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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


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The WorldGenWeb site for Hessen, Germany. Excellent resource!


Military Uniforms from the Burgoyne Expedition


84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants)


American Revolutionary War Soldiers


The Battle of Bunker Hill


Butler's Rangers


Brunswick Regiment von Specht


Rev War 75 


Fortress of Louisbourg


Hesse-Kassel Jaeger Troops


His Majesty's 24th Regiment


US Army Center of Military History
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The Hessian Page


Germany for Dummies

Heritage Books, a good place for genealogy works.

Don't forget  for genealogy books

Rootsweb Registry of Hessian names Type in an ancestors name and see if anything on them has been discussed in the rootsweb archives.


IGS HETRINA searches These folks will also do a HETRINA search for you. They will charge you $15. The HETRINA is a multiple volume listing of all soldiers that served in the Hessian army in America. Other volumes for other Germans states (Anspach, Brunswick, etc.) are also available for search.

Staatsarchiv Marburg A huge repository of documents relating to the Hessians in North America FUSILIER REGIMENT VON DITFURTH, 1776-1782

B;Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel, Lessingstr. 15A, 34119 Kassel, Germany or e-mail [email protected]  website the church records for Renda are on microfilm.

Historical Resources Branch, US ARMY CENTER OF MILITARY HISTORY, The War of American Independence, BIBLIOGRAPHY, German Participation. 

For pictures of the different military uniforms see: 

The Last Margrave of Ansbach  see 

Found by Marie Rasnick Fetzer ([email protected])

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The Germanic States
Ansbach-Bayreuth Troops
Camp Followers
Jails, Prisons and Prison Camps
Ansbach-Bayreuth Army in America
All these topics are discussed on this page, including history of the German states and the Ansbach area, the troops recruitment and journey to America, organization of the troops, shipboard experiences, camp followers, prisons and prisoners, cemeteries, etc.  A lot of this is new, or at least I've never seen it before, and very interesting.  I don't know if you could link each topic to a specific paragraph on the page that addresses it or not, but if you could, that would be great.  Otherwise, just link to the whole page, I guess, or whatever you think.
Articles about Hessians in History:
One Famous Ansbach-Bayreuth Soldier named Gneisenau
I don't know what heading you'd put this under, maybe have to make a new one, but you
can hear a Hessian song Hofenfriedberger Marsch at this link:
Alphabetical list of names of Ansbach-Bayreuth Soldiers who Remained in United States (although I think her list might include those who stayed in Canada, too):



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Documents concerning 

how prisoners were to be 

treated and converted.

Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents

Hessian DNA Web Sites

Articles about Hessians  in history

Germany GenWeb Project

Battles Hessian Units were involved in


and the soldiers listed in them


mailing list

Jails,  Prisons and Prison Camps

German &  American Parish Registers

German Genealogy WIKI 

Information on Transport Ships

Towns and places

  named after a Hessian soldier


mailing list

Journals and Diaries

Ages of young soldiers

"OUR" Mailing list archives


How to find towns in Germany


The Bayreuther Zeitung Newspaper
No. 58, 23 March, 1802.

Ansbach Regiment

Marie Rasnick Fetzer

Bob Brooks

Ansbach - Bayreuth Troops

Jochen Seidel

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TERM PDF as used by John Merz is not an Adobe electronic file, it is Personal Data File for an individual soldier.



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