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"Each has his own tree of ancestors"
Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894

                                 Amie Kunkle
                                 Born: 23 June 1972, Indianapolis, Marion County to Jonathan Dean Kunkle and Cynthia Lou Frost
                                 M1) 5 October 1996, Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana to Grant Austen Boone
                                 Issue: Grant Wesley Boone, born 18 March 1996, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
                                 Olivia Estelle Boone, born 10 Sept. 1998, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
                                 Divorced 2001, Hamilton County, Indiana
                                 M2) 2 September 2006, rural Montgomery County, Indiana to Michael Andrew Cox

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                                 2. Jonathan Dean Kunkle, son of Harold Dean Kunkle and Lovina Louise Kiger
                                     M1) Cynthia Lou Frost
                                     M2) Kim

                                 3. Cynthia Lou Frost
                                     Born: 5 September 1952, Indpls., Marion County, Indiana
                                               daughter of Richard Edward Frost and Barbara Lynn Guy
                                     M1) John Drake
                                             Issue: Cari Lynn Drake
                                     M2) Jon Kunkle
                                             Issue: Amie Leigh Kunkle, (see above) 
                                                      April Anne Kunkle, (twin)
                                                      Born: 23 June 1972, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
                                     M3) Tim Wertz
                                             Issue: Seth Allen Wertz
                                     M4) Dan Falcone
                                     M5) Tom Wooden

                                 5. Harold Dean Kunkle
                                     Born: to Claude Kunkle
                                     M1) Lovina Louise Kunkle
                                             Issue: Casey Kunkle
                                                       Jonathan Dean Kunkle
                                                       Mike Kunkle (twin)
                                                        Joseph Kunkle (twin)
                                                        Luanne Kunkle
                                                        Farol Kunkle
                                                        Stephanie Kunkle
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                                 6. Lovina Louise Kiger
                                     Born: Oxford, Benton Co., In., 
                                     M1) Harold Dean Kunkle
                                 7. Richard Edward Frost
                                     Born: 28 February 1929, Indpls., Marion Co., IN.
                                     son of Albert Dewitt "Frost" and Eunice Jerusha Batchelder
                                     M1) Barbara Lynn Guy
                                             Issue: Cynthia Lou Frost 
                                                       Barbara Lynn Frost

                                 8. Barbara Lynn Guy 
                                     Born: 19 July 1930, Memphis, Shelby Co., Tenn. to Billy Estes Guy and Mary Louise Croft
                                     M1) Richard Edward Frost


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