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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution




Used for the Hessians Remaining in America Names list Pages 89 - 96 



by John Merz

reprinted here with his permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005



Page  89 of the Hessian Guide


1-99  for books


All these numbers should have S # in front of the numbers



Virginia deMarce

German Military settlers in Canada

Joy Reisinger,1020 Central Ave.Sparta,Wisc. 1984

Name list of German Auxilliary soldiers settled in Canada.



Edward J.Lowell, (1884)

The Hessians,and other German Auxiliaries of Gr.Brt

Corner House Publishers,Williamstown,Mass.

1975 History with Maps&Plans of Hessian involvmt.duringRev.



Johann Conrad Doehla

A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution

University of Oklahoma Press,Norman.1990.

Diary first publ.1913,translated by Bruce E.Burgoyne.



Historical Soc.Mecklenbrg

German - Canadian Yearbooks,Vo1.I to X. 1973 - 1988.

Historical Society Mecklenburg,UpperCanada,Toronto German‑Canadian History on a wide range of subjects.



Heinz Lehmann

The German‑Canadians 1750 - 1937.

Jesperson Press St.John's,Newfld.1986

Edited&Translated by Gerhard P.Bassler.



G.Elmore Reaman

The Trail of the Black Walnut. 1957,

reprinted 1961 by McClelland&Stewart,

Immigration of Germans from Pennsylvania to Ontario.



Max v.Eelking

Die deutschen Hilfstruppen im Nordamerikan.Krieg

Horst Hamacher Kassel,1976.Reprint of 1.Issue1863

The German Auxiliary Troops and their employment in America.




Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Assoc.

by above, yearly Journals,fr.v.l#1- 4 to v.6#1�2.

primarly of Hessen - Kassel soldiers settled in USA after 1783



Captain Johann Ewald

Diary of the American War, a Hessian Journal

Yale University Press, Joseph P.Tustin

Diary of the Hessen‑Kassel Field Jaeger Corps in America.



Ernst Kipping

The Hessian View of America 1776 - 1783.(out of Print)

Philip Freneau Press, Monmouth Beach 1971.

Organizational details about the Hessian troops,Lists,et.

Page 90 of the Hessian Guide



Ontario Historical Society

Papers & Records, Vol.I to XXXXII (1899 - 1950)

Ontario Historical Society, Toronto.

Historical material of the settlement of Ontario, etc.



N. & H. Mika

The settlement of Prince Edward County.

Mika Publishing Company,Belleville, Ont. 1984.

Contains Pioneer settlers Biographies,fromHearsay,misleading



Jean - Pierre Wilhelmy

German Mercenaries in Canada Mason de Mots,Beloeil, Que, 1985 History of German Auxiliary troops settled in Canada.



Wintrop Bell

The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of N.S.

University of Toronto Press, 1961

History of Protestant settlers in Nova Scotia, incl.Hessians



Nick and Helma Mika

Prince Edward County Heritage

Mika Publisching, Belleville, 1980

Maps & pictures of hist.places,&Roll of Inhabit.Marysbg1796



Eula C. Lapp

To their heirs forever. Mika Publishing, Belleville, 1977

Family histories of Loyalist fr. Camden Valley to Ontario.



Clifford N. Smith

Mercenaries from Hesse - Hanau, Monograph #5

Westland Publications, McNeal, Arizona

List of Hanau soldiers deserted or who have remained inUSA



Clifford N.Smith

Brunswick deserters Monograph#1 1973

Westland Publications, McNeal, Arizona

Name list of Brunswick soldiers who deserted or discharged.



Clifford N. Smith

Mercenaries from Ansbach & Bayreuth, Monogr.#2

Westland Publication, McNeal, Arizona

Namelists of Ansbach‑Bayreuth soldiers stayed in USA.



Milton Rubincam,Ont.Gen.S

The Old United Empire Loyalists List

Genealogical Publishing Co.,Inc.Baltimore,l984

Reprint of the"United Empire Loyalist"list,Rose Publ.Torl885


Page 91 of the Hessian Guide




The Canadian Encyclopedia Vol.I to IV

Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton 1988

Canadian Data A‑Z



Virginia DeMarce

Mercenary Troops from Anhalt‑Zerbst, Part 1&2. Westland Publications, McNeal Arizona,

Name lists of soldiers deserted or remaining in America .



William F.E.Morley

Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte, pub1.1904

Mika Publishing, Belleville, reprinted 1983 Biographies of Prince Edward County settlers.



Isaiah Wilson

County of Digby , Nova Scotia , first publ.1893

Mika Publishing, Belleville ,Reprint ser.#35, 1985

early settlers of Digby County .



Thompson Westcott

Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania

Genealogical Publishing Comp.Baltimore, 1965

Name list of persons taking oath between 1777 and 1789.  


Rodney Atwood

The Hessians, Mercenaries fr.Hessen - Kassel iRev.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1980

Involvement of Hessen - Kassel troops in American Revolution



Ontario Genealogical Soc.

Families, a quarterly Issue Ont. Gen. Soc. Toronto, also known as OGS.

Genealogical material and search lists.



Rosengarten, Joseph G.

The German Soldier in the Wars of the United States

J.B.Lippincott Company, Philadelphia , 2.Ed.,1890

Name lists of German Officers serving in Revolutionary Army.



Slagle, Robert Oakley

The "Von Lossberg" Regiment: A chronicle .

University Microfilms, Inc.,Ann Arbour, Michigan .

A chronicle of Hessian participation in the American Revolution



Hamil, Fred Coyne, 

The Valley of the Lower Thames , 1640 - 1850,

University of Toronto Press,

Reports on Hessians Sickelstiel, Eberths, Harboard, Kessler.


Page 92 of the Hessian Guide



Norman K. Crowder

Early Ontario Settlers - A Source Book.

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore , MD.

Copyright 1993 ‑ ISBN 0‑8063‑1375‑7 Prov.& Location Lists.



U. E. L. Toronto Branch.

Loyalist Lineages of Canada 1783 - 1983.

Generation Press, Agincourt , Ontario , 1984.

Loyalist settlers from Ackermann to Zwick.



Dr. Erhard Staedtler

Die Ansbach - Bayreuther Truppen 1777 - 1783.

Doktorschrift der Philosophischen Fakultaet der

Fried rich‑Alexander Universitaet Erlangen, 1955.



Lidgerwood Collection

Order Book of the Hesse - Hanau Regt.Erbprinz, 1777.

Morristown National Historical Park , \.J.

translated by Bruce Burgoyne 1992.



Leah Beehler

Haldimand and the Loyalists.

Dissertation delivered to Queen's University, 1927

The influence of the Loyalists upon Canadian history,  


Mark M. Boatner III

Landmarks of the American Revolution

Stackpole Books, Harrisburg , PA , 1992.

People and Places vital to the Quest for Independence .



Heritage Branch Montreal

The Loyalists of Quebec 1774 - 1825.

Price‑Patterson Ltd., Montreal, Que., 1989.

A forgotten history - The forgotten Heroes.



Helmut Kallmann

A History of Music in Canada 1534 - 1914.

University of Toronto Press, Toronto, reprint 1987

ISBN 0 - 8020 - 6102 - 8



Albemarle Co. Hist.Soc.

The Magazine of Albemarle County Hist. Vol.41/1983

Albemarle County Hist. Soc., Charlottesville , VA.

The Story of the Convention Army.



Lothar Zimmermann

The Abegweit Review "A German Issue" Vo1.5/2,1987.

University of Prince Edward Island .

Journal Regt.v.Knyphausen Sep.8,1779 - June 30,1780.  


Page 93 of the Hessian Guide



Rev.Edgar Woods

History of Albemarle County in Virginia .

Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie , Maryland , 1991.

Reprint of 1901 issue, with Index.



Nick and Helma Mika

United Empire Loyalists - Pioneers of Upper Canada

Mika Publishing, Belleville , Ont.

The settlements along the St.Lawrence river and Lake Ontario



George F.G.Stanley

Canada 's soldiers - The military History.

MacMillan Publishing

Chapter VIII- Canada and the American Revolution.



Burke Davis

Yorktown - The Winning of the American Independence

Harper & Row, New York , N.Y. , 1969

The surrender of Lord Cornwallis's army in Oct.1781.



Leslie F. Hannon

Redcoats and Loyalists

Jack McClelland, Toronto , Ont., 1978

ISBN 0-9196-4415-5



Desmond Norton

A Military History of Canada

Hurtig Publishers Ltd., Edmonton , Alberta , 1985.

From the Ancien Regime to the young Dominion.



Richard B. Morris

Encyclopedia of American History

Harper & Row, Publishers, New York , N.Y. ,



Stephen F. Gradish

The German Mercenaries in North America .

Canadian Journal of History #4 1969

Thesis submitted to the University of Western Ontario , 1964



Michael Pearson

Those damned Rebels.

G.P.Putnam's Sons, New York

The seen through British eyes.



Alfred Leroy Burt

The Old Province of Quebec .

The Ryerson Press, Toronto , Ontario



Page 94 of the Hessian Guide



Victor Wolfgang von Hagen

The Germanic People in America

University of Oklahoma Press, Norman. 1976. ISBN 0-8061-1317-0

Translated from German original.



Bernhard A. Uhlendorf

Revolution in America -

Confidential Letters and Journals 1776-1784 of Adjutant General Major

Baurmeister of the Hessian Forces.

Rutgers University Press.



Richard M. Ketchum

The Winter Soldiers.

Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, N.Y. 1973.

Beginning of Am.Rev. and Battle of Trenton , N.J. Dec.1776.



Bruce E. Burgoyne

Enemy Views - The AmRev as recorded by Hessians.

Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie , MD. , 1996. 616 pages.

From a collection of Hessian Diaries, ISBN 0-7884-0563-2



Louise Hall Tharp

The Baroness and the General.

Little, Brown & Company, Boston & Toronto , 1962.

Friederike (Fritz) Baroness von Riedesel Diary of AmRev.



Lt.Charles M. Leffert

Uniforms of the 1775-1783 American, British, French and German

Armies - War of the Am.Rev.

W E inc.publishers, black and white pictures of uniforms.



Klaus Wust

The Virginia Germans

The University Press of Virginia , Charlottesville

ISBN 0-8139-1214-8, publ. 1969, paperback, 310 pages.



Horst Dippel

Germany and the American Revolution 1770-1800.

The University of North Caroline Press, ChapelHill

ISBN 0-8078-1301-X Copyright 1977. 448 pages.



John W. Wayland

A History of Shenandoah County , Virginia .

Regional Publishing Company, Baltimore , 1976

Reprint of 1927 edition. Hardcover, 894 pages with Index.



John W. Wayland, Ph.D.

A History of Rockingham County , Virginia .

Reprint 1990 by Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie , MA .

Original Printing 1912 Ruebush-Elkins Co., Dayton , Va


Page 95 of the Hessian Guide


Bruce E.Burgoyne
The Diary of Lieutenant von Bardeleben, and others
Heritage Books, Inc. Bowie, MD., 1998
ISBN 0-7884-1054-7, paperback, 198 pages (v.Donop Regiment)

Bruce E. Burgoyne 
A Hessian Officer's Diary of the American Rev. 
Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD., 1994. 
ISBN 0-7884-0107-6 
Ansbach-Bayreuth Diary by J.E.Prechtel.

Bruce E. Burgoyne 
Canada during the American Revolutionary War. 
Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1998. 
ISBN 0-7884-0857--7, 
Lt.Friedr.Julius von Papet's Journal.

Richard M. Ketchum Saratoga - 
Turning Point of America's Revolution. 
Henry Holt and Co., New York, N.Y., 1997. 
ISBN 0-8050-4681-X, hardcover, 545 pages.

Charles H. Kessler 
Lancaster in the Revolution. 
Sutter House, Lititz, Penns., 
ISBN 0-915010-10-1 Hardcover, 154 pages, with Bibliography, no index.

Henry J. Retzer
The German Regiment of Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Family Line Publications, Westminster, Maryland
1991, History and Muster Rolls ( no Hessians found)

Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War. 
Reprint 1989 by Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD. Original 1913, now ISPN 1-55613-266-2, 337 pages.

Elliot Wheelock Hoffman
The German Soldier in the American Revolution
Dissertation 1982 University of New Hampshire.
Vo1.I & II, by University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI.48106

Mark M. Boatner III.
Encyclopedia of the American Revolution
Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA, 1994.
ISBN 0-8117-0578-1, hardcover, 1200 pages.(The AMREV source)


W.J. Wood, Lt.Col. U.S.A. 
Battles of the Revolutionary War 1775-1781. 
Da Capo Press, New York, 1995. ISBN 0-306-80617-7, Paperback, 315 pages. with small index.


75 - Clifford Neal Smith - Monograph Number 3, Part 1: Muster Rolls and Prisoner-of-War lists in American  Archival Collections pertaining to the German Mercenary Troops who served with the British Forces during the American Revolution,  pub l. by Westland Publications. (Caution: Most Muster Rolls were taken in Europe before embarkation to America, therefore give no hint if any of the names quoted, arrived in, remained in, or died in America (U.S.A. and Canada).

(71- 74 & 76 - 99 not used)

 Page 96 of the Hessian Guide


100-300 for other Journals, Papers, articles, etc.


Inge Auerbach&OttoFrohlic 
Hetrina 6, 2 volumes, A-L & M-Z, Hanau Regiments. 
Archivschule Marburg, Germany 1987
Computerlists of names in all Hanau units with records.

Mary B.Fryer
Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist)Corps.
Dundurn Press Ltd., Toronto 1981
Name list of all Provincial Corps, including Butler's Ranger

Marion Gilroy 
Loyalist and Landsettlement in Nova Scotia 
by authority of the Board of Trustees,P.A.N.S.1937 
lots of German names without further details(Photocopie only)

G.Elmore Reaman 
History of Vaughan Township 
University of Toronto Press,l971 
contains references to Hessian soldiers Dickhout,Stegmann.

The Loyalist Trail
Settlmts.of Kingston&Prince EdwardCounty,namelists of 5.Ts.

The settlement of Upper Canada, 
first printed 1869 Mika Publishing, Belleville,Reprint
series#1,1983 Pages 70-71 and 458-464 important to Hessian

The Yonge Street Story
McGraw Hill Ryerson Ltd. 1977 (Photocopies only)
Early history of York (Toronto)

William D.Reid
The Loyalists in Ontario
Hunterdon House, Lambertville, N.J. 1973
Namelists of sons and daughters of American Loyalists&others

History of the County of Annapolis    ,l.publ.1897
Mika Publishing, Reprint Series N.30,pub1.1980
Landgrants etc Bear River, Clements Hessian&Waldeckers

Edward Marion Chadwick
Ontarian FamiliesFirst Print 1894
Hunterdon House, Lambertville, N.J. Reprint 1983
Genealogies of UEL & other Pioneer families of Upper Canada

Page 97 of the Hessian Guide



John Andre 

Infant Toronto as Simcoe's Folly 

Orto Print, Toronto 1971 Pioneers of York, 

Toronto, and Vaughan Ts. 



Esther Clark Wright 

The Loyalists of New Brunswick 

1.Edition May 1955 Printed at Fredericton, 

5.Printing 1985 Listing of N.B.Loyalists, 

List of Loyalist Regiments. 



Frank Norman Walker 

Sketches of Old Toronto 

Longman's Canada Ltd, Don Mills, Ont. 1965 

early Toronto Inhabitants 



Mary Byers 

Rural Roots-Preconfederation Buildgs.ofYork 

Region University of Toronto Press, 1976 (Photocopies) 



E.Rae Stuart, M.A. (1939) 

Jessup's Rangers as a factor in Loyalist settlmt. 

Ont.Dept.ofPubl.Records and Archives(printed 1961) 

references to German Mercenaries Pages 52,92,103. 




The Settlement of the U.E.L.Upp.St.Lawrence/Quinte 

Ontario Historical Society 1934 (Photocopies only 

Contains letters fr. Baron v. Reitzenstein to Governor Haldimnd 




Lunenburgh or the Old Eastern District, 

1890 Mika Publishing, Belleville, Reprinted 1980 

Eastern Distr.earlySettlers/p.190-List of HessianWinterQuart 



Council of Saltfleet Ts. 

Saltfleet -Then and now - 1792-1973 

Printed by D.G.Seldon Printing,Hamilton, 1975 

pg.143-reference to Dr.Henr.v.Wagner,Surgeon i.Hess.Regt. 



Marjorie Freeman Campbell 

A Mountain and a City- The story of Hamilton McClelland and Stewart 

Ltd.Toronto 1966 



Larry Turner 

Voyage of a different kind, the associatd.Loyalist 

published 1984  (Photocopies of relevant pages Only)



Page 98 of the Hessian Guide



University of Toronto 

Dictionary of Canadian Biographies Vo1.I to X 

Vol VI covers 1821 to 1835 

Volumes are at the Terryberry Library (Photocopies made) 



Karin R. Guerttler 

Geschichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft zu. Montreal. 

German-Canadian Historical Association, 1985 

German-Canadian history in Montreal-1835-1985 



Herbert W.Debor 

Die Deutschen in der Province Quebec 1664-1964 

Published by Debor - Fall of 1963 64 Pages 

German history in Province of Quebec 1664-1964. 



E.Foster Hall 

Heritage remembered-The story of Bear River. 

by the Members of the Bear River New HorizonsCentr 

The German settlemt.inBearRiver.Also Conr.Hettericks story 



Ira Maxwell Sutherland 

Hessians in Annapolis County, Thesis May 1956 

Acadia University. Photocopies made and bound into book- 

Map is S#124map. 



Alexander Fraser,Archivst 

Reports of the Bureau of Archives of Prov.Ontario Toronto. 

these reports cover Landboard Meetings, Petitions and Landgrants.

Third Rep.Detroit Land Board1790 



Ira Maxwell Sutherland 

Clements Township-its History and its People. 

B.A.Thesis for Acadia University 1956.

(Photocopies) Annapolis County map, Clementsport Map.List of settlers. 



Ancaster's Heritage 

A History of Ancaster Township 

Ancaster Township Historical Society 1973 

Christian Almas (Almost) Pioneer settler (Photocopies only) 



Marjorie Whitelaw 

The Dalhousie Journals by Dalhousie, 9th Earl of, 

Printed By Oberon Press 1978 

On his travels in Nova Scotia the Governor met German Settler 



Henry Scadding 

Toronto of old, 

first published in 1873 Oxford University Press 1966 

includes Biographies of Toronto Citizens (Berczy,vanHoen)




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The Bayreuther Zeitung Newspaper
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Ansbach Regiment

Marie Rasnick Fetzer

Bob Brooks

Ansbach - Bayreuth Troops

Jochen Seidel


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