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AmeriKIN Genealogy; Mostly Midwest - Superior WISCONSIN Photographers * 1890 - 1892

AmeriKin Genealogy - Superior WISCONSIN Photographers 1890 - 1892
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Some Superior, WI Photographers a decade prior to turn of last century.

~~ Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin Photographers 1890 - 1892:

There are a total of 19 listings. 'Listing' is not synonymous with 'individual.'
Some are listed under different spellings and years.
All are listed as residents in Superior, but may be photographers in nearby locations (Duluth).
These are found in two directory years (1890-91; & 1891-92) "Duluth, (St. Louis,) MN Directories."
All are listed as "photographer" unless otherwise noted.
The city and state locations are found as "Superior, MN" in originals.
There are two (2) alphabetical lists by year.
This is not presented with claims that it is an accurate or complete
  list of the photographers of these years, but as a guide to researchers
  with hope it will help locate ancestors and family. --- Good Luck!

Photographers 1890-91 * Photographers 1891-92

Men with Photographer as Occupation, residing in Superior, WI

  Wm         D   Baldwin
  James       G   Banks
  David       F   Barry
  Frederick  V   Bingham        ---   landscape photographer
  Wm          C   Jobson            ---   photographer - J Z Banks
  Nels         O   Lennes
  Argalus    L   Monroe          ---   photographer - W D Baldwin
  Charles         Rodin              ---   photographer - Connor's Point
  Annie           Sturm             ---   photographer - F V Bingham

Photographers 1890-1892 * Top

List of Men with Photographer as Occupation, residing in Superior, WI

  Will        D   Baldwin
  David     F    Barry
  Wm       E    Butler
  Seren          Johnson
  Nels       O   Lennes
  O           J   Moore
  Charles        Rodin
  Fred      H   Stimson
  Henry    A   Stimson
  Hans           Werlin

Photographers 1890-91 * Photographers 1891-92 * Top

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