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Homepage for Amazing Family Ties

I began my Journey in to my family history in 1981.

My dad received a letter from some one asking about family ,

thus began my long hours of searching online and library's and traveling to court houses and cemeteries .

I have discovered a lot but still just a work in progress .

I do not claim to be a Trained Genealogist. I may have made some mistakes ,

so if you see anything in my records you know not be correct then feel free to tell me.

Please have evidence to prove it ?

I'm looking forward to discovering more about my family and meeting new cousins along the way .

This is picture of my paternal grand mother I got from dad's things . 

Sarah Crider Vaughn and son James Andrew Garfield Vaughn

Strangers in the Box Pamela A. Harazim 1997

Come, look with me inside this drawer,

In this box I've often seen,

At the pictures, black and white,

Faces proud, still, serene.

I wish I knew the people,

These strangers in the box,

Their names and all their memories

Are lost among my socks.

I wonder what their lives were like.

How did they spend their days?

What about their special times?

I'll never know their ways.

If only someone had taken time

To tell who, what, where, when,

These faces of my heritage

Would come to life again.

Could this become the fate

Of the pictures we take today?

The faces and the memories

Someday to be tossed away?

Make time to save your pictures,

Seize the opportunity when it knocks,

Or someday you and yours could be

The strangers in the box.


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