Inda, Kolodzinski and Szostek Ancestors and Cousins

Kolodzinski , Szostek and Inda - Ancestors and Cousins

Genealogy - Pride in the Past, Faith in the Future



FAMILY  -  A word which brings out different emotions in each of us.  Family to me means love, sharing, understanding and more.  My quest to learn and understand our family 's past began in 1999.  The story of our ancestors starts in the United States.  It continues into Poland, Germany, Russia and Austria.  Getting to know them involves learning of their country prior to immigration.  It involves learning of the beauty of the land and the harshness of its history.  It also involves getting to know the culture and customs of the peoples.

The research on this site is dedicated to our ancestors and cousins both past, present and future.  Their stories are part of the history of the world and they are our personal history also.  Through our veins flows a combination of their DNA.  It influences what we look like, it may influence who we are.


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