The following people were presumably born in the States/Colonies, but their origin is unknown. If you have any ideas, please help. For more information on these people, please find them in the index here.

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New England

NameApprox. Bir./DeathNotes
Baker, Tryal~1690-1776
Canterbury, CT
m. m. Elizabeth Tibbetts
Burnham, John~1778-1852
Bristol, ME
m. Elizabeth Huston, Par-John/Abigail?
Case, John~1659-1706
Tisbury, MA
m. Desire Manter
Huston, Eliza~1793-1845+
b. Maine
m. John Burnham
Nicholson, Mary/Martha1716-1782
Woodstock, CT
m. 1738 Ebenezer Marcy
Yelling, Mary~1635-1684+Wife of William Biggs

Southern born

NameApprox. Bir./DeathNotes
Adams, Elizabeth1811-1887
b. KY, m. 1849 MO
m. Isaac O'Dell, Andrew Welker. Dau of Richard or Robert?
Baker, Sarah1844-1899
b. TN, d. KY
m. James Adams, Elkton, KY
Dunn, Minerva1846-1930+
b. VA, d. CA
Lane, Cerena1823-1862
b. NC, d. TN
m. James Peek, Putnam Co, TN
Lawrence, Henry~1730-1768
m. Elizabeth Standley, d. Louisa Co, VA
Lee, Robertd. 1766
Anson Co, NC
Young son Richard in will
Lowry, Samuel~1780-~1823
d. Todd Co, KY
m. 1802 Susannah Gallaher? Rowan Co, NC
McDaniel, John~1730-1809+
d. Moore Co, NC
m. 1820 Monroe Co, (W)Va Jane Harper, d. IN
McGee, William1797-1850
b. Kentucky
Parents Johannes/Magdalena?
Milligan, Juliusb. ~1770
m. Mary Starnes, d. TN
Peek, David~1756-1809
b. VA, d. TN
m. Jane Martin 1779 Henry Co, VA
Shaw, Elizabeth~1760-1848
d. Warren Co, TN
m. Robert Morrow


NameApprox. Bir./DeathNotes
Burlingame, Joseph1820-1863
b. Moriah, NY
probably found with your help
Davis, Sarah Ann1810-1896
b. MD? d. IN
m. Thomas Smith Daviess Co, IN
Graves, Susanna1790-1860+
m. James Givens, Wallace McAfee
Head, Sally~1817-1850s
b. NY
m. John Bingham, Cortland Co, NY
Jarrett, John~1695-1755
d. Lehigh Co, PA
appeared in PA 1735, will in German
Kirlin, Margaret1811-1865
m. Samuel Jarrett
Lynch, Thomas~1749-1842
St. Mary's, MD
m. Elizabeth Watts?
McAfee, Wallace William~1790-1860+
m. 1821 Lillard Co, MO Susanna Graves
Myers, Christopher~1800-1850s
b. PA
m. Catherine, in Daviess Co, MO in 1850
Quigley, John1841-1920
b. Ohio
m. 1886 Sarah Burlingame, SD
Rosencrantz, Jeremiah~1758-1828
Northampton Co, PA
Parents Johannes/Magdalena?
Smith, Phoebe Elizabeth~1797-?
m. OH d. IA
m. Jonathan Watson 1818 Clermont Co, OH
Watts, Elizabeth1755-1830
St. Mary's, MD
Parents Kenelm Boult Watts/Rebecca Chilton?
Wedding, John~1706-1722
Charles Co, MD
m. Elizabeth Clubb
Welker, Abraham~1765-1819
b. PA, d. Knox Co, OH
m. Hannah
Wheeler, Jason1765-1843
New York
m. Patience

Mystery Wives

NameApprox. Bir.Notes
Sarah, wife of John Biggsb. abt 1678of Middletown
Phebe, wife of Samuel Colvinb. abt 1690of Rhode Island
Thankful, wife of Joseph Conantb. abt 1715Found with your help!
Elizabeth, wife of John Spencerb. abt 1700m. 1722 Haddam, CT
Mary, wife of John Haywoodb. abt 1728d. 1809 Manahawkin, NJ
Minerva, wife of Joseph Morrowb. abt 1795of Warren Co, TN
Abigail, wife of John Nilesb. abt 1645John d. 1687 New Shoreham, RI
Martha, wife of Bernard Edwardsb. abt 1788m. ~1808 Virginia
Abigail, wife of Jeremiah Smithb. abt 1650d. 1720 Swansea
Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Tibbettsb. abt 1670d. 1734+ Canterbury, CT
Rhoda, wife of Silas Wheelerb. abt 1795child 1827 Clermont Co, OH