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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing names




by John Merz

page 54 -55 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005




Feaga/Fegie/Fiega/Faga, Philip, see Fiege, Philipp, S#147.

Feagler/Fagler/Fageler, Henry, see Voegeler, Henrich, S#147. 

Fehling,Henrich K-8, & Fuelling, H.Henr.perhaps same man? 

Fehling, Henrich, K-8,Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Fehling, Joh.Henr., see Fuelling, Hans Henrich, S#147. 

Fehrenschild, Johann, B-9, L.G.Miles, J.Stayer, JSHA 1997. 

Fehrenschild, Johann, B-?, S#18, at York, PA., S#187. 

Felker,Jacob, see Voelcker, Jacob, S#147. 

Fenner, Nikolaus, K-7, S#133, Trenton-POW?, S#400, 

Fernau, Johannes, K-2, Rowland S. Wilson, JSHA 1997. 

Fernau,Johannes, K-2, S#133, S#400, D2-May1783. 

Ferst, Johann Adam, WAL,S#135,141, D2-1783 Elizabethtown,NJ 

Fiant, Martin, K-10, Pauline Bapp,Theresa Roth, JSHA 1997. 

Fick, Johann, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland,S#147. 

Fiedt/Feete/Feat/Feate, John Henry, see Henrich Vith, S#147.

Fiege, Johann Philip, K-12, John A. Baden, JSHA 1997 

Fiege, Philipp, K-12, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Fierer, Charles, see Fuehrer, KarlFriedrich, S#133 

Filling/Filing, Henry, see Fuelling, Hans Henrich,S#147. 

Finck, Johannes, K-7, Leroy Huntindon, JSHA 1997. 

Fines/Vinus,Henrich, K-10, S#133, D2-6/1779, S#8v2/4p19 

Fingado, see Vincato, Samuel,K-12, S#131, S#400. 

Fischer, Adam, WAL, S#135,141, D1-Ju1y1783 Flatbush,N.Y. 

FISCHER, Francis, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Fischer, Franz Thomas,see Fisher, Francis, Hessians of N.S. 

Fischer, Georg, no info., Dawn W.Chamberlin, JSHA 1997. 

FISCHER, Johann Christoph, Hessians of NovaScotia. 

Fischer, Johannes, K-8, S#132, D2-1781, S#25 PA-Oaths-4/1784

FISCHER, John, B-? (Petition Niagara 1797) H.of U.C. p.80. 

Fischer,Wilhelm, K-7, Beryl Barrett', PEI., JSHA 1997. 

Fisel, Johann Martin, see Fausel, John, Hessians of N.S. 

Fisher, George, (Butler's R.?), Hessians of U.C., p.74,111. 

Fisher, John, see Fischer, John, H.of U.C., p.80.

FISHER, Philip, Hessians of Nova Scotia, 

Fitzer, Michael, see Pfitzer,Michael, Hessians of N.S. 

FLACH, Johannes, K-5, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Flamme, Johannes Henrich, WAL, S#135,141, D2-1783 N.Y. 

Flamme, Matthias,WAL, S#135,141, Cumberland Co., Penns. 

Fleck, Lebrecht, K-10, Ruth M.Ford, JSHA 1997. 

Fleeger, see Pflueger, Christian K-11. S#401 

Fleischhut,Wilhelm, WAL, S#135,141, D1-Nov.1776 N.Y. 

Fleischmann, Josef, K-10,S#133, POW USA, S#400. 

Flicke, Georg, B-?, R.Heltman, A.M.Peck,Klinefelter, JSHA. 

Floak, Justice, see Flocke, Justus S#25. 

Flocke,Justus, K-1, S#133, D2-5/1783, S#25 PA-Oaths-5/1783 

Fogeler/Fogler/Foley,Henry, see Vogeler, Henrich, S#147. 

Forbach/Furback/Vorbach, see Vorbach,Johann, HAR, S#100,17. 

Forbach/Vorbach, Johannes, HAR, S#100,17, S#400,(Fahrbach) 

Forreigner/Forigner, John, (not researched) H.of U.C.,p.167.

Fraas, Johann Georg, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Fraas, Johann Georg, A-B, John Fross, JSHA 1997. 

Frada/Frawdy/Fraday/Frayday/Fraade,see Carl Simon Wrede. 

Frady, Charles, see Wrede, Carl Simon, Brunswick soldier. 

Fralick/Fraley/Frailey, Henry, see Froehlich, Henrich, S#147

Francke, Christian, WAL, S#135,141, D2-1783 Flatbush, N.Y. 

Franses,Peter, see Frantzen, Peter, S#25. 

Frantzen, Peter, K-1, S#133, D2-5/1782,S#25 PA-Oaths-8/1782 

FREDERICK, Adam, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Free,Frederick S#400 see Fruehe,Friedrich, A-B. 

Free/Frie, George, see Fruehe, Johann Georg, A-B, S#147. 

Freimeyer, Wilhelm, no info., Agnes Lehenbauer, JSHA 1997. 

FREITAG, Caspar Heinrich, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Freke/Friche/Fride, Eberhard, see FRICKE, Eberhardt. 

FRICKE, Eberhardt, B-2, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.155,161.




Fricke, Joh.Heinrich, B-?, S#18, D2-1783Penobscot/Maine. 

Friday, Henry,see Freitag Caspar Heinrich, H.of N.S. 

Friderici, Carl Friedrich Salomo,HAJ,(Stone Arabia)H.of U.C. 

Friedebach, Joh.Michael, A-B, S#19, D2-9/1782, S#25 PA-Oaths 

Friedrich, Johannes, K-6, Frederick Co., Maryland,S#147. 

Friesland, Joh.Georg Daniel, K-19, George O.Warren, JSHA1997

Friesland, Johann Georg, K-10, S#133, D2-4/1782 Savannah. 

Frischmann,Johann Heinrich, D2-1778, S#25 PA-Oaths-8/1782 

Fritenheiler, Adam, D2-9/1781,S#25 PA-Oaths 29/8/1782(baker) 

Froehlich, Heinrich, K-2,S#133,147,S#8v3/1,Frederick Co,Md. 

Froelich, Heinrich, K-2, William S.Cramer, JSHA 1997. 

Froelich, Henrich, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland,S#147. 

Frost/Frass, George, see Fraas, Johann Georg, S#147. 

Fruehberger,Georg, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Fruehe, Friedrich, A-B,S#19,33, D2-Jun1783, S#400 (Free) 

Fruehe, Johann Georg, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Fryberger/Friberger/Friberry, George, see Fruehberger, S#147 

Fuchs, Frederick, Hessian, no record, S#57p88,Woodstock,Va 

Fuehrer, Karl Friedrich, K-7, S#133,S#57p88, S#8v3/3,D2-1778 

Fuehrer, Lt. Karl F., K-7, K.S.Jones, JSHA 1997, 

Fuelling, Hans Henrich, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Funck, Adam, HAJ, N.L.Cobb,JSHA 1997, 

Funck, Johann Georg, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Sep1778 Northwelsh.

Funck, Johann Peter, HAR, S#100,17,305, D2-Aug1778. 

FUNK, John, K-19,Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Gabel, ?, no info, S#400,Gavelton/Gabelton (Gavel)

Gabel, Georg, K-6, S#132, on Muster 6/1783, not in S#29

Gabel, see also Goebel or Kabel (Gavel)

Gaertner, J.G.C., A-B, see S#3 (Doehla Diary)

Gaertner, Joh.Georg Christian, A-B, Frederick Co.Md,S#147

Gaertner, ...., no info., Harry Loper, JSHA 1997,

Gall/Goll, John, see Goll, Johann, S#147.

Gallmar, Benedict, see Balmer, Benedicht, Hessians of N.S.

Gammerdinger, Ludovick, see Commindinger, Ludowick, H.o.N.S.

GANS, Christoph, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.162.

Ganso/Janso, Georg, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Gants/Ganz, Christian/Christoph, see Gans, Christoph.

Gantzer, Joh.Georg, see Ganso/Janso?, Georg, S#147.

Ganzog/Gontzo, George, see Ganso/Janso, Georg, S#147.

Gardenau, Adam, A-B, S#19, D2-7/1780, S#25 PA-Oaths-5/1781.

Gareiss, Johann Georg, A-B, S#19, S#57, Shenandoah Valley.

Garmann, William, see Germann, Wilhelm, S#25 PA-06-08-1782.

Garrick/Gursht/Uright, Justice, see Gerecht, Justus, S#147.

GASSERT, Charles, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Gavere/Gawire/Geaver, Leonard, see Gehweyer, Leonhard, S#147

Gears/Leers/Leer/Ger, George, see Gier, Georg, S#147.

GEBBERS, Wilhelm, B-1, S#18, D2-Albany,N.Y. S#401.

Gedicke, George Henry, see Goedecke, Heinrich, H.of U.C.

Gehweyer, Leonhard, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Geise, Wilhelm, see Giese, Wilhelm, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Geisensieder, Johann Martin, A-B, Lorette Steichen, JSIIA1997

Geisensieder, Johann Martin, A-B, S#19, S#57, Shenandoah V.

Geissler, Johannes, see Giessler, Joh.Gottlieb S#25-12/8/82.

Geldmacher, Ludwig, no info., Dennis Lacefield, JSHA 1997.

Geoberg/Gerberg, William, see Gerbig, Wilhelm, H.of U.C.p162

GERBIL, Wilhelm, B-6, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.146,162-63

Gerbig/Girbig, Christian, see Gerbig, Wilhelm, H.of U.C.p163

Gerecht, Justus, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Gerecke, Johann, B-6, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

GERGER, Johannes, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

GERHARD, Georg Ernst, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.195.

Gerhardt, Philipp, HHE, Marc Girard, JSHA 1997.

Gericke/Yerrick/Jerky, John/Johannes, see Gerecke, J. S#147.

Gerlach, Georg, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147





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