Anderson-Vriese Family Ties


compiled by Staci Anderson, April, 2004


Gerrit Vriese was born about 1726 in Kampen, The Netherlands. On 11 Nov 1757 he married in Amsterdam Petronella Croes (b. abt. 1724, Amsterdam.). They had Johannes who was baptized on 11 Oct 1758 in Amsterdam in a Dutch Reformed Church. Not much is known about this Gerrit Vriese, but so far he is the oldest ancestor traced in this Tree (research done by Wanda and Annemieke Vriese).Gerrit Vriese died sometime after 1800.


Johannes Vriese was baptized on 11 Oct 1758 in Amsterdam (Witnesses: Dirk Berkhuys en Gesina Vriese). He married Antje Schipper. The children that are known that they had are Dirk Conelius (see below), Gerrit, and then another Gerrit. It is most likely the first Gerrit died young and they named the next boy after him. Antje Schipper must have died by 1794, since he remarried in June of 1794 in Amsterdam a Maria Jans Wiersma. It is unknown when Johannes died or where.


Dirk Cornelis was born about 1787 in Oostzaan, The Netherlands. By occupation he was a barber (baardscheerder) and doctor(chirurgijn). He was first married around 1810 to Wilhelmina Catharina van den Broek (b.abt.1789 d.abt1823/33). They had 10 children together: Anna Petronella, Jan Leonardus, hendrik, Gerrit, Johannes, Dirk Cornelis, Petra and 3 other children names unknown. He later married a Maria Alida Freudenberg on December 18th, 1833. He died on December 27th, 1833 in Amsterdam.


Gerrit Vriese was born on 13 Nov 1817 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At some point he was sent to the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). He was a Commisioner Treasurer (Komm. betaalmeester) and Secretary of the Government of the Molukken islands in 1856. There, he married at the age of 22 on March 19th, 1840 in Rembang, Anna Hendrina Hornung who was herself 28 years old, born on December 15th, 1811 in Indonesia. Her mother was Chinese and her father of German heritage. Despite the fact Vriese is not a common name, there are apparently 3 Gerrit Vriese's in the Dutch East Indies during the time he was there and they are difficult to sort out. Gerrit died in Indonesia on 26 Jun 1856 in Ambon. She died in Batavia, Indonesia on October 11th, 1880. Gerrit and Anna Hendrina had 4 children: Dirk Cornelis (see next), Gerrit Johannes, Julie Clair and Anna Wilhelmina Catharine.


Not much is known about Dirk Cornelius, except that he was born in the Dutch East Indies on 28 Dec 1840 in Rembang. It is also unknown who he married. He had 4 children: Frederika Carolina, Margurerite Amalia, Anna Julie Cornelia, and Herman Frederik. It is most likely that Dirk Cornlius died in Indonesia.


(Photo of Herman F Vriese taken about 1932, photograph of his wife Cornelia Eveline Schreefel on right.)

Herman Frederick was born on December 2nd, 1881 in Batavia, Indonesia. By occupation he was chief of staff of the Netherlands Indonesia (NIS). Herman Frederick died on 31 March, 1933 in Bandoeng, Java, Indonesia. His first marriage was around 1916 with a N.N. He was later re-married on 24 February, 1920 to Cornelia Eveline Schreefel (b.4 Jul 1893 in Koedoes, Dutch East Indies d. Amsterdam, The Netherlands) There is some confusion as to whom is the mother of a couple of his children. His son, George Henri Vriese (below) always referred to Cornelia Eveline Schreefel as his own mother (NOT N.N.) Researcher, Wanda Vriese, shows that George Henri's mother was "N.N." since the wedding date is after the birthdates. However, according to George Henri's wife, Petronella Cornelia, he was first married to N.N., but also had a relation on the side with Cornelia Eveline Schreefel that resulted in the birth of George Henri and perhaps also Paul Richard Charles BEFORE their wedding date in 1920. Her grandchildren always knew and referred Cornelia Eveline Schreefel as their "oma" (grandmother). He had 9 children: Frits (with his first wife, N.N.), Ferdinand Edward, Theresia, Herman Carl, Paul Richard Charles, Augusta Helena, George Henri, Frederika Cornelia and Dirk Johan.

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