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Family Ties

(Klamath County, Oregon - Top Row Left to Right: Ray Anderson, Leon Anderson,?,?,?,Major Spencer, Frain?, ?

Bottom Row Left to Right: ?,?,Sam Padgett, Brice McCormick and George Anderson)

Why genealogy? Because you get to play detective, because of the thrill when you make a discovery, because it's fascinating to find out what your ancestors' roles were in making history, because there are worse things to be addicted to and because I wouldn't want to be entirely forgotten, either.

Click on the surname buttons above to see more detailed information about the direct lines in those families. To view the entire family tree itself please click at the appropriate place below. (Individuals in the surnames listed above will only be found in the "Anderson" tree below.) My name is Staci Anderson, and I am currently researching the Anderson-Westfall families in Virginia and Kentucky and am trying to trace back Josiah Anderson's family in Virginia.

If you have anything you would like to share, correct or comment on, please email me.

LINKS (Please note that some are in Dutch):

VAN DER POEL: Genealogie Marcel van der Poel

VRIESE: Wanda and Annemieke Vriese

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