Amato Family Genealogy Page - Decending from Caltanissetta, Sicily.

Author's Note
The main purpose of this site is to share geneology info amongst family. In particular, the Amato family being tracked here is one that "originates" in Caltanissetta, Sicily with the nuptuals of Michele Amato and Rose Mosca.

The centralized data will make updates available to all. The drawbacks, however do not disappear. With a web site, there must be a web master, so as individuals find information to include, that information must be gathered by the web administrator to include the changes. (More than one author can get pretty messy too.) So please be patient when looking for updates.

If you are an Amato, in some way, and are not "known" in the tree, one could assume we are related, the question is "How?". Information undiscoved (by "us") include that of Michele's brothers and sisters, parents, and two of his sons, Francesco and Michele.

Oh, yea, more information may be known, but for privacy sake, is not included in here. For that, one should request "The Amato Family Record" from Rita.



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