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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing names




by John Merz

page 70 - 71 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005




Mellor, Johann Exhart, baker, D2-N.Y., S#25 PA-Oaths,12/1779

Melsch/Melsah, James, see Metsch, Johann, H.of U.C., p178.

Mencke/Meneky/Menekai/Meisuke, John/Jean, see Meinecke. 

Mendel, Valentin, no info., Florence L. Kettering, JSHA 1997 

Menius, Friedrich, K-19, Menius, Joe, JSHA 1997. 

MENSKE, Johann, (Old UEL), Hessians of Upper Canada, p.177. 

Merbot, Johannes, HHE, Marbut, Jason, JSHA 1997. 

MERCKEL, Heinrich, B-9, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.198. 

MERCKEL, Johann, B-?, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C.p178 

Mercker, Johannes, HHE., Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Merckle, John, see Merckel, Johann, Hessians of U.C., p.178.

Merkley/Mercle, Henry, see Merckel, Heinrich. 

Metch/Metcher/Metz, Jacob, see Metsch, Johann. 

METSCH, Johann, B-9, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C.,p178 

METZLER, Peter, HAR, see Hessians of Upper Canada, p.81. 

Meyder, Henrich, HHE, S#100, D2-Sep1782Virginia, (Miter?) 

Meyer, Adam, no info., Helen K. Dumble, JSHA 1997. 

MEYER, Christian, B-6, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.208, 

Meyer, Christian, K-19, S#133, D2-3/1782 Savannah, to PA. 

Meyer, Franz, K-2, Donald Moyer, JSHA 1997. 

Meyer, Hermann, K-10, S#133, D2-9/1782 Charleston, to PA. 

Meyer, Isaac, no info., Carl L. Whitner, JSHA 1997. 

Meyer, Jakob, no info., David M.Welsh, JSHA 1997. 

MEYER, Johann Georg, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.105-06 

MEYER, Johann Jacob, Oberurff D3581, Hessians of N.S. 

Meyer, Johann Ludwig, no info., Gary Oiler, JSHA 1997. 

Meyer, Johann, A-B, S#19, D2-15/10/81, S#25 PA-Oaths-12/2/82 

Meyer, John, no info., V.Christopher, Ken Dean, JSHA 1997. 

Meyer, Martin, K-22, S#134, D2-Apr1783LongIsland, S#400. 

Meyer, Martin, K-22, Sylvia Higgins, JSHA 1997. 

Meyer, Wilhelm Nicolaus, B-6, S#18 D2-Que1783, (Maher)

Meyer/Meyers/Myers, George, see Meyer, Johann Georg. 

Meyer/Myer, Christoph, see Meyer, Christian, H.of U.C.,p.208

Meyerhoeffer, Michael, no info., C.Schildknecht, JSHA 1997. 

Meyerhoeffer, Peter, no info., C.Schildknecht, JSHA 1997. 

Meyerhofer, Peter, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S# 147. 

Meykrantz, Henrich, K-3, S#132, S#400 (Mygrant/Maikrantz) 

MEYRER, Johann Bernhard, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Mezger, Markus, A-B, Bessie A.Blair, R.Metzger, JSHA 1997. 

Michael, Jacob, K-10, M.A.Schwalm, JSHA 1997. 

Michael/Michel, Godlipp/Cutlip, see Moegel, Gottlieb. 

Michel, Emanuel, K-4, Lynn H. Smith, JSHA 1997. 

Michel, Johann, A-B, S#19, S#8v4/2p45, S#187, Yorktown POW. 

Michel, Johann, see Mitchell, J., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Middlehauser, Friedrich, see Mittelhauser,S#25PA-Oath-9/8/82 

Mikel, Gottlob/Godlove, see Moegel, Gottlieb, H.of U.C.,p208 

Mildner, Johannes, K-9, see Milton, John, H.of U.C., p.208. 

Miller, Casper, weaver, D2-Virginia1781, S#25 PA-Oaths,8/82. 

Miller, Henry, Hessian?, settled Lebanon Co.,Penns. S#400. 

Miller, Henry, S#25 PA-Oaths 17/2/1782 = several choices. 

Miller, John, (Weaver) S#25 D2-1778N.J., PA-Oaths-30/11/1782 

Miller, John, S#25 labourer, D2-1778Philad. PA-Oaths 14/8/82 

Miller, Peter, see Mueller, Peter, M*1786Reading, S#8v3/3p97

Miller/Meller/Millon, see Mueller, 

Mills, John, (Ts.#5 Ontario-Brit.Rgt.), H.of U.C., p.188. 

MILTON, John, K-9, see Hessians of Upper Canada, p.208.

Minaker/Minnaker/Minnicke, see Meinecke, H.of U.C., p.173-76 

MINONNO, Johann Michael, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Mintz, ? K-11, S#131, S#400, (perhaps Wilhelm?)

MITCHELL, J., Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Mittelhauser, Andreas, K-22, S#134, D2-11/1779, S#25PA-Oaths

Mockett/Mock, Andrew, see Maagd (Macht), Andreas, S#147.

MOEGEL, Gottlieb, B-6, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.172,208.

MOELLER, Andreas, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.179.




MOELLER, Henrich, K-10, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.198. 

Moeller, Samuel, K-10, (Prenzlau) see Moeller, Heinrich.

Moenecke/Monnecke, Friedr., see Meinecke, Friedrich.

MOLITHOR, Christian Theodor Sigismund von, Hessians of N.S. 

MOLITHOR, Stephan von, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Monekay/Monnecke, John, see Meinecke, Johann, H.of U.C.,p176 

Moore, Peter E. see Engelmohr, Peter.

Moore, Philip, Buckingham County, VA, S#400 see Mahr, Philip 

Moote, John, see Muth, Johann Anton, Hessians of U.C.,p79,82 

Mortorff, ....? see Mardorf, S#400.

Moser, Lorenz, K-10, S#133, D2-7/1782 Quarter House, to PA. 

MOST, John, (53.Rgt.?), Hessians of Upper Canada, p.208.

Mouch/Mouck, Gaspard, see Mauck, Caspar, H.of U.C., p.I57.

Mound, Henry, (Butler's Rangers?) no info. H.of U.C., p.74. 

Much, Theophile, HAJ recruit, see Mauck, Gottlieb.

Muehlhan, Johann, B-1, L.Dunham, D.Lazar, JSHA 1997.

Mueller, Andreas, B-?, S#18, D2-1782 Penobscot/Maine. 

Mueller, Christian, K-11, S#131, D2-Nov1783 New York. 

Mueller, Christian, K-2, S#133, b.1750/51, D2-May1783 N.Y. 

Mueller, Christian, K-6, S#132, b.1744/45, Trenton POW 1776. 

Mueller, Christian, no info., B.Diggs, M.Garwood, JSHA 1997. 

Mueller, Christoph, K-22, S#134, D2-9/1781Virg.S#25 PA-Oaths 

Mueller, Friedrich, B-?, S#18, M*1787 Reading, PA.,TrinLuth. 

Mueller, Georg, no info., Wm.Vinehout, JSHA 1997.

MUELLER, Georg, Sterbfritz D6492, K-22, Hessians of N.S.

Mueller, Heinrich(Bromberg/Saxony) B-?,S#18,D2-1782Penobscot 

MUELLER, Heinrich, Herges X6081, K-I7, Hessians of N.S.

Mueller, J.Heinrich, no info., James Miller Jr., JSHA 1997.

Mueller, Joh.Henrich, K-4, S#132, D2-3/1782 Savannah, to PA. 

Mueller, Johann Jakob, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

MUELLER, Johann Peter, Oberurff D3581, Waldeck, H.of N.S. 

Mueller, Johann Philipp, K-23, Fredr.S.Weiser, JSHA 1997. 

MUELLER, Johann, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C.,p.74,180 

Mueller, Johannes, K-10 S#133, POWTrenton, S#25 PA-Oaths79?

Mueller, Johannes, WAL, S#135,141,D2-8/1778 S#25 PA-OathI779 

Mueller, Kaspar, A-B, S#19, D2-6/1783, perhaps Miller Caspar 

Mueller, Klaus Henrich, K-7, S#133, POW-1779Ship-Mo11y,S#25? 

MUELLER, Konrad, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.198.

Mueller, Otto, K-10, S#133?, D2-1782 Quarter House, to PA.

Mueller, Peter, B-?, S#18, M*1786 Reading, PA., TrinityLuth.

Mueller, Peter, HHE, D2-10/1777 

Mueller, Philipp, K-17, D2-Jul1783, S#134, NSG VOl.XVI/1.

Mueller, Philipp, K-23, S#133, D2-Aug1778RhodeIsland,S#8v5/1 

Mueller, Phillip, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Dec1778 Lancaster,Penns. 

MUELLER, Ulrich, B-?, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.209.

Mueller,Wilhelm,HHE,(Rodheim),S#100,17, D2-31Dec1778York 

Mueller/Moeller, Heinrich - S#25, there are many in Hetrina. 

Muench, Balthasar, K-13, Nancy Singleton, JSHA 1997.

Muetze, Joh.Jost, K-16, Gg.Meetze, H.W.Meetze, JSHA 1997.

Muetze, Jost, K-16, S#131, D2-7/1782 Quarter House, to PA.

Muller, Christian, gardener, S#25 PA-Oaths,9/8/82 

Mueller,Ch Muller, George, see Mueller, Georg, Hessians of N.S.

Muller, Henry, see Mueller, Heinrich, Hessians of N.S.

Muster, Johannes K-18 S#131, D2-1779StatenIsl. S#25 PA-Oaths Myer,

Leonard,? HAR,(Montreal),Hessians of Upper Canada,154

Myerhafer/Myehaver/Morhefer, Peter, see Meyerhofer, S#147.

Myerhoeffer/Myerheffer, Peter, see Meyerhofer, Peter, S#147.

Myncher/Mynecher/Myncker/Mynecker, see Meinecke.

Myra, John B., see Meyrer, Johann Bernhard, Hessians of N.S. 

MYRRH, Jahn Jacob, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Myrah, Jahn Jacob, see Meyer, Johann Jacob, H.of N.S. 

Nack, Caspar, HAJ, see Mauck, Caspar.

Nantz, Heinrich, (Butler's Rangers?) Hessians of U.C., p.74. 

Nasholt,John, no info., Frank Andrew, JSHA 1997.

Naumann, Johannes, K4, S#132, D2-11/1782 Charleston/Camden








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