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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing names




by John Merz

page 82 - 83 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005




STAUCKE, Christian, K-22, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

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Stephnon, George, see Stephan, Georg, S#25 PA-Oaths 17/8/82. 

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STERNER, Henrich, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

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STORCH, Lukas, K-17, Schmalkalden X6080, Hessians of N.S. 

Stork, Luke, see Storch, Lucas, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Stoughmill, Henry, see Schlagmilch, Henrich. 

Stoup, Vandel, see Staub, Wendel, S#25 PA-Oaths, 13/8/1782. 

Strafsman, Henry, see Strassmann, Henry, Hessians of N.S.

Straleman/Strailman, Henry, see Stroehlmann, Heinr., S#147. 

STRASSMANN, Henry, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

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Strayline/Strahlein, see Stroehlein, A-B. 

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Strickstroh, Johann Adam, A-B, Frederick Co., MD., S#147.

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Strimble, Henry, see Strempel, Johann Heinrich, H.of N.S. 

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STRUVE, Johann Carl, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Study,Christian/Christopher, S#400, see Stade, Christian. 

STUEBING, Johann Georg, K-17, Solms D6431, Hessians of N.S.



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Suchenfort, ...? K-20, S#134, no info., S#400 (Suchfort) 

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Swaggart, Peter, see Schweigert, Johann Peter. S#400.

Swank/Swand/Schwaend, see Schwend, S#147. 

Swansburg, see Schweinsberger, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Swartfager/Swartfeger, Frederick, see Schwertfeger, Friedr. 

Swartz, Frederick, see Schwarze, Friedrich. 

Tacke, Anton (Dockey), B-5, D2-1782, Fred Cardene, JSHA 1997 

Tacke, Johann, B-1, S#18, D2-Oct1777Saratoga, S#401 (Dockey) 

Tallett, John, no info., Carol Moore, Mrs.Tallett, JSHA 1997 

Tarr, Peter, no info., Francis De Tarr, JSHA 1997. 

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Teetzel, John Solomon, see Dietzell, Johann, H.of U.C. p.79. 

Teigh, Charles, ??, D2-1779, S#25 PA-Oaths 31/7/1780 M*1780 

Teimeling, Ernst Friedr., K-22, S#134,D2-1779, S#25,PA-Oaths 

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Thalhelm, Henrich, see Dahlhelm, Henrich, S#147. 

THEILE, Johannes, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Theobald, Ernst Philipp, HHE, Dorothe Chase, JSHA 1997. 

Theobald, Ernst Philipp,(Chaplain) HHE, S#100,17, D2-Nov1779 

Thiel, Konrad, K-7, S#133, Trenton POW, S#401. (Deal/Diel) 

Thiele, Johannes, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Thielmann, Christian, K-22, S#134, D2-6/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths 

Thimpler, Christopher, see Templer, Christoph.

Thomas, Christian, no information 

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Thorer, Gottlieb, K-10, S#133, D2-7/1782 QuarterHouse, to PA 

Thormann, Andreas, B-3, S#18, D2-RockinghamCo., S#8v2/4p65 

Tice, George, see Dyce/Deis, Georg. H.of U.C. 

Tilman, Christopher, see Thielemann, Chr.S#25 PA-Oathl2/8/82 

Tip, William, see Tippe, Wilhelm, H.of U.C., p.68,69. 

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Tissius, Friedrich, 4th.Regt., S#8v3/2, Decius, JSHA 1997. 

TOBIAS, Christian, Surgeon, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Tochtermann, Johannes, K-8, S#132, POW1781Yorktown, S#400. 

TOELLE, Johann, B-?, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.203. 

Tolhelm/Tallhill, Henry, see Dahlhelm, Henrich, S#147. 

Towbridge/Tobridge, John, see Doberitsch, Johannes, S#147. 

Towhey/Tuhy, John, see Toelle, Johann. 

Traeger, Jacob, K-5, S#132, D2-6/1778, S#8vol.1994p19 

Tremper, Henry, see Trimper, John Henry, Hessians of N.S. 

Trenner, Henry, K-?, POW at Trenton & Winchester, S#400,401, 

Tride/Tude, Heinrich, see Tude, Henry, Hessians of N.S. 

Trimmer, Michael, see Truemper, Michael, H.of U.C., p.203. 

TRIMPER, John Henry, K-9, Bebra D6440, Hessians of N.S. 

Troemper, Henrich, see Trimper, John Henry, Hessians of N.S. 

TROST, Friedrich, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Trostmueller, Friedrich, HHE, S#100,17,D2-24Dec1778Lancaster 

Troust, Friedrich, see Trost, Friedrich, Hessians of N.S. 

TRUEMPER,Michael, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.203. 

Tuchscheer, Georg, WAL,Valerite Howland, JSHA 1997. 

TUCHSCHEER, Georg, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Tuchscherer, George, see Tuchscheer, Georg, Hessians of N.S.








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