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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing names




by John Merz

page 58 -59 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005




HAHNE, Friedrich, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hahne, Henrich, B-?, Bonnie Hammock, JSHA 1997.

Hailman, John Peter, see Heilmann, Johann Peter, H.of U.C.

Halberstadt, Anton, K-10, H.Fitzgerald, Fr.Lipp, JSHA 1997. 

Haldermann, Carl, B-?, S#18, D2-1779Virginia, S#401.

HALLER, Wilhelm, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Halterman, Charles, see Haldermann, Karl, B-?, S#401

Ham, Peter, see Hamm, Peter, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hamann, Conrad, HAR, (Langstadt), Hessians of U.C., p.81. 

Hamann, Conrad, HAR, Arthur Woodard, JSHA 1997,

Hamann, Johann Nikolaus, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada.

Hamerla/Himerla, John, see Hemmerle, Thaddeus, H.ofU.C.p.207 

HAMM, Peter, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hammer, Henrich, K-7, S#133, POW-Trenton, S#25 PA-Oaths-1782 

Hammer, ...., No info., Robert Hurt, JSHA 1997.see S#25,5#133 

Hance, John, no info., Dudley Dohner, JSHA 1997.

Handel, Johann, HAR, Dorothy Chase, JSHA 1997.

Handkammer, Philipp, K-10, S#133, D2-?/1782QuarterHouse,toPA 

Handorff, Fred., see Hendorf, Friedr.Christ., H.of N.S.

Hankel, Conrad, see Hinckel, Conrad, HFK, S#25 PA-Oaths-1782 

Hanne, Friedrich, see Hahne Friedrich, Hessians of N.S.

Hanne/Henn, see Hahne, Friedrich, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hansel/Hansler/Haun, see Hahn, Georg, Hessians of U.C.,p.94. 

Harbord, Friedrich, see Harboth, Frederick.

HARBOTH, Frederick, B-?, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.104. 

Hardt, Peter, no info., Dorothea Lazar, JSHA 1997.

HARKEMER, John, B-9, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.66.

Harkman/Hartmann, John, see Harkemer, John, H.of U.C., p.66. 

Harman, Conrad, no info., Ray Harman, JSHA 1997.

Harman, Henry, see Hermann, Henrich, Hessians of N.S., &U.C. 

Harman, Jacob, no info., Ray Harman, JSHA 1997.

Harstig, Friedrich, no info., Florence Reed, JSHA 1997.

Hart, Tiboras, see Hertz, Lieberius, Hessians of U.C.,p.74. 

Hartlan, John, see Hartlein, Leonhard, A-B, S#25 PA-Oaths

Hartlein, Leonhard, A-B, S#33, D2-9/1781, S#25 PA-Oaths-1782 

Hartman, ...., no info., Robert Hartman, JSHA 1997.

HARTMANN, Anton, WAL, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hartmann, Conrad, B-?, Meta Burke, G.Campell, JSHA 1997.

Hartmann, Friedrich, B-?, S#18, M*1785 Reading, PA., TrinLu. 

Hartmann, Friedrich, B-?, S#18, S#8v3/3p97, M*1785BerksCo.

Hartmann, Henrich, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Hartmann, Peter, HHE, S#100,17,308, D2-Aug1782, joined rebels 

Hartwig, Christian, B-1, L.G.Miles, J.Stayer, JSHA1997.

Hartwig, Johann Friedrich, K-9, S#132, S#8v4/2, D2-1783 N.Y. 

Hartz, Liborius, HAJ, S#100, see Hertz, Lieborius. S#400.

Hartz, Philipp Konrad, HAJ, S#100, S#400, Son Jacob born PA. 

Hasselbach, Henrich, K-10, Hasselbach, Cindy, JSHA 1997.

Hasselbacher, Peter, A-B, I.Davis, A.Freed, JSHA 1997.

Hasselbacher, Peter, A-B, S#19, S#400, settled in U.S.A. 

Hasselmann, Georg, K-1, A.S.Husselman, JSHA 1997.

Hassenpflug, Heinrich, K-7, S#133, TrentonPOW, S#400,

Hassenpflug, Johann Heinr., K-7, W.Hassenpflug Jr., JSHA1997 

Hassold, Wilhelm, B-?, S#18, M*1778 Stone Arabia, N.Y.

Hatstadt, Zacharias, K-22, J,Hatstat, D.H.Stone, JSHA 1997. 

Hatstaett, Georg Zacharias, K-22, S#134,7, S#8v.3/1.

Hattendorf, Henrich, K-6, S#132, S#8v4/2, TrentonPOW, S#lß7. 

Hatzenbeller, Franz, K-13, S#131, S#400,

Hauber, Malica?, no info., Linona van Andel, JSHA 1997.

Haubermann/Hauseman, Lodwick, see Hoffmann, Ludwig.

Haufman/Hoffman, Jacob, see Hoffmann, Jacob, H.of U.C.p.207. 

Haulman, Benjamin, no info., Donald Haulman, JSHA 1997.

Haumann/Hohmann, see Harmann, Henry, H.of U.C., p80.

Haussman, Heinrich, no info., Kathy Hawley, JSHA 1997. 

HAUSSNER/HAUSNER, Daniel, Hessians of Nova Scotia.




Haust, Heinrich, K-7, Fred Cardine, JSHA 1997.

Haveline, Mathew, see Haeberiein, Matthias, H.of U.C., p.206 

Hawn, Henry - perhaps Hahn, Heinrich. S#400

Hay, George, see Ey, Georg, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hay, Gottfred, see Hoeh, Gottfried, B-3, Hessians of U.C.165 

Hayn, Philip, HAJ, WM*Bormann/Montreal, Hessians of U.C.,I54 

Haynes, Godfrey, see Heinze, Gottfried, Hessians of U.C.,195 

Hays, Andrew, see Hess, Andreas, (Marysburgh), H.of U.C.,165 

Head, John, see Kopf, Johann, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Heckerunueller, Konrad, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Hecker, Johannes, K-16, Euginia Kissinger, JSHA 1997.

Heckerod, Justus Henrich, K-7, Frederick Co., Maryl., S#147. 

Heckerod, Justus Henrich, K-7, S#133, POW-Trenton, S#400

Heckert, Adam, no info., Charles W. Heckert, JSHA 1997.

Heckman, Johann Georg, no inf., Ph.Schappell, JSHA 1997.

Heckmann, Christoph, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Heckmann, Christopher, K-2, Dorothea Lazar, JSHA 1997.

Heckmann, Michael, HAR, Lauretta Steichen, JSHA 1997.

Heckrotte, see Heckerod, Justus Henrich, S#400.

Hefener, Johann Georg, see Heffner, John, Hessians of N.S. 

HEFFNER, John, K-17, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Heh/Hek/Hock/Hoe, Gottfried, see Hoeh, Gottfried.

Heidekamp, Johann (William?), B-?, S#18, M*1789 Reading, PA. 

Heidemann, Johannes Friedr., B-?, S#18 (Heilmann) JSHA 1997. 

Heil, John Georg, see Heyl, Georg, S#147.

HEILMANN, Johann Peter, HAJ., Hessians of Upper Canada, p163 

Heinemann, Georg, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

Heinemann, George, K-2, Carol Cozad, JSHA 1997.

Heinemann, Heinrich, B-?, S#18, D2-Philadelphia, S#25PAoaths 

HEINEMANN, Heinrich, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada,p146,164. 

Heinemann, Valentin,, K-16, S#131, D2-7/1782 QuarterHs.to PA

Heiner, Henrich, K-5, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

HEINICKE / HEINECKE, Johann Michael, Hessians of N.S.

Heinlein, ...., no info., Laura Palmer, JSHA 1997.

HEINLEIN, Andreas, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.67.

Heinmueller, Heinrich, K-7, J.Heinmiller, R.H.Petonke, JSHA. 

Heinrichs, Philipp, K-22, S#134, D2-5/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths/79 

Heintzmann, Wilhelm, no info., James Hincemon, JSHA 1997.

HEINZE, Gottfried, B-?, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.195.

Heister, Philip, no info., Karl Heister, JSHA 1997.

Heizer, Henry, K-? D2-1781Charleston, S#25 PA-Oaths,l2-08-82 

Helbig/Hilwig, Andreas, K-5, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Helfenritter, .. .?, no other info, S#400, (Hefright)

Helgenberg, see Hilgenberg, Daniel, S#133, Trenton prisoner 

HELMERICH, Johann Christian, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Helwick/Hellwick/Helving, Andrew, See Helbig, Andreas, S#147 

Hembe/Hempy, Henry, see Hempe, Joh.Henrich, S#147.

HEMMERLE, Thaddeus, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.207.

Hempe, Johann Henrich, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

HENCKEL, Jacob, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.104.

Henckel, Nikolaus, K-7, Beryl Barrett, D.Hugger, JSHA 1997. 

HENCKELMANN, Johann Henrich, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Henderich, Martin, K-9, S#132, D2-6/1783, S#25,PA-Oaths-1783 

HENDORF, Friedrich Christopher, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Hendorff, Frederick, see Hendorf, Friedr.Christopher.

Heneisen, Matthaeus, K-19, S#133, D2-3/1782, S#25 PA-Oaths.

Heneisen, Matthaeus, K-19, S#133, D2-3/1782, Savannah, to PA 

Hengel, George, see Stengel, Georg, Hessians of N.S.

Heniger, Christian, see Henning, Christian, Hessians of N.S. 

Hennecke, Heinrich, B-9, S#18, M*1782 Reading, PA., TrinLuth 

Hennecke, Heinrich, B-9, S#18, S#8v4/2p41, JSHA 1997,S#187

Hennegar, Heinrich, (Butler's Rangers?), H.of U.C., p.74.

Henning, Adam, K-8, Geraldine Brinegan, JSHA 1997.

HENNING, Christian, HAJ, Hessians of Nova Scotia.




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