pahau St 920
DOIDGE E Blksm Rchmd St 920
DOIDGE Jos B Labr Bowen St 920
DOIDGE Mrs Annie The Terrace 920
DONKIN Mrs   Tararu 920
DONNELLY Denis Miner Kirkwood St 920
DONNELLY Jas Miner Kirkwd St 920  
DONNELLY Jno Miner Rllstn St 920
DONNELLY Patk Farmer Kirkwood St 920
DONNELLY Thos Pig fmr Kirkwood St 920
DONNELLY Wm Jas Miner   920
DONOVAN Cyrus Saml (D & Howard)   920
DONOVAN Thos Builder Pollen St 920
DONOVAN & HOWARD   Dentists   920
DOUSLIN Albt Palm   Imperial Hl 920
DOVELL Richd Carter Walter St 920
DOVELL Wltr T Plumber's asst   920
DOVELL Wm Carter Wltr St 920
DOWNES D Miner Mackay St 920
DOWNES Jos Engnr Willmsn St 920
DRIVER Hy Dunn Fndry hd Sandes St 920
DRIVER Mrs Elizb   Sandes St 920
DRIVER Saml Fndry hd Sand St 920
DUFTY Thos Miner Parawai 920
DUFTY Wm Slghtrman Parawai 920
DUNBAR Robt Labr Lambert St 920
DUNBAR Ths Jos Hrdsr Brwn St 920
DUNCAN Jas, Jun   Augustus St 920
DUNCAN Thos Miner Hill St 920
DUNLOP Alex Whlwrt Parawai 920
DUNLOP Basil Miner Hape Ck 920
DUNLOP D Miner Hape Creek 920
DUNLOP Mrs Jane   Parawai 920
DUNLOP Mrs Thos   Hape Rd 920
DUNLOP Robt Miner Hill St 920
DUNLOP Thos Aitken, jun Auct Parawai 920
DUNN Jos Miner Pollen St 920
DUNN Thos Miner Sealey St 920
EARNSHAW Albt Mnr Mary St 920
EARNSHAW Mrs A E Draper Mary St 920
EASTER Edwd Jas Bootmaker Pollen St 920
EDDY Wm Blksmth Queen St 920
EDMONDS Andw C Labr Karaka Rd 920
EDWARDS Ernst Strkpr Karaka 920
EDWARDS Miss E nurse Baillie St 920
ELLERAY Thos Comp Parawai 920
ELLINGS Wm Miner Hill St 920
ELLIS Fredk Clerk B N Z   920
ELLIS R J Clk Tararu 920
ENSOLL Jno Edwd Gas mgr Mary St 920
ENSOR Alfrd (E & Sons)   920
ENSOR Ernst Edw Labr Blk 27 920
ENSOR Jno (E & Sons)   920
ENSOR Moses     920
ENSOR Wm (E & Sons) Sand St 920
ENSOR & SONS   Grocers Mary St 920
EVANS A L Clerk Totara 920
EVANS Matt Farmer Totara 920
EVANS Miss Rose Dressmaker   920
FAIRLEY Saml Miner Tararu 920
FARLEY Hugh P Miner Up Albt St 920
FARLEY Lawr Carter Up Albt St 920
FARLEY Patk Labr Albert St 920
FERGUSON Nath Carter Beach Rd 920
FERGUSON Saml Hy Teacher   920
FERGUSON Wm Agent NSS Co   920
FINDLAY Jas Alex Tel Lineman   920
FINLAY Wm Wtchmkr Brown St 920
FISHER Albt Miner Tararu 920
FISHER Dvd Eng drvr   920
FISHER Geo Miner Karaka Rd 920
FISHER Geo F contr Tararu rd 920
FISHER Harold J   Tararu 920
FISHER Hugh Miner Karaka 920
FISHER Jno Teacher Richmd St 920
FISHER Miss N Schl tchr   920
FISHER Peter Blksmth Karaka 920
FISHER Wm Miner Tararu 920
FITZPATRICK Jas W Bushmn   920  
FLEMING Angus Moulder Waiotahi Creek 920
FLEMING Jas Miner Campbl St 920
FLEMMING Angus Mldr Qn St 920
FLEMMING Chas Mldr Qn St 920
FLYNN Denis F Litho printer Queen St 920
FLYNN Eugene Carter Parawai 920
FORD Edwin Engr Tararu Rd 920
FOSTER Wm T Miner Tararu 920
FOY Miss M R Asst Tchr H S   920
FOY Mrs J J Brdng ho Mary St 920
FRANKLIN Bernard Adolphus Health inspr   920
FRANKS Mrs Emily   Mary St 920
FRANKS Thos Fredk     920
GALLAGHER Hugh Labourer   920
GALLOWAY Jno Grc Pollen St 920
GANLEY Jos Foundrymn Albt St 920
GANLEY Patk Miner Albt St Up 920
GARRETT Jas A Engnr Pollen St 920
GARRETT Jas A, jn brass polshr Pollen St 920
GARRETT R mstr mariner   920
GARRETT Wm Mariner Pollen St 920
GARRY A J Draper Hape Ck 920
GEMMINGS Chas Mine Manager   920
GEMMINGS Jno Tchr Parawai 920
GERATY Albt Miner Parawai 920
GERATY Thos Storek Rllstn St 920
GERRISH Edwd Fisherman Sealey St 920
GERRISH Jas Jno Fisherman Sealey St 920
GIBB Jno   Karaka Creek 920
GIBBONS Edwin Robtsn Engnr Queen St 920
GIBSON Frank L Clk Baillie St 920
GIBSON Geo G Pntr Baillie St 920
GIBSON Jas C Acct Baillie St 920
GIBSON Jno Gvn Carpenter   920
GIBSON Wm Cordial manfc Clarence St 920
GILL Miss M Clk Amy St 920
GILL Wm J Clk Amy St 920
GILLARD Geo Battery Hd Waiotahi Creek 920
GILLARDO Jno Miner Karaka 920
GILLESPIE A Clk Albt St 920
GILLESPIE Hy Gibbons FIANZ (G & Thomson)   920
GILLESPIE & THOMSON Stock, sharebrokers & est agts (H G Gillespie, partner). See advt, Sharebrokers   920
GILLMAN Edgar E Architect; & at Paeroa, Te Aroha, Morrinsville & Waihi. See advt   920
GILMOUR A Fnrdy hd Davy St 920
GILMOUR G Labr Kirkwood St 920
GILMOUR Mrs Charlotte   Edwd St 920
GILPIN Mrs Anne   Amy St 920
GIVEN Wltr Asst Schl of Mines   920
GLASGOW Geo Miner Tararu Rd 920
GLASGOW Jas Miner Tararu 920
GLASGOW Jas, jun Mnr Tararu 920
GLASGOW Jos Carptr Tararu 920
GLASGOW Robt Miner Tararu 920
GLASGOW Thos McNiece Miner Tararu 920
GLASGOW Wm Miner Tararu 920
GLEESON Phillip   St Patricks Row 920
GLEESON Wm R Bkr Karaka Rd 920
GLESSING Jno Ins agt Kark Rd 920
GODFERY Chas H Fmr Frnkln St 920
GODFERY Wm Miner Frnklin St 920
GODWIN Frank Fishermn Davy St 920  
GODWIN Richd Labourer   920
GOLDSWORTHY Hy Duncan Eng driver Beach Rd 920
GOLLOP Danl Miner Karaka 921
GOLLOP Wm Miner Karaka Crk 921
GOODWIN Geo Tailor Parawai 921
GOODWIN Louis Hy Tailor   921
GOODWIN Mrs Mary   Mackay St 921
GORBY Edwin Fishmn Polln St 921
GORBY Mrs Mary   Mackay St 921
GORDON Fredk W Pork Butcher   921
GORDON Geo Jas   Queen St 921
GORDON Jas Miner Tararu 921
GORDON Jas Alex   Augustus St 921
GORDON V T Btchr Augst St 921
GORDON Wm N Miner Hill St 921
GOVAN Jos Miner Mackay St 921
GRACE T G Clk police stn   921
GRAHAM Albt Miner Terrace St 921
GRAHAM Geo Miner Tararu 921
GRAHAM Mrs Eiza   The Terrace 921
GRAHAM Robt Miner Edwd St 921
GRAHAM Saml   Terrace St 921
GRAHAM Thos Mnr Mackay St 921
GRAHAM Wm, Jun Miner   921
GRAHAM Wm, Sen   The Terrace 921
GRANT Jno   Franklin St 921
GRANT Mrs Margt   The Terrace 921
GRANT Thos Labr Tararu Rd 921
GRANVILLE Jno Stlr Parawai 921
GREEN W Fisherman Mackay St 921
GREEN Wm Hatter Pollen St 921
GREENLAND Syd settler Tararu 921
GREENWOOD D Frm hd Tararu 921
GREY & MENZIES LTD   Crdl Mnfrs   921
GRIFFIN Edwd Carter Frnklin St 921
GRIFFIN Jno Miner Beach Rd 921
GRIFFIN Jonathan Eng driver   921
GRIFFIN Lewis Engr Rollestn St 921
GRIFFIN Mrs Eliza   Frnklin St 921
GRIGG Jno Miner Beach Rd 921
GROGAN Thos Miner Waiotahi 921
GRUBB Frank Qn's Htl 921
GRUBB Mrs Mary A Pollen St 921
GRUNDY Thos Engnr Davy St 921
GUBB Luther Carter Parawai 921
GUBB Wm Carter Parawai 921
GUNDLOCK E A Mill mgr   921
GUNN Jas Crptr Beach Rd 921
GUTHRIE Mrs M   Mackay St 921
GUTHRIE Mrs M A   Pollen St 921
GUY Duncan Miner Up Albt St 921
GUY Mrs Chris   Pahau St 921
GUY Robt Batty hd Up Albt St 921
GUY Thos Miner Albert St Up 921
GUY Wm Grcr's Asst Pahau St 921
GWILLIAM Jno Wm Carrier Pln St 921
HALL John W Pharmaceutical Chemist (Advert) Pollen St 921
HALLIGAN Herbt Bkr Pollen St 921
HAMERTON Chas E Mldr Wilghby St 921
HAMERTON Mrs Jane Wilghby St 921
HAMMOND Mrs Mary   Pollen St 921
HAMMOND Thos Wm Teacher   921
HANCOCK Jno Labourer Qn St 921
HANCOCK Robt Miner   921
HANCOCK Wm Miner Karaka 921
HANLEN Elizb   Davy St 921
HANLEN Thos Labr Campbell St 921
HANSEN Chas Miner   921
HANSEN Fredk C     921
HANSEN Geo Clk Mary St 921
HANSEN Jno Ernest   Mt Plsnt 921
HANSEN Peter Fndrymn Davy St 921
HANSEN Waldemar settler Parawai 921
HARBRIDGE J J Rly Clk Mackay St 921
HARDMAN Edwd Draper's asst Sealey St 921
HARDMAN Jas Edwd   Irishtown 921
HAROLD Chris G J   Sandes St 921
HAROLD Mrs Annie   Mackay St 921
HAROLD Peter Frmr Mackay St 921
HAROLD Peter Fdry hd Snds St 921
HAROLD Wm Farmer   921  
HARPER Jos Tailor Pollen St 921
HARRIS Jas Engine drvr Karaka 921
HARRIS Peter Mne Bird in Hnd Hill 921
HARRISON Jos Upholsteror   921
HART Jno Sanders Gunsmith   921
HARVEY Jas Miner Hape Ck 921
HARVEY Jason Cpntr Pollen St 921
HARVEY Richd Mnr Karaka Rd 921
HARVEY Thos Miner Block 27 921
HASTINGS Geo Arth Crtr Campbell St 921
HASTINGS Richd Jno Miner   921
HAURAKI BOWLING CLUB (W Bongard, Sec)   921
HAURAKI Clthg Fctry   (F H Claxton, Mgr)   921
HAWKES Clar Mail carrier Beach Rd 921
HAWKES Jas Stables & Coal dlr   921
HAWKES Leonard Carter Tapu 921
HAWKES Wm Bootmkr Pollen St 921
HAYES Jas Miner Queen St 921
HAYES Thos Cpntr Haven St 921
HAYWARD Cecil Arth   Cochr St 921
HAYWARD Fred Geo   Pollen St 921
HAYWARD Harold Owen Fisherman Pollen St 921
HAYWARD Morgan Fisherman   921
HENDERSON Arch Blksmth's Asst   921
HENDERSON Mrs Edith   Karka Rd 921
HENDERSON Wm Brklyr Karaka Rd 921
HENRY Jno Moulder Keddell St 921
HERIVEL Mrs Mary Ann   Polln St 921
HERIVEL Nicholas Rchd Miner Pollen St 921
HERIVEL Wm Miner Tararu 921
HETHERINGTON Fredk W (H, Ld)   921
HETHERINGTON Saml (H, Ld) Queen St 921
HETHERINGTON Saml Armstrong Draper Queen St 921
HETHERINGTONS, Ld   Drapers Pollen St 921
HIEATT Chas H Fmr Richmd St 921
HIGH Ah gardener Parawai 921
HILL H A Mine mgr Tararu 921
HILL Robt Carpenter Tararu 921
HILL Saml Jhnsn Mnr Karaka Creek 921
HILL Thos Saddlr Brown St 921
HILLMAN Jno Farmer   921
HILLMAN Mrs Emily   Beach Rd 921
HINDMAN E Baker Karaka 921
HINDMAN Herbt Foundry hnd Karaka Road 921
HINTON Wm Hy Missioner Mary St 921
HISSION Dvd Lbr Collarbone 921
HODGE Amy Saleswmn Waiotahi Creek 921
HODGE Jas Hy Foreman   921
HODGE Mrs Mary   Kirkwood St 921
HOLDEN Louis gardener   921
HOMAN R Fisherman Tararu Rd 921
HOOL Herbert G Mar engineer Fenton St 921
HOPE Jno S Contrctr Queen St 921
HORN Fredk Jas Moulder   921
HORN Geo Wm JP. Mne Mgr   921
HOSKING Mrs Ellen Grocer   921
HOSKING W J Store Pollen St 921
HOSKING Wm J   Rolleston St 921
HOUGHTON Alfd Miner Parawai 921
HOUGHTON Chas Thos Surveyor   921
HOUGHTON Fredk Miner   921
HOUGHTON Jno Mnr Rolstn St 921
HOULT Hy Miner Karaka Rd 921
HOWARD Trevor Clendon (Donovan & H)   921
HOWE Alfd Miner Tararu 921
HOWE Ernest Alfd Miner Tararu 921
HUDSON Chas Clk Borough Co   921
HUDSON Robt Barlow   Parawai 921
HUGHES David Horse Trainer   921
HUGHES Hy Miner Tararu 921
HUGHES P Fndry hnd Beach Rd 921
HUGHES Richd Clk Mary St 921
HUMPHRIES Chas Mill hn Mackay St 921
HUMPHRIES Wm Fisherman   921
HUNT Rev Geo Per? (Pr Meth)   921
HURRELL Frank Hy Fitter Qn St 921
HUTCHINSON Dvd Mnr Rollston Rd 921
HUXLEY Roy Fishrmn Sealey St 921
HYDE Jos Labr Davy St 921
INGERSON Herman Hy Joiner Augustus St 921
INGERSON Jno L Fishrmn Sealey St 921
INGLIS Jas Crpntr Cochrane St 921
INGLIS Jas Miner Moanataiari 921  
INGLIS Jas Thorpe Jnctn Htl   921
INGLIS Wm Hy Baker   921
INNS Mrs   Karaka Rd 921
IRWIN A Miner Tararu 921
IRWIN Miss Eliz Dsmkr Tararu Rd 921
IRWIN Mrs W   Tararu 921
IRWIN Wm Jno Miner Tararu 921
ISAAC Lewis Farmer   921
ISBISTER Jno Labr Baillie St 921
JACKSON Mrs Eliz   Richmond St 921
JACKSON Thos Boro foreman Baillie St 921
JAMES Arth Mnr Kirkwood St 921
JAMES Chas Painter Karaka Rd 921
JAMES H Telgrphst Beach Rd 921
JAMES Horace Boilermaker   921
JAMES Jas Alfd Mine mgr   921
JAMES Mrs Elizb Kirkwood St 921
JAMES Wm Fisherman   921
JAMIESON Jno Fisherman Qn St 921
JENKIN Horatius   Franklin St 921
JENKIN Jas Miner Rollstn St 921
JENKIN Richd Mine Manager Pollen St 921
JENKINS H Asst drpr Pollen St 921
JENKINS Mrs Emma   Tararu 921
JENKINS Percival L Foundry hd   921
JENNINGS Jos Miner Kirkwd St 921
JOBE Jas Miner Broad St 921
JOBE Miss Ellen Draper Pollen St 921
JOHNSON Miss Jane   Waiotahi 921
JOHNSTON Jas Mldr Mackay St 921
JOHNSTON Mrs Teacher Karaka Creek 921
JOHNSTON Thos Mldr Queen St 921
JOHNSTON W Labr Karaka Ck 921
JOHNSTON W Miner Queen St 921
JOHNSTON W, jun Fndry hand Karaka 921
JOHNSTON Wm Jno Bkr Karaka 921
JORDAN Chas G M Clk Beach Rd 921
JORDAN Jas Clerk Court Tararu 921
JORDAN Jas S Telegraphist   921
JORDAN Rudolf Porter, Hospital   921
JOYCE H A Clk, land depart   921
JUDD Chas (J, Ltd)   921
JUDD Jas Chas Blksm Queen St 921
JUDD Jno B Pattn fittr Beach Rd 921
JUDD Thos R Mldr Pahau St 921
JUDD Wltr   Beach Rd 921
JUDD Wm Engr Pollen St 921
JUDD LTD CHARLES   Ironfounders & Engineers (See advt)   921
JURY Mrs Margt   Mackay St 921
JURY N Painter Mackay St 921
JURY Raymond F Clk Mackay St 921
K T Co Ltd   (Jno Read, Manager)   921
KAHN Saml Shortland Hotel   921
KARAKA MINES Ld     Albt St 921
KEATING Jas Labourer   921
KEATING Mrs   Queen St 921
KEITH Danl Labr Parawai 921
KELLER Francis Wm Grcr's Asst   921
KELLY Chas W Miner Tararu 921
KELLY Mrs Sarah   Fenton St 921
KELLY W J Fishrmn Fenton St 921
KELLY Wm A Rly guard Qn St 921
KEMP Fredk Wm Geo Miner   921
KENDALL Hy Miner Tararu Rd 921
KENDALL Jno Drpr's asst Tararu 921
KENDALL Wm Miner Tararu 921
KENNEDY Jno Stuart Fisherman Baillie St 921
KENNEDY Wm Frm hnd Parawai 921
KENNY Edwd Carter Richmond St 921
KENNY Geo Carter Baillie St 921
KENNY Michl Carter Baillie St 921
KENNY Richd Carter Baillie St 921
KEOGHAN Edwd Fisherman Mackay St 921
KEOGHAN Frances Fisherman Mackay St 921
KERBY Harry Fisherman Qn St 921
KERBY Wm Boatman Queen St 921
KERNICK Jas Sharebkr Qn St 921
KERR Arth Tararu Hotel   921
KERR Mrs Ann   Brown St 921
KERR Ralph Labr Beach Rd 921
KERR Thos Mill hand Beach Rd 921
KEVEN Edw Miner Pollen St 921
KEVEN Mrs M     921
KIDD J C Miner Edwd St 921
KIDD Jas Miner Edwd St 921
KILGOUR Mrs Nurse Baillie St 921
KILGOUR Wm Bush con Pol St 921
KILLGOUR Mrs Fruitr Pollen St 921
KILLGOUR Thos Contr Parawai 921
KINGHAM Jno Fitter Willmsn St 921
KIRTON H J Collector Tararu 921
KITCHING Leonard Assayer Willoughby St 921
KITCHING Wm Hy   Willoughby St 921
KNIGHT Roy Engnr Sealey St 921
KOW Lee gardener Totara Pt 921
LA DETTI Honora Warwick Arms Hotel   921
LAIRD Saml   St Patricks Row 921
LAMB Jas Robt Carpenter   921
LAMB Jno Knox (L Bros)   921
LAMB Mrs Marion   Baillie St 921
LAMB Robt Miner Baillie St 921
LAMB BROS   Timb Merchts   921
LAMBERT Mark Chainmn Parawai 921
LANG Harry Mnr Waiotahi Cr 921
LANGDON Arth Horse Trainer Rolleston St 921
LANGDON Ern Pntr Rollestn St 921
LANGDON Hrbt Presser Mary St 921
LANGDON Jno Hy Amalgamator Rolleston St 921
LANGE Carl F Dairy Pollen St 921
LANGE Jno H Tailor Mackay St 921
LANIGAN Jno Miner Franklin St 921
LANIGAN Jno, jun Miner Franklin St 921
LANNING Jas Miner Kuranui 921
LANNING Jas Miner Tararu Rd 921
LANNING Jas, jn Carter Tararu 921
LANNING Thos Carter Tararu Rd 921
LANNING Wm Grm Waiotahi Ck 921
LAPRAIK Geo Surgeon Queen St 921
LAURIE Norman G Miner Pahau St 921
LAWRENCE Chas Gdnr Fenton St 921
LAWSON Dvd Iron drsr Brown St 921
LAWSON Fredk Batteryman   921
LAWSON Leslie Tel exch clk Beach Rd 921
LAWSON Mrs Jas   Franklin St 921
LAWSON Ths Comp Franklin St 921
LE FEVRE Albt Geo Eng Qn St 921
LE FEVRE Chas gardener Moanatairi Creek 921
LEATHAM Jos Miner Up Albt St 921
LEECH Harold Fancy goods Pollen St 921
LELEAN Mrs Laundrs Karaka Rd 921
LEMBIN Mrs Annie E Grocer   922
LEMME A Gas wks Tararu 922
LEMME Jno W Fireman Tararu 922
LESLIE Robt Engineer Walter St 922
LEWIS Herbt Cycle dlr Pollen St 922
LEWIS Jno Wm Confr Pollen St 922
LEWIS Mrs Susan   Beach Rd 922
LIDGARD Albt Fisherman Thames 922
LIDGARD Jas Fisherman Parawai 922
LIVINGSTON Jno Engr Pollen St 922
LLOYD Robt Clerk Fenton St 922
LOCKWOOD Mrs Laundress Rolleston St 922
LOGIE Herbt Chf P M Queen St 922
LOMAS A G Painter Beach Rd 922
LOMAS Alfd Carter Beach Rd 922
LOMAS Chas Carter Beach Rd 922
LOMAS Geo Fishmngr Fenton St 922
LOMAS Hy Fisherman Grey St 922
LONG Francis Wm Moulder   922
LONG Thos Bootmaker Albt St 922
LONGSHAW Geo H Lab Rolestn St 922
LONGSHAW Mark Mgr pmp Rolleston ter 922
LOUGHLIN Dvd Frmr Coast Rd 922
LOUGHLIN Jas   Pollen St 922
LOWE Miss R Tchr Mary St 922
LOWE Mrs Harriet Z Librarian   922
LOWE Hy JP. Pork Butcher   922
LOWRIE Saml Miner Rolesn St 922
LOWRIE Wm Miner Rollestn St 922
LOWSON Geo Wm Eng Bch Rd 922
LUCAS Wm H JP. Sec Min Assn   922
LUDWIG Arth Miner Pahau St 922
LUDWIG Jno Miner Tararu 922
LUKEY Benj Batteryhand Bird-in-Hand Hill 922
LUKEY Mrs Angelina   Bella St 922
LYES Josiah Fisherman Irishtwn 922
LYNCH Miss Amelia M   Pollen St 922
LYNCH Miss M Costumr Pln St 922
MACKAY Mrs F Ast tchr Qn St 922
MACKIE Hugh Engnr Pollen St 922
MACKIE Jas L Labr Thames 922
MACKIE Mrs Mary   Sandes St 922
MADDERN Leslie Carter Rlstn St 922
MADDERN Wm Coal Merchant Rolleston St; Pr Sandes St 922
MAHER Patk Miner Tararu 922
MAHER Thos Miner Tararu 922
MAHER Wm Battery Man Tararu 922
MANGAN Jno Miner Karaka Crk 922
MANGAN Thos Miner Davy St 922
MANN Jno Miner Hape Rd 922
MANN Mrs Elizb   Hape Rd 922
MANSFIELD Mark Labourer Willoughby St 922
MANUERA Rev Timoti (Eng) Parawai 922
MARTIN Arth Bkr Mackay St 922
MARTIN Arth Painter Sandes St 922
MARTIN Dvd J Miner Walter St 922
MARTIN Edw Fishrmn Sandes St 922
MARTIN Geo Draper Pollen St 922
MARTIN Mrs Dorothy   Sandes St 922
MARTIN Stephen Richd Miner   922
MARTIN Syd Btmkr Sandes St 922
MARTIN W B Oliskin & tent mfr   922
MARTIN W J Miner Frnkln St 922
MARTIN Wm Miner Brown St 922
MARTIN Wm Boatman Grey St 922
MARTIN Wm Draper Mary St 922
MARTIN Wm B Miner Frnkln St 922
MARWICK Hy Millhand   922
MATHESON Hugh D Crtkr Parawai 922
MATSON Jos   Up Richmond St 922
MAXWELL Peter Carter Clarence St 922
MAY Jno K Bootmkr Baillie St 922
MAYO Alfd R Nursery Parawai 922
MAYO R Chemist asst Parawai 922
McCAFFREY Bernard gardener Willoughby St 922
McCARTHY Arch Mnr Sandes St 922
McCLAIR Frncs Crtr Martha St 922
McCLAIR Wm Labr Martha St 922
McCLAIR Wm G Grdnr Martha St 922
McCLELLAND Jas   Pollen St 922
McCOLLUM Alex Miner Hape Rd 922
McCOLLUM B Miner Hape Rd 922
McCONNELL Wm Miner Waiotahi 922
McCORMICK Francis Fmr Tararu 922
McCORMICK Mrs Mary J     922
McCORMICK Mrs Sarah   Hill St 922
McCORMICK Wm J Mnr Tararu 922
McCORMICK Wm Jno Contractor Cochrane St 922
McCULLOUGH Frank Jrnlst Qn St 922
McCULLOUGH Wm Evening Star   922
McCURDY Jno Prospector   922
McDERMOTT Jno Miner Waiotahi 922
McDIARMID Arch C Engineer   922
McDONALD Jno Pinter Davy St 922
McDONALD Jno Baker Edwd St 922  
McDONALD Mrs Jno   Davy St 922
McDONALD Thos Bksm Grey St 922
McDONALD Wm B (McD & Crds)   922
McDONALD & CORDES Pntrs Pollen St 922
McDONNELL Hy Miner Broad St 922
McDONNELL Hy Clk Tararu 922
McDONNELL S Fndry hnd Pahau St 922
McDONNELL Wltr asst Tailor Martha St 922
McDOUGALL Jos G Clerk Qn St 922
McDUFF Arth J Miner Sandes St 922
McDUFF Mrs Chas   Pollen St 922
McENTEER Jas Mine mgr   922
McFARLANE Fitzroy E Labr Willoughby St 922
McFARLANE Robt Cabinet Maker   922
McFLYNN J Carter Pollen St 922
McGINN Hugh Miner Augustus St 922
McGINN Jos Francis Miner Edward St 922
McGINN Mrs Mary   Edward St 922
McGINN Wm Miner Agstus St 922
McGOWAN Hon Jas JP. MP. MLC Williamson St 922
McGREGOR Donald Engr Plln St 922
McGREGOR Richd Minr Irishtwn 922
McGREGOR Roderick Ross, Jun     922
McGREGOR Rodk Ross   Richmond St 922
McGUINN Mrs M   Augustus St 922
McILVRIDE Alex Fndry hnd Pollen St 922
McILVRIDE Louis Foundry hnd Pollen St 922
McINTOSH H Dyer Sealey St 922
McINTOSH Wm Carptr Karaka 922
McINTYRE Allan Blksmth Grey St 922
McKAY D Clk Cochrane St 922
McKEE Wm J Contrctr Parawai 922
McKENDRICK W J Fisherman Tararu Rd 922
McKEOWN Robt J Amalgamator Richmnd St 922
McKEOWN Saml Hy Miner Richmnd St 922
McLAREN Jas Monteith JP. CE, Engineer Co Co Parawai 922
McLAUGHLIN Jno Fmr Hill St 922
McLEAN A Plumber Pollen St 922  
McLEAN C H L Mnr Sealey St 922  
McLEAN Mrs Jas   Tararu 922
McLEAN Wm Store Frnkln St 922
McLEAN Wm Engr Kirkwd St 922
McLEAY Mrs D Bdg Ho Beach Rd 922
McLEAY T E Tailor Beach Rd 922
McLOUGHLIN And Miner Mill St 922
McLOUGHLIN Frank Fitter   922
McMAHON Andw M   Queen St 922
McMAHON Wm M   Queen St 922
McNEIL Robt C Minr Queen St 922
McNIECE Adam Miner Waiotahi 922
McNIECE Mrs Jas   Waiotahi 922
McNIECE Wm J Clerk Qn St 922
McPHERSON D Constable Qn St 922
McPIKE Cornis Mill hand   922
McQUADE Richd C Engine Driver   922
McWATTERS Wm J   Tararu Rd 922
MEDDINS Saml Miner Haven St 922
MEEHAN Jas Cab Ppr Qeen St 922  
MEEHAN P Driver Queen St 922
MEEHAN Wm Cab Ppr Qn St 922
MELGREN A Butcher Owen St 922
MELGREN Alfd Miner Tararu Rd 922
MELHOSE Louis R W Agt Mry St 922
MELHOSE Mrs M J Cm Ag Alb St 922
MELLETT Mrs Elizb   Pollen St 922
MENNIE J M (Ld) Biscuit Mfrs   922
MENZIES Robt Robertson (Grey & M Ltd)   922
MIDDLETON Alex Engr Pahau St 922
MIDDLETON Arth Mnr Rchmd St 922
MIDDLETON Jas Engr Pahau St 922
MILLER Chas Bshmn Franklin St 922
MILLER Ernest N (M & Son)   922
MILLER Jno Grcr Pollen St 922
MILLER Robt C Fisherman   922
MILLER Waltr Carter Pollen St 922
MILLER Wm Cab Propr Pollen St 922
MILLER & SON   Solctrs Albert St 922
MILLS Alex Senr telegr Cochrane St 922
MILLS Fredk Sweep Martha St 922
MILNE Alex G J Carter Waiotahi Creek 922
MILNE Rev Jas (Prs) Rlstn St 922
MILNE Wm H Carter Waiotahi Creek 922
MILNES Edwd Jas Tailor   922  
MILNES Mrs T W Nurse   922
MINNS Edwd Carpenter Parawai 922
MOLLOY Chris Cab Drvr Rols St 922
MOLLOY Mrs Theresa   Rolstn St 922
MONTAGUE Jos Hrdsr Pollen St 922
MONTAGUE Miss N Mus tchr Pollen St 922
MONTAGUE Patk Hairdresser   922
MONTGOMERY Wm   Waiotahi Ck 922
MOORE Wm Settler Richmd St 922
MOORMAN Harry Cartr Terrce St 922
MORAN Jno Miner Lambert St 922
MORAN Jos Miner Owen St 922
MORAN Matth Bil rm Rchmd St 922
MORAN Mrs Elizb   Lambert St 922
MORGAN Alfd H Fisherman   922  
MORGAN Eli Chas Bt mkr Pln St 922
MORGAN Thos Miner Moanataiari Creek 922
MORGAN Thos M Miner Waiotahi Ck 922
MORRIN R J D Mnr Baillie St 922
MORRIS H Cook Cochrane St 922
MORRISON Geo Pltlyr Rlstn St 922
MORRISON Wm   Post Office Hotel 922
MORTON Mrs Ellen   Sand St 922
MOUNTAIN Miss Saleswoman Walter St 922
MOUNTAIN Thos Jno Surveyor   922
MOYLE Harold Tchr Up Albt St 922
MOYLE Thos Mine mgr Upper Albert St 922
MOYLE Thos Jas Miner   922
MOYLE Wm Miner Up Albert St 922  
MUIR J Regd Tailor Pollen st 922
MUIR Jno Tailor Brown St 922
MUIR S C Sec C P of P Lodge   922
MULLINS Thos Edmd Telegrphst   922
MURDOCH Robt Miner Tararu 922
MURDOCK Jeff Miner Rolleston St 922
MURDOCK Mrs Jennie   Parawai 922
MURPHY Miss Alice Typist Pollen St 922
MURPHY Miss Mamie bdh hse Cochrane St 922
MURRAY Hy Miner Abrhm St 922
MURRAY Wm A Miner Martha St 922
MUTTON Jno Miner Augustus St 922
MUTTON Jno A Miner Pollen St 922
MUTTON Wesley Mdr Pollen St 922
NEAVE And Carpenter Karaka 922
NEVILL Wm J   Tararu Rd 922
NEWDICK Alfd Miner Sandes St 922
NEWDICK Philip Butter man Broad St 922
NEWMAN Arth Jno Fitr Bch Rd 922
NEWMAN Ernst F Hrdrsr Poln St 922
NEWMAN Geo Alfd Wm Crpntr Pollen St 922
NEWMAN Mrs Hy   Edward St 922
NEWMAN Thos Wm Tobcnst   922
NEWMAN Wm Plmbr Pollen St 922
NEWTON Wm Hy Teacher Tararu 922
NICHOLAS Alfd Shop Rolles St 922
NICHOLLS Jno Farmer Pollen St 922
NODDER John Stationer, Bookseller & News Agent Pollen st 922
NZ PAINT MFG CO       922
O'BRIEN C   Pacific Hotel 922
O'BRIEN Christopher Assayer   922
O'BRIEN Jno J Miner Karka Ck 922
O'BRIEN Jos Cpntr Sandes St 922
O'BRIEN Wm Miner Karaka rd 922
O'CALLAGHAN Miss C Teacher Mackay St 922
O'CALLAGHAN Rev Thaddeus Mellicent, DD (ENG)   922
O'GRADY Jno   Tararu 922
OLSEN O Bushman Tararu 922
O'NEILL L A Engl Pollen St 922
O'NEILL P Const Queen St 922
ONION Wltr Miner Parawai 922
OSBORNE Jas Trucker Karaka 922  
OSBORNE Mrs E   Karaka Creek 922
OSBORNE Thos Labr Karaka bk 922
OSBORNE Wm   Pollen St 922
O'SHEA Jno Miner Mackay St 922
O'SULLIVAN Eugene C Miner Williamson St 922
O'SULLIVAN Jno Wm Mine mgr   922
OTTO Robt Miner Rolleston St 922
OWSLEY Hy Miner Rolleston St 922
PALMER Chas Confctr Pollen st 922
PALTRIDGE Miss A Saleswoman Pollen St 922
PALTRIDGE Miss C Tcchr Sndes St 922
PALTRIDGE Wm Hy Smith   922
PARSONS Leonard Wltr Clerk   922
PASCOE Miss Ada Tchr Queen St 922
PATERSEN Wm J Engnr Pollen st 922
PATERSON Wm K Mg N Z Pnt Co   922
PATTERSON Jas Miner Karaka 922
PATTERSON Jas Grocer Owen St 922
PAUL Jos Saddler Pollen st 922
PAUL Wm Saddler Pollen st 922
PAYNE Elizb Tchr singing Mackay St 922
PAYNE Ernest Fndry hd Mackay St 922
PAYNE Jno P D Factory hand Block 27 922
PAYNE Nathl Mgr Phillips & Son   922
PAYNE Wm Chas Fisherman   922
PEARCE Mrs Bridget   Bella St 922
PEARCE Robt Labr Abraham St 922
PEARCE Saml Miner Pollen st 922
PEARSE Hy Jos Teleg Queen St 922
PEARSON Edwd Miner Davy St 922
PEARSON Geo Stnbrkr Davy St 922
PEAT Jas Labr Heale Set 922
PEDROTTI Leonard Billiard rm ppr Pollen St 922
PENK Geo Miner Parawai 922
PENNO Thos Fshrmn? Wilby St 922
PENNO Wm Hy Fishmgr Richmond St 922
PEPLOE G W Miner Karaka rd 922
PEPLOE Geo Amalgamator Tararu 922
PEPLOE Mrs Elizb A Grocer   922
PEPLOE Mrs Hy   Mary St 922
PERCY Arch Benj Badmin Miner Rolleston St 922
PERCY Jas Miner Karaka Creek 922
PERRY Mrs Margt   Karaka Rd 922
PERRY Thos Miner Karaka 922
PETERS Harry Printer Mackay St 922
PETTY Robt Gngr Abraham St 922
PHILLIPPS & SON (Wm) Oil & Paint Merchts (br)   922
PHILLIPS E J Carter Beach Rd 922
PHILLIPS Jas Cab prpr   922
PHILLIPS Mrs Elizb   Tararu 922
PHILLIPS Thos Carter Bird-in-Hand Hill 922
PICKERING Albt C Tllr Sand St 922
PLANT Mrs Hannah   Mary St 922
PLUMMER Arth Miner Queen St 922
PLUMMER Wm Miner Queen St 922
POOLE Arth T Baker Karaka rd 922
POPE Hy   Rolleston St 922
PORTENS Jas, jun Stone breaker Waiotahi Creek 922
PORTENS (?PORTEUS) Jas Miner Waiotahi 922
POTTER Richd Expresmn Qn St 922
POTTERTON Chas W Carpenter Richmond St 922
POTTS Wm Hy JP, Regstr Queen St 922
POTTS Wm T Miner Lambrt St 922
POULGRAIN Albt Edwd Labourer   922
POULGRAIN Jn W Law Clk Tararu 922
POWER Frank Carrier Pollen St 922
PREECE Chas Crtr Waiotahi Ck 922
PREECE Richd   Waiotahi Creek 922
PRENDERVILLE Thos Bushman Mackay St 922
PRESCOTT Benj ?Frmr Hape Ck 922
PRESCOTT Chas Miner Hape Ck 922
PRESCOTT Wm Miner Hape Ck 922
PRICE Edwd Thos Moulder   922
PRICE Geo (A & G P) Walter St 922
PRICE Robt E Smith Pollen St 922
PRICE W E Engr Hape Ck 922
PRICE Waltr C Pat mkr Hape Ck 922
PRICE Wm (A & G P) Hape St 922
PRICE LD A & G   Engineers, Ironfounders, &c See Advt   922  
PULLFORD Mrs Blanch     922
PURDON Saml Bushman   922
PURNELL Mrs Alfd Hy Draper   922
QUADRI M Labr Grey St 922
QUADRI Saml Lbr Willoughby St 922
QUINN Jno   Royal Hotel 922
RABE Edwd Geo Blacksmith Franklin St 922
RABE Geo Fndry hd Franklin St 922
RABE Mrs Wm H   Franklin St 922
RAE Arth C (R BROS) Pollen st 922
RAE Herbt Lewis (R BROS)   922
RAE Lewis Harrison Painter   922  
RAE Miss E E Tchr Pollen St 922
RAE Mrs Jemima   Pollen St 922
RAE BROS   Painters & Paprhngrs   922
READ Arth Timb yd Pollen St 922
READ Jno Timber Merchant Brown St; pr Parawai 922  
READ Miss Inez Muc Tchr Parawai 922  
READ & GILLESPIE   Abtrs Parawai 922  
REDDISH Mrs Geo A   Parawai 922
REDDISH Wm Arth Fisherman   922
REDFERN Arth Miner Davy St 922
REDWOOD Danl Amalgamator   922
REDWOOD Danl Battery mgr   922
REDWOOD Dvd Mnr Keddell St 922
REDWOOD Jno Miner Karaka Rd 922
REGAN Wm Mill hand Baillie St 922
REID Jno Fshrmn Willghby St 922
REID Ths Slaughtrmn Parawai 922
REID Wm Douglas Grocer Pollen St; pr Campbell St 922
REID Wm R Slaughterman   922
REILLY Mrs Ann   Abraham St 922
REITMAN Andw Fisherman Karaka Rd 922
REITMAN Hy Miner Mary St 922
REITMAN Wm Miner Karaka Ck 922
RENSHAW Edwd Jno Ironmonger   922
RENSHAW Jas JP. Ironmonger   922
RENSHAW W H Frmr   922
RICHARDS Jno Jos Mldr Rolleston St 922
RICHARDS Thos Fisherman Richmond St 922
RICKARDS Jno, jun Bank clk Richmnd St 922
RICKIT Albt E Drvr Brown St 922
RICKIT Claude J Mgr R & Co Brown St 923
RICKIT E D Carter Brown St 923
RICKIT Mrs J (R & Co)   923
RICKIT V D Carter Brown St 923
RICKIT & CO (Mrs J) Livery Stables Brown St 922
RILEY Wm Herbert Printer Karaka Rd 923
RIORDAN Mrs Mary J Café   923
RIPLEY Geo Wthmkr Wltr St 923
RIST Jno C Settler Parawai 923
ROBERTS Jos Miner Karaka Rd 923
ROBINSON F Lady Bowen Htl Brown St 923
ROBINSON Frank Wltr Fisherman Tararu 923
ROBINSON Jas Miner Edwd St 923
ROBINSON Mrs Mary L Milliner Pollen St 923
ROBINSON Mrs Thos   Tararu 923
ROBINSON Wm Fishermn Waiotahi Ck 923
ROBINSON Wm Malyon Fndrymn   923
ROBINSON Wm, Sen   Up Albert St 923
ROBSON J Miner Baillie St 923
ROCHE Hy Engine Driver   923
ROCHFORT H Engr Hape Creek 923
ROCKLEY Chas Miner Davy St 923
ROGERS Jos Ern Sgn Sealey St 923
ROGERS Wm Barmn Cchrne St 923
ROHRLACH Hy Rudolph Fisherman Richmond St 923
ROLTON Chas Boatman Grey St 923
ROLTON Chas Fredk Fisherman   923
ROLTON Wm Fisherman Grey St 923
ROSE Mrs Wm   Richmond St 923
ROSS Chas Blacksmith   923
ROSS Jas Blksmth Richmd St 923
ROSS Jno Labr Tararu 923
ROSS Mrs Mary Chase   Waiotahi Creek 923
ROSS Richd Miner Eureka 923
ROWBOTTOM Syd Chmst Poln St 923
ROWE C H Seaman Karaka Rd 923
ROWE Hy R W Agt Pahau St 923
ROWE Hy Richd Labr Qn St 923
ROWE Jno Mgr Mennie & Dey   923
ROWE Mark   Karaka Rd 923
ROWE Mrs Albertina   Tararu 923
ROWE Richd Wm Compositor   923
ROWE Wm Jno Miner Karaka Rd 923
RUDMAN Robt Edgar Hdmstr H S   923
RUSSELL Dvd Schl mstr Tararu 923
RUSSELL Miss C Thr Tararu Rd 923
RYAN Chas Labr Richmond St 923
RYAN Geo Miner Richmond St 923
RYAN Patk Miner Hape Creek 923
RYAN Wm Boot Mkr Brown St 923
SAINSBURY Hy Mnr Up Pln St 923
SANDERS Chas Digney Crpntr   923
SANDERS Herbt J Clk Mackay St 923
SANDERS S Sec Hockey Assoc   923
SARICH Antonio Miner Waiotahi 923
SAWYER Alfd Miner Brown St 923
SAWYER Jas Robt Ltr cr Pollen St 923
SAWYER Mrs Margt Greengrocer   923
SCANLON Danl J Miner Tararu 923
SCANLON Saml Miner Sealey St 923
SCANLON Thos H Miner Tararu 923
SCHIDLER Martin Mnr Pollen St 923
SCHOFIELD Mrs Tasman   Waiotahi 923
SCHOFIELD Richd E Wharfinger   923
SCHOFIELD Tasman Miner Waiotahi Creek 923
SCOTT Miss Euph Asst Pollen St 923
SCOTT Miss Isa D Bk Kpr Pln St 923
SCOTT Thos Wilson Mstr mrnr   923
SCOTT Wm Prod dlr & Baker   923
SEARLE Mrs S   Mary St 923
SEGURSEN Peter Miner   923
SENIOR Ernest J Mnr Edw St 923
SENIOR Jas P Miner Edwd St 923
SENIOR Thos F Miner Karaka Ck 923
SEWELL Jno Miner Pollen St 923
SEYMOUR Jno Bath keeper   923
SHAND Jas Arth Journalist Mackay St 923
SHAND Jno Agric impl impts Pollen St 923
SHAW Fredk Bootmkr Tararu 923
SHAW Geo Ironmgr Tararu 923
SHAW Guy Langston Dentist   923
SHERLOCK Alfd Drvr Parawai 923
SHERLOCK Edwd C Cordl manfr Bowen St 923
SHERLOCK Mrs Adam   Bowen St 923
SHORTLAND POUND   (P Maxwell)   923
SILCOCK Jas Grcr Queen St 923
SIMMONDS Wm Auctr Qn St 923
SIMMONDS Wm Mnr Sands St 923
SIMMONDS Wm Jno Compositor   923
SIMMONS Geo? Labr Franklin St 923
SIMMS Stephen O Mnr Hape Ck 923
SIMPSON Edwd Mnr Rlstn St 923
SIMPSON Mrs Ann   Rolleston St 923
SIMPSON Wm Plmbr Rolstn St 923
SKEEN Harold W Foundryman   923
SKELTON Jos   Waiotahi Creek 923
SKELTON Peter Carter Waiotahi 923
SLESSOR Louis Tent mkr Pln St 923
SMITH Alfd   Irishtown 923
SMITH Chas B Crpntr Tararu 923
SMITH J B Fisherman Tararu 923
SMITH Jas Miner Rolleston St 923
SMITH Jas Etheridge Mine Mgr   923
SMITH Jno Cabnt mkr Pollen St 923
SMITH Jno Miner Rolleston St 923
SMITH Jno Miner Tararu 923
SMITH Miss Jessie R Teacher   923
SMITH Miss M Tchr Karaka 923
SMITH Miss Sylvia Teacher   923
SMITH Mrs Robt   Tararu Rd 923
SMITH R E Patrn mkr   923
SMITH Redg Mgr Bk N S W   923
SMITH Robt Baker Rollestn St 923
SMITH Syd Irnmgr Beach Rd 923
SMITH Wm Geo Thmpsn Crpntr   923
SMITH Wm Holland   Rolleston St 923
SMITH Wm J Miner Tararu 923
SMITH & CO (J Hague) Hardware Merchants; & at Paeroa, Waihi & Netherton   923
SNELGAR Geo Miner Collar Bne 923
SNOWLING F Fishrmn Rchm St 923
SNOWLING Frdk Engr Rchm St 923
SNOWLING Hy Cptr Willghby St 923
SNOWLING Leonard Moulder Willoughby St 923
SOLAN Mrs B     923
SOMMERVILLE Alx Miner Hape Rd 923
SOMMERVILLE Harold Engnr Cochrane St 923
SPRAGGON Jno Plmbr Mackay St 923
STAMPER G W Fndry hd Qn St 923
STEADMAN Archd Bank clk Bowen St 923
STEEDMAN Jas Donaldson     923
STEPHENS Thos Btmkr Mary St 923
STEPHENSON Oswald W Shop Mgr Rolleston St 923
STEPHENSON Robt Fancy Goods   923
STEVENS Fredk Bushman   923
STEVENS Jno Miner Parawai 923
STEVENSON Philip Gas ftr Rolleston St 923
STEWARD Arth Hy Ltr carrier   923
STEWARD Mrs Wm R   Queen St 923
STEWART Chas A Asst mstr H S Cochrane St 923
STEWART Leonard Mill hand Mackay St 923
STEWART Matt Fndry hd Parawai 923
STEWART Saml Miner Tararu 923
STONE Hy O Shpwght Qn St 923
STONE R Miner Davy St 923
STRANGE Mrs B (?or R) Frtr Poln St 923
STRONG Alfd Blrmkr Franklin St 923
STRONG Geo A Varnish wks Edward St 923
STRONG P Painter Lambert St 923
STYAK W S Sharebkr & Ld agt   923
SULLIVAN Jos Drpr's asst Pollen St 923
SULLIVAN Martin Labr Mackay St 923
SULLIVAN Mrs Patk   Pollen St 923
SUTCLIFFE Edwd Mnr Frkln St 923
SUTCLIFFE Leond Miner Franklin St 923
SUTCLIFFE Richd Miner Karaka 923
SUTCLIFFE Wm   Moanataiari 923
SYKES Francis Tobac Cochrne St 923
SYMONS F J Gardnr Qn St 923
SYMS Ernest Stableman Qn St 923
SYMS Fredk M Teleg Albt St 923
SYMS Herbt Stblmn Bella St 923
TALBOT Saml Labr   923
TANGYE Geo Engnr Queen St 923
TAYLOR Arnd (T Bros) Fenton 923
TAYLOR Chas Alex Grcr Qn St 923
TAYLOR Chas W (T Bros)   923
TAYLOR Edmd Harvey MP   923
TAYLOR Hy Miner Irishtown 923
TAYLOR Jas Miner Irishtown 923
TAYLOR Jas Tailor Mary St 923
TAYLOR Jas   Up Albert St 923
TAYLOR Jno Hy Miner Waiotahi 923
TAYLOR Mrs Geo B   Walter St 923
TAYLOR Nicholas Miner Bch Rd 923
TAYLOR Richd Frmr Punga Flat 923
TAYLOR Thos Miner Punga Flat 923
TAYLOR Thos Basket Maker   923
TAYLOR W Farmer Kirkwd St 923
TAYLOR Wm Butcher Pollen St 923
TAYLOR BROS   Fish mers Qn St 923
TEASDALE Matt Plumber   923
TEASDALE Wm Burgs Pstl clk Richmond St 923
TETLEY G Farmer Tararu 923
THAMES A & P ASSOC (P Claxton, sec)   923
THAMES BORO COUNCIL (Arth Chapman, Town Clerk)   923
THAMES BOWLING CLUB (R E Rudman, Sec)   923
THAMES CATHOLIC CLUB (H McDonnell, sec)   923
THAMES CO-OP BLDG Sec (term) (W L Lucas, sec)   923
THAMES COUNTY COUNCIL (Wm Smeaton Clark, County Clerk)   923
THAMES FLYING CLUB (J L Walton, Sec)   923
THAMES GAS CO LTD   (Jno Ensoll, Mgr)   923
THAMES HARBOUR BOARD (Albt Bruce, Sec)   923
THAMES HIGH SCHOOL (R E Rudman, head master)   923
THAMES HOCKEY ASSOC (S Sanders, Sec)   923
THAMES HOSPITAL   (Denis Byrne Walshe, Med supt) 923
THAMES HOSPITAL & CHAR AID BOARD (Jno Edwd Banks, Sec)   923
THAMES JOCKEY CLUB (Wm Hy Potts, Sec)   923
THAMES LND BLDG & INV SOC (PERM) (S T Whitehouse, Sc) 923
THAMES OLD PEOPLE'S HOME (R Hay Chapman, Supt)   923
THAMES PUB LIBRY (Mrs H Z Lowe, Libr)    
THAMES PUBLIC SWIMMING BTHS (J Seymour, keeper)   923
THAMES RUGBY UNION (A F Brown, Sec)   923
THAMES SCHOOL OF MINES (Albt Bruce, Sec)   923
THAMES STOCK EXCHANGE (H G Gillespie, sec)    
THAMES TECHNICAL SCHOOL (H K Burns, Supervisor)   923
THAMES UNIT FRNDLY SOC Conference (F Shaw, Sec)   923
THAMES YOUNG MEN'S CLUB (F McCullough, sec)   923
THOMAS Richd Miner Hill St 923
THOMAS Richd Chas Smiths Asst Mackay St 923
THOMAS Seager V Mldr Hill St 923
THOMPSON Jas Miner Sandes St 923
THOMPSON Jas B Engr Qn St 923
THORBURN Geo Miner Tararu 923
THORBURN Jas Miner Martha St 923
THORBURN Wm Frmr Tararu 923
THORBURN Wm L Mnr Tararu 923
THORN Wm Labr Karaka Rd 923
THORNTON Ernest Fruitr Tararu Rd 923
THORNTON Norman Fruitr Pollen St 923
THORNTON Richd Fruitr Pln St 923
TIERNEY Wm Miner Tararu Rd 923
TIGER Rev Herbt G (R C) Willoughby St 923
TILSLEY Geo Crtr Tararu Rd 923
TIZARD Edwd Brassey Clerk   923
TIZARD T G Sharebkr Albt St 923
TONKIN Jno   Queen St 923
TOOHER Jno   The Terrace 923
TOWERS Jos Boiler mkr Parawai 923
TOWERS Lawrence Boiler Maker   923  
TOWNSEND Mrs Martha   Mary St 923
TRAINER Edwd   Tararu 923
TRAVIS W J Dpr Cochrane St 923
TREBILCOCK Francis Miner   923
TREBILCOCK Jno Bkr Up Albert St 923
TREBILCOCK Richd Labr Up Albert St 923
TRESTRAIL Rev Thos (Meth) Queen St 923
TRETHOWEN Jno Miner Bowen St 923
TREWHEELA Matt Organist   923
TRIMMER Jas H Tchr Fntn St 923
TRUSCOTT Edwd Miner Bird-in-Hand Hill 923
TRUSCOTT Miss K Tchr Rolleston St 923
TURNBULL Edwd Vardy JP   923
TURNBULL S Geo M Mgr Paraw 923
TURRELL Louis   Karaka Rd 923
TWENTYMAN Robt Carpenter   923
TWENTYMAN Wm Carpenter   923
TWOHILL Dvd Clerk Pollen St 923
TWOHILL Jas   Brian Boru Hotel 923
TWOHILL Jno Htl asst   923
VARNEY Mrs Wm   Hape Creek 923
VEALE Nrmn C Tllr Bk N S W   923
VEDDER Francis Miner Waiotahi 923
VERCOE Albt Btchr Hill St 923
VERCOE Jno Thos Miner Hill St 923
VERRAN Dvd Carter Queen St 923
VERRAN Wm Jas Carter   923
VON BERNEWITZ Mrs Margt     923
WADDELL Wm Miner Karaka Ck 923
WALKER Mrs Mary   Edward St 923
WALKER Saml M Mnr Brwn St 923
WALLACE Mrs Emily   Sealey St 923
WALLACE Thos Grocer Pollen St 923
WALLIS Jas Miner Baillie St 923
WALLIS Thos Miner Baillie St 923
WALSHE Denis Byrne Surgeon Baillie St 923
WALTON Jos L JP. Grcr Sealey St 923
WARNE Geo Fndy hand Mackay St 923
WARNE Geo Mine mgr Mcky St 923
WARNE Mrs Charlt   Rchm St 923
WARNE Paul Fndy hand Mackay St 923
WARNER Chas E Labr Queen St 923
WARREN Jabez   Richmond St 923
WATERHOUSE Rev Chas (Chapel of Christ)   923
WATSON Albt Miner Beach Rd 923
WATSON Edwd Engr Queen St 923
WATSON Jno (A & G Price Ltd)   923
WATSON Peter Engnr Beach Rd 923
WATT Mrs J B Frtr Pollen St 923
WATT W Fndy hd Mackay St 923
WATTS Alex Btchrs asst Pollen St 923
WATTS Ellis Jas Moulder   923
WAY Geo Farmer Tapu Rd 923
WAYNE Fredk G Meat insptr Parawai 923
WEBSTER Albt E Mnr Mackay St 923
WEIR Peter Amlgmtr Rlstn St 923
WELLS Alex Engnr Baillie St 923
WELLS Fredk Btchr Tararu 923
WELLS Fredk A C Butcher Tararu Rd 923
WELLS Sid Btchrs asst Tararu 923
WELSH J Gard Beach Rd 923
WEST Jno Blksmth Cochrane St 923
WEST Jno, jun Blksmth Cochrane St 923
WHELAN Mchl Mldr Terrace St 923
WHISKER MrsB   Kirkwood St 923
WHITE Arth Miner Richmond St 923
WHITE Chas Settler Parawai 923
WHITE Jno Miner Rolleston St 923
WHITEHEAD C W Insur agent   923
WHITEHEAD Chas Hy (W & Son)   923
WHITEHEAD Ernest Carptr Parawai 923
WHITEHEAD Stanley Printer Pollen St 923
WHITEHEAD & SON (M) Boot Mfrs   923
WHITEHOUSE Saml T JP. Ins agt   923
WHITLEY Geo Miner Alfred St 923
WIGGINS Geo Ellice Billiard Mkr   923
WILCOX Mrs Mary Ann   Parawai 923
WILDMAN Ths Violin tchr Pln St 923
WILKES Wltr Jeweller Pollen St 923
WILLETTS Jno Labr Davy St 923
WILLETTS Wm Labr Campbell st 923
WILLETTS Wm, Jun   Richmond St 923
WILLIAMS Albt Smith Qn St 923
WILLIAMS Arth Engr Queen St 923
WILLIAMS Chas Miner Heale St 923
WILLIAMS Ernest Jno Tailor Bella St 923
WILLIAMS Geo Labr Martha St 923
WILLIAMS Herbt Clk Queen St 923
WILLIAMS Jas   Bird-in-Hand Hill 923
WILLIAMS Miss I Teacher Augustus St 923
WILLIAMS Mrs P Bdg Ho Qn St 923
WILLIAMS Mrs Salome   Martha St 923
WILLIAMS Thos Crpntr Qn St 923
WILLIAMSON Chas Bushman   923
WILLIAMSON H F Tel exch clk Cochrane St 923
WILSON Alex Fitter Beach Rd 923
WILSON Allen Miner Waiotahi 923
WILSON Arch Battry hd Tararu 923
WILSON Edwd Fishrmn Tararu 923
WILSON Jos Irnmldr Mary St 923
WILSON Mrs Mrgt Nurse Baillie St 923
WILSON Robt Miner Tararu Rd 923
WILSON Robt Wm   Sand St 923
WILSON Wm Jas Fisherman Tararu Rd 923
WILTON E Fndry hd Shellbk C 923
WILTON Frank Miner Moanataiari 923
WILTON Fred Miner Grey St 923
WILTON Fredk Miner Shellback Creek 923
WILTON Mrs Jno   Shellback Ck 923
WINDER Chas Jas Gum Merchant   923
WINDER Chas, jun Store   923
WINDSER Allan Carpntr Willoughby St 923
WINDSER G Horse tr Mackay St 924
WINTER Saml Hy Clerk Pollen St 924
WISHART Rbt Mnr Cochrane St 924
WOOD Alfd Engine Drivr Tararu 924
WOOD Fredk Packer Sealey St 924
WOOD Geo Grcr's asst Pollen St 924
WOOD Miss Violet Minr Poln St 924
WOOD Mrs Hanna   Karaka Rd 924
WOOD Robt Draper & Clothier   924
WOOD Wm Grocer & Seedsman   924
WOODHAMS Chas P Mnr Waiotahi Creek 924
WOODHAMS Hy, Sen Miner   924
WOODS Hy Fndrymn Collarbone Creek 924
WOOLCOCK Jas Miner Tararu 924
WREN A Grdnr Hape Ck 924
WRIGHT Arth H JP. Inspr pol Queen St 924
WRIGHT Chs Dvd Sharebroker Comsm agt Albt St 924
WRIGHT Harry Lambert Dentist   924
WRIGHT W W Fndry hd Bch Rd 924
WRIGHT Wltr Wm Labourer   924
WYLIE Wm S Draper Pollen St 924
YARDLEY J T   Whf Htl 924
YOUNG Jno Carptr Augustus St 924
YOUNG Jno Fndry hand Sandes St 924
YOUNG Robt Hy Carpntr Tararu 924
ZIEGLER Albt baker Pollen St 924