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Annabel (Anable) Line in United States and Canada

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Anthony Annable

Born about 1599 in Kent, Aglia, England. He came to America with his wife Jane Momford and children Sarah and Hannah on the "Anne" in 1623. Much information can be found elsewhere about this Goodman Anthony Annable who was part of the original Plymouth colony. He married Ann Clark on March 3rd, 1645 and had two boys named Samuel and Ezekial and a girl named Desire. Our line goes through Samuel.

Samuel Annable

Was born 22 January 1646 in Barnstable, MA. He married Mehitable Allyn on 1 June 1667, and died in 1678 in West Barnstable, MA after having inherited a large portion of his father‘s estate. The Annables stayed in Barnstable for several generations and other genealogical references refer to this family and their children. Samuel and Mehitable had four children: John, Samuel, Anna and Hannah.

John Annable

Born 19 July, 1673 in Barnstable, MA. He married Experience Taylor on 16 June 1692. He died in 1732 in Barnstable, MA. They had 7 children: Samuel, Mehitable, John, another John, Mary, Cornelius and Abigail.

Cornelius Annable

Born 3 November 1704 in Barnstable, MA. He was married to Experience Goodspeed on 20 June 1728 or 29. They lived in Millington, East Haddam CT in 1729 and lived there until 1747. They had 8 children: Anne, Mehitable, Susanna, Cornelius, Ansel W, Elijah, John and Temperence.

Ansel W Annable

Born 29 June 1737 in East Haddam, CT and married a Betsy Tinker and had 8 children: William, Samuel, Jehiel, Anna, Betty, Elijah, Lucinda and Ansel.

Ansel Annable Jr.

Born in 1776 in East Haddam, CT and was married on 20 Aug 1801 to Abigail Merrill. He died on 1 March 1845 in Sherbrooke, Compton Quebec. It seems he moved to Sawyersville, Quebec in 1820 and started this line of Annables in Canada. He died around 1845. Census Note: in 1810, Grafton County, Groton, NH there is an Ansel Annable listed with a wife and 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls). These children must be: Eliza Jane, Abigail, Charles Gilman, Betsy and Ansel Jr, all born before 1810. After this census they had 3 more children: Lucinda, Jacob Merrill (or Joseph) and Jehiel.

Jacob Merrill Annable

Born 2 February 1814 in Groton Township, Grafton NH. He was married on 14 January 1836 to Eunice Dean. The 1851 Canadian Census of Sherbrooke, Newport, Quebec lists him and other Annables of this family. His wife is listed as Aurelia???(middle name for Eunice?) and children listed are Sylvester, Eliza, Edwin, Alvira and his mother, Abigail Annable, age 72 born in the United States. Jacob died on 15 February 1869 on his fathers place in Newport, Quebec (it seems his wife Eunice died in Ventura, CA??). Also, there is a land grant mentioned in Compton, Newport, Quebec in 1847 to a Jacob Merrill Annabel (from Quebec 1800s archives of Ontario, Ottowa pg 1131)

Dr Edwin Guildford Annable

Was born on 2 December 1840 in Sherbrooke, Newport, Quebec, Canada. In 1861 he went to Concord, NH to visit his Uncle Jehiel, and would later move there. First he married Louisa Maria Farwell on 9 June 1863 in Quebec. They had 4 children: Edwin Walter, Angela Dean, Alice Louisa and Bessie. Edwin and Angela were born in Canada. In 1868 they moved to Concord, NH, then later on to Fitzwilliam, NH and Norwich VT. Then back again to Concord in 1894. The Census records state: 1870: Merrimack County, Concord, NH: Edwin was listed 30 years old and wife Louisa age 25. There were 2 children: Edwin W and Angela, both born in Canada. His occupation at the time was "carpenter & joiner". Another relative Annable, Edwin age 17 lives with them. As we will see, he had higher ambitions than being a carpenter and went to medical school; 1880 Chittenden County, Burlington, VT: Listed as a "medical student" A new child, Alice is listed on the census, born in NH. 1900: Merrimack County, Concord, NH: He is now listed as a "physician" with a daughter, Bessie; 1910 Merrimack County, Concord, NH: Same place and people. Age 69 1920: Merrimack County, Concord, NH "general practice" Age 79, and wife age 75. Both have "Na" for naturalized It seems they emigrated in 1868. He died on 11 November, 1922, probably in Concord, Merrimack County NH.

Reverend Edwin Walter Annable

Born 29 May 1864 in Eaton Corners, Quebec. He came to the US at age 3 in 1867 with his parents. He spent most of his youth in New Hampshire. He married Mary Gertrude Paige on 16 October 1889 in Downers Grove, Illinois. They had 7 children: Albert, Neil, Lawrence, Carlton, Edith, Helen and Mabel. He was a Baptist Minister. His family lived for a time in Mendota, then Galva, then to Pontiac, IL where he worked as a chaplain at the Illinois State Reformatory for Boys. They left there after 9 years. A riot at the reformatory killed 3 of his officer friends and prompted his leaving. The Census records: 1910 Galva Township, Illinois: Age 45 with a M Gertrude and 5 children; 1920 Livingston County, Pontiac, IL: Age 55, 4 children listed and year of emigration was 1867 and listed "Na". After Pontiac he apparently moved to Champaign, IL for 2 years, and then back to Mendota. Edwin died on 4 February, 1946 in Bellevue, Campbell County, KY after living there for 14 years at 214 Washington Avenue. He is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery.

Carlton Gardner Annable

Born 2 September 1900 in Amboy, IL. H was married 31 August, 1922 to Lillian Isabella Cox in St Paul, MN. They had 6 daughters. He attended Shurtleff College in Alton, IL for a year, and was involved with the student army training cort. He worked in St Paul and was acquainted with Lillian there. He worked as a superintendent of a telephone company in Sioux City Iowa. Carlton enjoyed playing the flute and doing photography. He died on 12 February, 1972 in Des Moines, Iowa.

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