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      The site contains the story of our family mostly & most recently from
North and Northwest Europe to the USA.
Our family, like many others, came to settle across America the Beautiful, as the song says...
                                    "from sea to shining sea..."
     Some landed here before the Revolution for Independence.
Others heard the call of Freedom and Opportunity...
And Followed to help build the Greatest Nation of Human Kind;
     & possibly still others were here long before this became a haven and meeting place for
people from the farthest reaches and diverse societies on Earth.

Most of the site deals with our roots in the Midwest,

with some Eastern & Southeastern US.

(IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, ND, OH, WI )  -  (NY, PA,  SC, WV)

  We are proud of the human family both near and far.
We hold the truth that sacred honor exists in good hearts of people worldwide.
  We are glad that this country proclaims and protects the right to aid others who seek assurance that this honor can be secure and


     anywhere ... equally ... forever.

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NOTE: Person Sheets, Family & WebCards are being revised, and will return ASAP!
a Surnames List will be included, with links to lineage webcards.

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   "Site Links" contain the many associated images, transcriptions, and directly related outside links to online family documents and records---the 'Content' pages.
Specifics on locations in the USA and Europe, therein.

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  Superior Wisconsin Police / Sheriff of Late 19, Early 20th Century -Group PHOTOS & LISTS

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