1. Immediate family knowledge. Mine, if alone, or that of person otherwise cited.
2. Estimates and analysis by Amelia Morrow Gerlicher. Please include source if used elsewhere.
3. Date from primary source reprinted in another source. Includes will dates and vital records not in indexes. Secondary source should also be cited.
4. Data copied from online volunteer transcription. See source for URL. Does not include NEHGS-transcribed records or online images.
5. Picture of gravestone.
6. Information from transcription of cemetery record. Usually single record from a source, not meriting separate source. See notes.
7. Death Certificate, Retrived from Missouri State Archives,
8. JP Morrow Research prior to 1993. Replaced by more direct sources when possible.
10. Family trees of Bernard Josef Monnig ancestors. One from the 1940s, presumably prepared for Nazis, written by hand. One typed in the 1970s, possibly in response to JPM's query. Prepared by Paul Monnig.
11. Morrow, James Peter, The Monnig Family: A Story of Germany and America, 1981.
12. Setzer family bible in the possession of J.P. Morrow, Phoenix, AZ
13. David (Jr.) Woodmansee Family Bible, in possession of JP Morrow, Phoenix, AZ, Summer 2000.
14. Dreisbach, Margaret, Jarrett Family History, 1966.
[Personally distributed manuscript. Copies with JPM and SPM]
15. Research of Pat Simpson (niece of Raymond Welker), Kingman, KS, received 1989, copies in possession of Amelia Morrow.
17. Porter letters in the possession of JPM. Compiled from research of John A. Porter. One addressed to John Porter dated 1935, another from John A. Porter, gggrandson of John, to W.H. Porter, included in ltr to Carrie Porter Bradshaw dated Apr. 3 1926.
18. “Interview with Ivle Peek Straud,” 5/31/99, Conducted by AEM via phone, Interview with Ivle Peek Straus.
19. Letters from Bertha Setzer Williams to Hugo Monnig. 1913-1915. Given to JPM from ABM in late 70s. (2-19 in Monnig: Letters, two are translated in The Monnig Book (Morrow, 1980))
20. Interview with Amelia Monnig Morrow by JPM. Transcript in files and book.
21. Dreisbach, Margaret. Notes on Bingham family line, including unfinished Broadley family manuscript. Includes 1860 and 1870 Bremer County, IA census notes. Part in possession of JPM, part with Bob Dreisbach.
22. Interview with James B. Porter by JP Morrow, 1979, Joplin, MO.
23. Research notes of Ida Mae Peek (deceased). Includes notes on Sanders Family Bible. Copies only in possession of Amelia Morrow. Possession of originals unknown.
24. Pension File: William H. Sanders. Mexican and Civil War. Filed by William 1912, by widow Sarah 1914, #16047.
25. Pension file: Joseph Burlingame (minors of). Civil War. Cert. No. 70542. Includes multiple filings by Benjamin and Cyrus Rosencrantz on behalf of minor children Edith, George, Catharine and Sarah Martha. Rec’d from NARA 11/4/1999.
26. Pension File: Joseph Stampfli (Civil War Veteran). Includes application for pension, family questions filled out by Joseph and death notice. Copies rec’d from NARA 2/28/01.
27. Pension file: Silas Crane (Revolutionary War Widow). Pension File (National Archives W3782) for widow Zipporah. Abstract in Woodmansee materials received from Robert Fetters 8/1/96.
28. Pension File: David Peek (Revolutionary War). Contains Company muster rolls and payroll records showing his service; declaration from wife Jane in 1847; declaration from son Robert in 1852. Copies from Ivle Peek Stroud 6/99.
29. Pension File: John Quigley (Civil War Veteran/widow). Includes application for pension extension, marriage certificate, death notice, affadavits from wife, daughter, neighbors, etc. Copies rec’d from NARA 12/1996.
30. Pension File: James Broadley (Civil War/Veteran). Includes multiple applications. Copy rec’d by JPM from National Archives 1995.
31. Pension File: Robert Morrow (Revolutionary War). File for widow Elizabeth Shaw Morrow. Information passed on by Barbara Cavenaugh (via email 2/9/99) and Martin Morrow (via email 5/99).
32. 1900 U.S. Census - See event and notes for place/page.
33. 1880 Census - Approximate age and state of birth, See personal or parent notes for place,
[Compete TN census printed in book form]
34. 1870 Census - Approximate age and state of birth, See personal or parents’ notes for place.
35. 1860 Census - Approximate age and state of birth, See personal or parent notes for place.
Work also cited here:
36. 1850 Census - Approximate age and state of birth, See personal or parent notes for place.
There are apparent errors in some stones (if transcribed accurately). The ages seem more reliable than the actual dates.
37. Estimate based on early census 1790-1840.
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Copied from an old quarto that no longer exists.
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Middletown, CT Vital Records. Barbour Collection, CT State Library, 1923 (NEHGS)
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1850 TN Census Index (Mesa FHC) now 33
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87. Marriage announcement for Bingham/Broadley wedding. Copy in possession of JP Morrow.
88. Obituary: Hannah Jackson Burnham, Gallatin North Missourian, Friday, May 11, 1906.
[Transcription from Karen Rocher/Pat Simpson research]
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90. The David Woodmansee Family Bible, printed in Philadelphia, 1818. Information was printed by the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society and bible was in possession of Sarah Dodds in 1980. Dates listed in Woodmansee material received from Robert Fetters 8/1/96.
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Relayed by Dave Davisson of Columbus, OH to Robert Fetters. Cited as source in Woodmansee materials received 8/1/96.
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Transcribed by Robert Fetters, relayed with FGS’s 8/1/97.
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File: MiskellyNote.jpg
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