Introduction to Norwegian Immigration

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~ Introduction to Norwegian Immigration ~

by Neil Hofland  (3b8a)


     My approach is basically first person.  It is I saying to you, "Listen.  These are your people speaking and here are some things I think you need to know about their lives and times."  I have also felt free to comment and sermonize on topics as I felt the need.  This is not intended to be a scholarly project.  I have not done extensive research to support my historical backgrounds and personal comments.  I am not someone who enjoys reading footnotes much less creating them.  So most of my interjections are off the top of my head.  They are what I think I know and what I know I think.  If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.  But if you find me in error it will mean that you have had to have the interest to research the topic and that is fine.  I want you interested.  I suppose the result of this is to project my personality more than the others, but that's all right because I want you to know as much about me as possible.  This is my shot at limited immortality.

     In order to better understand Norwegian immigration it probably is necessary to understand something about the conditions in Norway in the 19th century as well as something about upper mid-western America at the same time.

How Norwegian Immigration Started Norwegian Life in the 1800s American Background

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