My Family History Pages

Welcome to my Family History Pages

These pages will slowly develop to include my ancestries and general genealogical information. I will add original works of my own labors which concern my ancestral connections. For now I have placed The Lantz Genealogy online for others to view.

Index to Scanned Texts

Lantz Genealogy
Jacob W Lantz
Published 1931
No changes, additions, or alterations to the original work have been made or are planned. The pages have been checked for scan errors but may still contain errors. Please advise me at "ancestor1 at" if you find any.

As time permits, I will scan and add books on
MERRIMAN Genealogy,
Haycraft's The History of Elizabethtown, KY,
Jacob Chapman's work on Edward Chapman of Ipswich, NA
and other out of copyright texts which I own or purchase.

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