Outline History of Amsden Family

Outline History of the Amsden Family - 2006.

First known use of name:-

Baptism of Ralphe Amsden, son of Thomas. Wing, Buckinghamshire. 10th Dec. 1547.

First known incidence in London:-

Marriage of William Amsden to Elizabeth Richardson at, St Bartolphs, Bishopsgate. 17th Oct. 1583.

First known incidence in U.S.A.:-

Isacke Amsden mentioned in the inventory of the estate of:- Nathaniel Sparhawk of Massachusetts. June 1647. For further information on the Amsdens arriving the the Americas see The American Connection

Origination of Name:-

Appears to stem from Ambrosden in Oxfordshire. It is not of Dutch origin, as recent research in the Dutch Archives has shown.
Research has shown a concentration of Amsdens around the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Southern parts of Warwickshire areas during the 16th and 17th centuries. Berkshire during the 18th and early 19th centuries.
Amsden and Amsdon at one time appear to have been synonymous - uncertain at this time when the complete division took place, but they were certainly confused around 1800 in Berkshire.

Coat of Arms attributed to Amsden/Amsdon:-

Arms - Argent, a chevron between three wings sinister, gules.
Crest - A Cross flory fitchee or, fleury gules, between two wings proper
Searches have, however, been unable to confirm this or to locate the origin.

Three present known UK branches. The heads of these are as follows:-

1. John Amsden (b.1753) a Chemist & Druggist of 65, Wood St, London, E.C. Married Rebecca Coleman 18th May,1779 at St Johns, Hackney, London.

Descendants remained in the London area until recent years. Living in the Hoxton area where they were surgeons and doctors and later moving further North to Edmonton and Enfield. One emigrated to Canada, giving rise to an extended family there. In recent years members of this branch have moved to Norfolk, Cumbria and Scotland.

2. William Amsden (b.c1735) in London, later moving to Tring. A Baptist and possibly a Draper by trade. His son, Thomas was a Brewer & Straw Plait Dealer of Market St., Tring, Herts.

Known descendants moved to the London area, and later to other areas.
The firm of Olney-Amsden trading in the City as Haberdashers belong to this branch. (Olney-Amsden are no longer trading).
Other know descendants became Coal Merchants in Tring and later moved to Yorkshire where they took up Farming, one of these has now emigrated to Canada.

3. Richard Amsden (b.?) A Toothbrush Maker of London. His son William Richard was born 1852 at St.Pancras, London.

Descendants remained in London until, at a later date, one family moved to Warwickshire. Only descendants known now live in Hertfordshire. There are no known male descendendts in this line.

No actual connection between these branches has yet been made. Difficulties have been experienced because the two earlier branches (1 & 2) appear to have been Baptists, and records of their births and parents have not come to light.

A copy of "The History of the Amsden Family" published 1993 is lodged with the
Genealogical Society in London and with The Church of LatterDay Saints, Utah, USA.
It should be remembered by those consulting this publication that it is now very much out of date insofar as the family trees are concerned.
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