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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution



Hessians Units and the Battles 

they were involved in.




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Ansbach-Bayreuth Regiments


Anhalt Zerbst Regiment


Brunswick Dragoon Regt. Prinz Ludwig


Brunswick Musketier Regt. Prinz Friedrich


Page 2

Brunswick Musketier Regt. von Riedesel


Brunswick Grenadier Battalion von Breymann


Brunswick Musketier Regt. von Specht


Brunswick Musketier Regt. von Rhetz


Page 3

Brunswick Regiment von Ehrenkrook


Brunswick Regiment von Barner (Chasseurs)


Brunswick Battl. Major de Lucke (disbanded 1781)


Brunswick troops (Regiment or Battl. unknown)


Page 4

Hanau Jaegercorps (Chasseur Corps)


Hanau Artillery Corps


Hanau Regiment Erbprinz


Hanau Frei Corps (The Free Corps served only in N.Y.)


Page 5

Kassel Leib Infantry Regiment


Kassel Fuselier Regiment Erbprinz


Kassel Musketier Regt. Prinz Carl


Kassel Fuselier Regt. von Ditfurth



Page 6

Kassel Musketier Regt. von Donop


Kassel Fuselier Regt. von Lossberg


Kassel Fuselier Regt. von Knyphausen


Kassel Musketier Regt. von Truembach / von Bose


Page 7

Kassel Musketier Regt. von Mirbach


Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Rall


Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Linsingen


Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Block/von Lengerke


Page 8

Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Minnigerode


Kassel Artillery Corps


Kassel Regiment von Huyn / von Benning


Kassel Regiment von Stein/von Seitz


Page 9

Kassel Gren. Battl. Koehler / Graf/Platte


Kassel Regiment von Wissenbach/von Knoblauch


Kassel Regiment von Buenau


Kassel Feld jaeger corps (Chasseur corps)


Page 10

Kassel Regiment Landgraf / von Wutgenau


Soldier of Kassel troops (Regiment unknown)


Waldeck Regiment






Information on The Battle of Trenton, NJ


Source: email dated 19 Sept, 2005

by John Merz

copy rights 2005



nobody has answered your question about Hessians at Trenton, although probably half of our readers know the answer. So here is for the records - Hessen-Kassel Regt. von Knyphausen, Hessen-Kassel Regt. Rall Hessen-Kassel Regt. von Lossberg and a company of the Hessen-Kassel Artillery. Not all of the soldiers were captured, many escaped. There is plenty of literature discussing all the sordid details. Respectfully,


John Helmut Merz, overworking my memory brain cells.



Source: email dated 19 Sept, 2005

by Edward Arkin

copy rights 2005


Not all of the soldiers were captured, many escaped. According to the PA State archives there were 40 plus 3 wounded and 2 sick captured from the Artillery Detachment, 247 men  from von Lossberg's Regt., and 287 men from Rall captured and being sent to Lancaster. 

Then a roll call from Lancaster showed there were 39 from the Artillery, 234 from von Lossberg, 291 from von Knyphausen and 266 from Rall. The difference being [I assume] that the officers were separated from the men [the artillery list showed one officer as being captured] "Total,  830 men, and a few women and children, per Serjeant's [sic] returns."  Each regiment ideally had a complement of 690, However after months of campaigning there were a good deal less in each one. About 1/2 of the Hessians at Trenton avoided capture and were formed into a combined force. 

Captain Johann von Ewald of the 2nd company of Jagers, kept a diary of his tour, many of you have seen quotes from him... In his diaries there were a number of very nice maps he drew, including two at Trenton... Von Ewalds maps can be found at http://library.bloomu.edu/Archives/Maps/mapindex.htm They are well worth a look at 


Edward Anthony (Tony) Arkin


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The Bayreuther Zeitung Newspaper
No. 58, 23 March, 1802.

Ansbach Regiment

Marie Rasnick Fetzer

Bob Brooks

Ansbach - Bayreuth Troops

Jochen Seidel


TERM PDF as used by John Merz is not an Adobe electronic file, it is Personal Data File for an individual soldier.



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