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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America" listing.



by John Merz

page 44 & 45 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005







Abbesti, John C., see Alberti, Johann Christoph, H.of N.S.

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Adam, Henrich, K‑2, Frederick County, Maryland, S#147.

Adam, Johann Georg, A‑B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Adler, Franz, K‑19, S#133, D2‑3/1782 Savannah, to PA.

Ahrend, Johann, S#18, D2 Penobscot/Maine, 03/03/1783.

Airhott, Johan Michael, S#25, see Erhardt, Michael, A‑B.

Akenberger, Jacob ?? perhaps Achenbach/Eichenberg, S#400

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Apt, see Abt, Johann Georg. Hessian of Nova Scotia.

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Arad, Daniel, A‑B, S#19, S#57 (Shenandoah Valley)

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Artzmann, see Astmann, Georg Jacob. Hessian of Nova Scotia

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Asherman/Ashmond, Henry, see Aschermann, Henrich, S#147.

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Becker, Georg, see Baker, George. Hessian of Nova Scotia








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