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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing names




by John Merz

page 76 - 77 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005




Ruhl, Friedrich, K-22, E.B.Klyng, JSHA 1997.

Ruhn, John, see Kuhn, Johannes, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Ruhn, John, see Rion, Johann, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Rummel, Johann Georg, A-B, S#19, D2-8/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths,82

Rundleman, John, Rope maker, D2-1777, S#25 PA-Oaths 14/8/82

Rupard/Rupart/Rupert, see Ruppert.(enlisted w.Roger Clark)

Rupp, Georg, see Ropp, Georg Heinrich, Hessians of N.S.

Ruppel, Konrad, HHE, Leona Betteridge, JSHA 1997.

Ruppert, Georg Ludwig, WAL, S#135, S#8v3/4p15, Kaskasia,Ill.

Ryer, Conrad, see Reyer, Konrad Henrich, Hessians of N.S.

Saenger, Joh.Heinrich, WAL, M.A.Schwalm, JSHA 1997.

Sager, J.C., see Seege, Christian, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Sager/Segar/Sagus, Henry, see Seeger, Henrich.

Sailer/Saylor, Frederick, see Seiler, Joh.Friedrich, S#147.

SALZMANN, Caspar Friedrich, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Salzmann, Friedr., A-B, buried 14/04/1782 FrederickCo,S#147

Salzmann, Johann Friedrich, K-2, Frederick Co.,Maryld. S#147

Sander, Johann, B-?, S#18, D2-1779Virginia, perhaps Sautter

Sanders/Saunders, Henry, (53.Rgt.?) see file Hoffmann, Ludw.

Sanker, Albert Joseph, no info., Vincent L.Leffler, JSHA1997

Sartorious, Wilhelm, no info., Charles Tieman, JSHA 1997.

Sate, Ulry, (miller), see Zeth, Ulrich, S#147, S#401.

Sauer, Bernhard KR, WAL, E.Simons, G.Sowers, JSHA 1997.,

Sauer, Bernhard, WAL, S#135,141, D2-Aprill777, S#400.

Sauer, Johannes, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Apr1779 AlbemarleCo,Virg.

Sauerwein, Peter, ? (Sowerwine) S#401 Shenandoah Valley, VA

SAUPE, Gottlieb, B-9, Hessians of Upper Canada, p146,184,187

Saust, Christian, B-?, Irene Fortier, JSHA 1997. S#400.

Saust, Christian, B-?, S#18, D1-1783Canada (Zauste/Zost)

Sautter, Johannes, D2-7/178lKingsbridge, S#25 PA-Oaths,8/82

Schabacker, Adam, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Schabacker, Adam, K-2, W.E.Main, JSHA 1997.

Schade, Georg, K-10, S#133, D2-Aug1781, S#400(perhaps Short)

SCHADE, Johannes, K-9, Solz D6441, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Schade/Schad, Julius, see Schadt, Julius, S#147,401,

Schadt, Julius, B-5, S#18, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Schaedel/Schoetel, Georg, HHE, S#100,17,187,S#8v4/2, York,PA

Schaefer, Friedrich Jakob, A-B, Frederick Co.,Maryland,S#147

SCHAEFFER, Dietmar, K-9, Wehren D3581, Hessians of N.S.

Schaeffer, Ditmars, see Schaeffer, Dietmar, Hessians of N.S.

SCHAEFFER, Johannes, K-17, Presberg D6221, Hessians of N.S.

Schaeffer, Johannes, K-19, S#133, D2-3/1782 Savannah, to PA.

SCHAEFFER, Kaspar, K-17, Brotterode X6083, Hessians of N.S.

SCHAEFFER, Michael, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.102,106

Schaeffer, over twenty of this name discharged in Canada.

Schaeffer/Schefer, Ernst, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Dec1778Lancaster

Schafer, Caspar, see Schaeffer, Kaspar, Hessians of N.S.

Schaffalitzky, Baron Ernst Friedr.von, HAJ.,B.R., H.of U.C.

Schaffel, George, see Schaedel/Schoetel, Georg.

Schaffer, John, see Schaeffer, Johannes, Hessians of N.S.

SCHANTZ, Johann Georg, K-17, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Scharmann, Nikolaus, K-12, S#131, Pennsylv., S#401,

Schatz, Kaspar, K-4, S#132, D2-9/1782 Charleston, to PA.

Schaub, Henrich, K-11, S#131, POW Oct.1777, S#400.

SCHAUB, Johann Martin, K-22, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.83.

Schaub, Johannes, K-4,.Eva Hopkins, JSHA 1997.

SCHAUM, Johannes, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.200.

SCHAWACK, Peter, HAJ. Hessians of Upper Canada, p.200.

Schawacker/Shouhoker, Adam, see Schabacker, Adam, S#147.

Scheel, Friedrich, B-?, S#18, D1-1783Penobscot/Maine.

Schefer, Konrad, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Scheffer, Johann Georg, K-10, Nellie S. Flora, JSHA 1997.

Scheffre/Shaver, Michael, see Schaeffer, Michael.

Schelhase, Martin, K-12, R.Schellhase, G.Schellhouse, JSHA1997



Schellhase, Bernhard, K-2, Marillynn Halstead, JSHA 1997.

Schellhase, Johannes, K-19, G.A.Shellhouse, JSHA 1997

Schellhase, Johannes, K-19, S#133, D2-4/1782 Savannah, to PA

Schellhase, Peter, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Schemer, Johannes, see Skinner, John, Hessians of N.S.

Schenck, Henrich, see Schenk, Henrich, Hessians of N.S.

SCHENK, Henrich, K-9, Ellingshausen D3589, Hessians of N.S.

Schenk, Johannes, HHE, S#100, POW 1783 USA, S#400.

Scherbahn, Conrad, S#8v4/2p51, #187, Sherbaum, Hessian?

Scherer, Heinrich, K-2, S#133, D2-7/1778, S#8v4/lpl.

Scherrer, Balthasar, K-4, S#132, D2-10/1782Charleston/Camden

Scheuber, Justus H., K-19 S#133, D1-May1783 USA, S#401.

SCHEUERLEIN, Leonhard, HAR, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.200.

Schieler, Johann, see Schueler, Johann, D2-1777 Fort Ann, NY

Schieller/Shilar/Sheler/Shela, see Schueler, Johannes.

Schild, Matthias, K-8, Barbara Kollhoff, JSHA 1997. S#400.

Schild, Matthias, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147,190.

Schiller, Benjamin, B-5, Robert P. Schiller, JSHA 1997.

Schiller, Joseph/John, see Schueler, Johannes, H.of U.C..

Schilling, Carl Christian, B-?, S#18, D2-1782Penobscot/Maine

SCHILLING, John W., Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Schilling, Ludwig, no info., Elizabeth Moore, JSHA 1997.

Schilling, Nikolaus, K-13, S#131, died July1777America,S#401

Schilsteel/Schelsted, George, see Sichelstiel, Georg.

Schimmel, Johann Georg, WAL5, S#135,141,401, D2-3/1782PA-USA

Schindler, Johann Adam, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Schindler, Johannes, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

SCHIPPER, Andreas, A-B, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.200.

Schlagbaum, Frant, see Schlarbaum, Franz, Hessians of N.S.

SCHLAGMILCH, Henrich, K-7, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.89,95

Schlarbaum, Andreas, K-2, L.G.Miles,J.Stayer,JSHA 1997,S#187

SCHLARBAUM, Franz, K-2, Reichensachsen D3444, H.of N.S.

SCHLAUCH, Georg, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.96.

SCHLAUDERBECK, Michael, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of N.S.

Schleezer Martin, Brit.Regt., F.L.Sleezer, E.Lucas, JSHA1997

Schlegel, Adam, HFK, S#100, D2-Oct1783New York, (Slagel?)

SCHLOSSENBURG, Henrich, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C.

Schlotmann, Ernst Alex, K-4, Mark Major, JSHA 1997.

Schlottmann, Ernst, K-4, S#132, D2-6/1779, S#25 PA-Oaths,83.

Schluecker, Georg, B-?, S#18,D2-1778NewHanover,S#187.S#8v4/2

SCHLUETER, Andreas, B-9, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.184.

Schlussenburch/Schlussenburgh, see Schlossenburg.

Schmeiss, Johannes, K-7, Everett E.Brink, JSHA 1997.

Schmeiss, Johannes, K-7, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Schmeltz, Andreas, K-7, D.O.Schmeltz, R.Fisher, JSHA 1997,

Schmeltz, Johann Adam, K-7, M.A.Schwalm, JSHA 1997,

Schmeltz, Johannes, K-7, M.A.Schwalm, JSHA 1997.

Schmidt, Andreas, B-?, S#18, S#8v3/3p97, M*1786BerksCo.PA

SCHMIDT, Christian Wilhelm, K-15, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

SCHMIDT, Frederick, K-8, (Schenklengsfeld), H.of U.C., p.83.

Schmidt, Friedrich, B-5, D2-12/1777Winterhill, S#25 PA-Oaths

Schmidt, Friedrich, no info., L.Taylor, JSHA 1997

SCHMIDT, Heinrich, B-9, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.185.

Schmidt, Heinrich, B-? S#18, D2-1778Winterhill, S#55p278.

SCHMIDT, Heinrich, K-17, Cappel D3554, Hessians of N.S.

Schmidt, Heinrich, no info., Jack Smith, O.N.Smith, JSHA1997

SCHMIDT, J.C., Chaplain, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

SCHMIDT, Jeremias, K-22, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.201.

SCHMIDT, Johann David, K-17, Weisenhasel D6441, H.of N.S.

Schmidt, Johann, no info., Dennis Smith, JSHA 1997.

Schmidt, Johannes, D2-1778,M*Springfield/Phi1.Co,S#25PA-Oath

Schmidt, Johannes, K-19, S#133, D2-2/1782 Savannah, to PA.

Schmidt, Kaspar, K-22, S#134, D2-6/1779, S#25 PA-Oaths,12/82

Schmidt, Valentin, K-22, S#134, D2-6/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths8/82








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