Thames Accidents &  Drownings
Part of Transcription by Christine:NZ River Drownings from 01 July 1881 to 30 June 1887
The following are taken from the "Return of Names of Persons Drowned in New Zealand"
from the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives ( AJHRs).
          Burial Date Cemetery Age Plot Extra details from Burial Records
1868Aug17 BRAY Charles Thames Auckland          
1871Jun29 CHANDLER John Thames Auckland 1/7/1871 Shortland Thames - 2114 Without Certificate
1871May28 DANIELS John Thames Auckland 7/6/1871 Shortland Thames 44 2065 Drowned. (First name given as "Jonathan"
1868Sep28* DOUGLAS John Thames Auckland          
1868May09 HAYES Thomas Thames Auckland          
1870Jul08 KELLY Martin Thames Auckland 9/7/1870 Shortland Thames - 2586  
1871Feb20 KENT Henry Thames Auckland          
1871May28 LEAN Alexander Thames Auckland 13/6/1871 Shortland Thames 35 2066  
1877Jul29 MACKAY J Hikutaia, Thames (Auckland)          
1866Sep24 MACKAY Murdoch Thames Auckland          
1875Mar09 PORTER Alfred Thames Auckland 14/3/1875 Shortland Thames 17 2321 (Surname given as POTTER)
1878Mar24* RIDDICK A Thames (Auckland)          
1871Jun07 TREAVELIN Charles Thomas Thames Auckland 9/6/1871 Shortland Thames 41 2142 (Or TRELEAVIN)
1874Dec14 WATSON Henry Thames Auckland 18/12/1874 Shortland Thames 27 2335  
1870Aug07 WINDER John Thames Auckland 8/8/1870 Shortland Thames 24 2554 Lost out gumdigging
1871Feb17 WOODLOCK John Thames Auckland 23/2/1871 Shortland Thames 22 2140 Drowned