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How to Use this Site
Welcome.This site memorializes approximately 20 years of research, at varying degrees of intensity and diligence. A few points about this site and how it works are below; please contact me below if you have additional questions.

1) Updates This site was updated for the first time in 10 years in December 2013. Before that, it had remained online because it has been at the same address for as long as Freepages has existed and because there are untold numbers of links back to it. In re-uploading the site, I should not have broken any links unless I no longer consider the information trustworthy or worth posting. If I have erred in that, please let me know. Given how much time this update has taken, I do not expect to do it again soon. You should check 1) my WorldConnect file, which is much more easily updated; and 2) WeRelate, which is a wiki-based site to which almost all of my solid information has been contributed. This site is likely to have the best sources, and it links to them if they are available online.

2) Sources I have consulted most sources myself; where I have not it is generally noted. I was less than diligent when I started, and I have incorporated work from others with varying standards. You can get a rough indication of source quality by the source number--1-499=primary; 500-999=published secondary; 1000+=web sites, web trees, emails (and sources not incorporated into the scheme).

2) Using content I license these contributions, like my content on WeRelate, under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0. That means you may copy, distribute, and remix the work, but you must attribute it. I would prefer you do that by linking to WeRelate, but please in some manner make it possible for people to find me and the current version of my sources.

3) If you want more information The reason this page was not updated in so long is that I rarely have time to focus on it. If you don't find something here, check my WorldConnect file and WeRelate. If you still don't find anything, it's likely I don't have further information that's not widely available on Ancestral File or some such. I do not generally collect info on collateral lines.

4) If you have more information Please contribute to WeRelate! It's not hard, it's a non-profit that won't spam you or sell your info, and your contribution won't remain buried in my email. At the very least, just leave a note on the right page. And if you are a descendent from someone here born after 1800, please do contact me (particularly Quigleys, Morrows, Peeks and Jarretts).

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