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Ancestors of Amanda Helen TAYLOR

Thirty-second Generation

Cuthwulf was born 1 in 600 in Wessex.

His father Cuthwine (or Cuthwin) was the son of King Ceawlin (or Ceawling) King of Wessex born 0547 who died in 0593.

King Ceawlin was the son of King Cynric King of Wessex who was born 0525 in Wessex, England, d. 0560

King Cynric was the son of Crioda Prince of Wessex , who was born 0493 in Wessex, England

Crioda Prince of Wessex was the son of King Cedric or Cerdic (the first King of Wessex) . King Cedric was born 0467, in Ancient Saxony North Germany and died 0534 in Wessex, England


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