Scott and Amy Jensen Ancestry

Thomas Christian and Karen Marie Jensen were among the first in our family to immigrate to the United States.† Jens Iver (the tallest standing in the back) is Scottís grandfatherís great grandfather


Welcome to Scott and Amy Jensenís Family history website.† The main goal of this site is to post all of the short biographies of our direct ancestors that have been put together by our family.† Eventually there will also be a .pdf version of all of this information so that everyone who wants it can have a copy and print it out.†

Eventually the biographies will have photos, timelines and background historical information.† For right now, most of them are just plaintext.

To find a biography, you can either click on the links from the abbreviated pedigree chart or you can pick a name from a list. The list is alphabetized by last name (women are listed under their maiden name).

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4 Generation Picture

The picture on the top left corner is four generations of Jensens. Their names are (Beginning at the eldest) Jens I. Jensen, Daniel P. Jensen, Daniel B. Jensen, and John D. Jensen (who is Scottís grandfather).† We have another four generation picture: John D. Jensen, Ronald B. Jensen, Scott R. Jensen, and Tyler S. Jensen.

The crest in the top right corner is the Stone family crest.

The Pictures at the Top

Note: This is a work in progress.† I still have not verified much of the information or even some of the sources.† I am not going to guarantee that anything here is correct (although it is my intention to make it as accurate and complete as possible).† This project is still in phase 1 which means that so far I am only collecting what has already been done.† Later I will try to correct any mistakes and fill in more information.