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   Shaddick (Soundex code S320) is the surname of my maternal great-grandmother, née ANNA BEATRICE SHADDICK. A lot of Shaddicks/Shaddocks seem to have come from Devon, England. There is an excellent website with census, birth, marriage and burial records for some of the Shaddicks in Devon in the 18th and 19th centuries. To view our entire family tree, which includes the Shaddicks, click on the link at the bottom of the page.
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   My 6th great-grandfather was JAMES SHADDOCK. I only know his name from birth records. He married MARY LEE on December 27, 1746 and they had 12 children. He was probably born, married and died in the Tawstock, Devon, England area. See our family tree for details on their children.
   My 5th great-grandfather, THOMAS SHADDOCK, was born May 10, 1759 probably in Tawstock, Devon, England. He married SUSANNA HILL on March 29, 1779 in Tawstock, Devon, England . They had nine children that I know about. Thomas died April 20, 1830, probably in Devon. See our family tree for details on their children.
   My 4th great-grandmother, ANN SHADDOCK, was born March 14, 1785 in Tawstock, Devon, England. As far as I know she never married, although she had at least four illegitimate children: WILLIAM SHADDICK (b.1803), THOMAS SHADDICK (see below), JOHN SHADDICK (b.1812) and ELIZABETH SHADDICK (see below). The father of Ann's son William was reputed to be George Slooman/Hooman, but the fathers of the other children are unknown. I am descended from two of Ann's children, Thomas and Elizabeth, because my great-grandparents were second cousins (see below). I do not know when or where Ann died.
Document regarding the inheritance of the estate of Thomas Shaddick
   My 3rd great-grandfather on the Shaddick side, THOMAS SHADDICK, was baptized September 13, 1809 in Tawstock, Devon, England. It seems about here that the name changed from Shaddock to Shaddick. Thomas was an illegitimate child of ANN SHADDOCK and his father is unknown. He married MARY JONES (b.about 1806) and they had at least two children: JOHN JONES SHADDICK (see below) and MARY SHADDICK (b. about 1842). THOMAS SHADDICK died November 9, 1890 in Barnstaple, Devon, England.
   My 3rd great-grandmother on the Haddrell side, ELIZABETH SHADDICK, was born May 12, 1822 in Tawstock, Devon, England. It seems about here that the name changed from Shaddock to Shaddick. Elizabeth was an illegitimate child of ANN SHADDOCK and her father is unknown. Elizabeth listed her father as "John Shaddick" on her marriage certificate, so it is possible that she was raised by her mother's brother, John. She married HENRY THOMAS HADDRELL on June 28, 1849 in Knightbridge, London, England. They had six children and then moved to New Zealand (see Haddrell page for more info). ELIZABETH SHADDICK died May 29, 1903 in Christchurch, New Zealand and is buried there at Barbadoes Street Cemetery.

John and his family c.1905 
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John's wife
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   My 2nd great-grandfather, JOHN JONES SHADDICK, was born December 25, 1838 in Tawstock, Devon, England. He married ELIZABETH ELLEN BENNETT (1839/40-1921) on July 25, 1861 in Murchinhampton, Gloucester, England. They had seven children that I am aware of: CHARLES JOHN SHADDICK (1863-1921), HARRIETT ELLEN BENNETT SHADDICK (b.1867), MARY AUGUSTA SHADDICK (b.1870), GERTRUDE ELIZABETH BENNETT SHADDICK (b.1877), ANNA BEATRICE SHADDICK (see below), HENRY GEORGE HASTINGS SHADDICK (1883-1944) and FRANCIS HANNAFORD SHADDICK (1887-1943). JOHN JONES SHADDICK died January 11, 1912 in Barnstaple, Devon, England and is buried there at Barnstaple Cemetery.
   On a side note John's son, HASTINGS SHADDICK was quite a well respected clergyman. He received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 1919 and was made Honorary Canon of Durham Cathedral in 1940.

July 11, 1907
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c. 1948

Gravestone face

Gravestone reverse
  My great-grandmother, ANNA BEATRICE SHADDICK, was born January 20, 1880 in Barnstaple, Devon, England. She married CHARLES HENRY THOMAS HADDRELL, a second cousin on her father's side, on July 11, 1907 in Newport, Barnstaple, Devon, England. After their first child, WALTER GILBERT HADDRELL, was born they moved to the US, where my grandmother, PHYLLIS MARY HADDRELL, and her younger brother, CLIFFORD CHARLES HADDRELL, were born. The family eventually settled in nearby Marblehead, Essex County, MA, USA, where Beatrice and Charles lived until their deaths. Beatrice died in January 5, 1951 from heart problems and is buried at Waterside Cemetery in Marblehead, Essex County, MA, USA.
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