These wonderful ancestors of mine...

Findlay- Rice- Edwards- Pollock Ancestors

My family was comprised of all immigrants who left Great Britain in the early part of the 20th century to eventually end up in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is the story of how they got there.

In 1912, my grandmother, Bena Edwards, (the youngest of 14 children) (born Sept. 4, 1898) emigrated from Horwich, Manchester, England to Toronto, Canada to live with her brother Harry and his new wife, Amy. She left her mother behind with her new stepfather. She was not quite 14 years old. In April of 1914, her mother, Elizabeth Crookall (nee Cookson), --born August 19, 1859-- followed in her daughter's and son's footsteps, and emigrated to Toronto also. She was accompanied by her new husband, Lawrence Crookall. Bena's father, Samuel Edwards, had passed away in 1907. Elizabeth passed away in 1943, in Cleveland Ohio.

In November of that year, my grandmother married Maurice Rice (born November 27, 1892). He was 22, she was 16. Together with Bena's mother and stepfather, they emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1919.

There, Bena and Maurice had 3 children, Maurice Elmore Rice, born on January 26, 1920, Betty Elena Rice, (my mother) born on June 30, 1922, and Harry Edwin Rice, born on February 23, 1924.

While my mother's parents were emigrating to Canada prior to going to the US, my father's parents were marrying and beginning their family in Scotland.
Thomas Findlay was born June 7, 1880 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Margaret (Pollock) Findlay was born in New Milns, Ayrshire, Scotland on October 7, 1884).

Thomas Findlay and Margaret Pollock were married in New Milns, Ayrshire, Scotland on January 2, 1912 after a 10 year courtship.

Twin sons (Thomas Richmond Findlay and George Pollock Findlay) were born to them on August 30, 1912 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

My father, Alexander Findlay, was born in Kilmarnock, on May 18, 1918

In 1921, the family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. In 1924 they emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Here is a link to the Findlay side- it has information on these surnames: Findlay, Pollock, Brown, Borland, Falconer, Richmond, Cree, Clelland & Brown.

And here is a link to the Rice side-- with information on these surnames: Rice, Edwards, Cookson, Hall, Blinkhorn, & Gaynor

Pictures of Bena ("Beanie" to our family) are displayed here

Pictures of some of Bena's brothers are displayed here

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