Remember the Ladies


This website is a work in progress.


I started doing genealogy because I wanted to know what kind of lives my ancestors lived.Iíve never been interested in accumulating a whole bunch of names just for the sake of thinking I have found a line that goes back to Eve!Somehow I wanted to find something that would tell me more than thatÖ I guess I wanted to know them the way I knew the people I grew up with.I didnít think about it that way but I guess thatís it.So here is a webpage that is part of a search for the real people behind all those names.Iím seeking documentation, newspaper notices, and obituaries anything that gives a glimpse of more than age, sex, location, occupation and dates of birth marriage and death.


On these pages Iíll share my findings.If you are researching these same people you are welcome to them.All I ask is that you give proper credit to the researchers who found the original information.That means I hope youíll cite not only the original source whether it be a newspaper, census or a letter or picture from a collection of someone, but also the person or organization who made that information available to you.Iíll do my best to make sure that everything on here gives proper credit to sources and I hope that youíll do the same.


You may not always be able to see the original sources because Iím not providing copies of other peopleís work.Instead most images and documents that arenít in my possession will be linked to the original source online.Some obvious exceptions are the clippings from online versions of free access newspapers.I donít think it is really fair to ask everyone who finds someone here to have to go searching through the original newspaper to find a 2 line clipping buried on some unindexed page!If you take the time to follow the link back to the original you may find more information that will be of use to you.I canít guarantee that all of the links will work all of the time.They were working when I put the page up.


Happy hunting!