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Welcome to the Webpage of Alice Metzloff and William Clarke Herzog. My hope for creating this page is to help my father find his lost relatives and establish a relationship with any and all living descendants.

The surnames we are researching are: HAMILTON,PAGE,BRITTAIN,GOOTEE,CLARK and BEBE/BEEBE

Origin of surnames: HAMILTON- Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC PAGE- Maryland GOOTEE- Maryland BRITTAIN-Pennsylvania and Ohio CLARK- New York BEBE/BEEBE- New York

ABOUT THE WEBPAGE AUTHOR-ALICE A. METZLOFF: My parents are WILLIAM CLARKE HERZOG nee HAMILTON and JANETTE SHARP RODERICK. I was born Alice Anne Herzog on August 13, 1959 in Ashtabula, Ohio. I married: Peter E. Metloff on December 29, 1979. I am a mother of three children...1 daughter and 2 sons: Jeannette-age 20, Benjamin-age 17 and William

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