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          Welcome to our colorful and diverse family tree!

This website was created to capture, preserve and share our family history
through stories, memories, photos and collected information, for history not
shared is history lost. Our ancestors came from Africa, France, Mexico as
well as other countries. Most came by choice, others by chain.

My sister Irene and I started actively researching our family history about 25
years ago after our father Robert Orville Greene Sr. passed away in 1990.
We realized then that we didn’t know much about our dad’s mother,
Georgianna André Greene's family history.

We visited my dad’s maternal aunt Erma (André) Madry/Hayman in Boise,
Idaho in 1992. She was 84 at that time and provided us with a wealth of
information. Aunt Erma was an amazing person as well as a wonderful family historian. She passed away in 2009 at the age of 102. We are forever grateful
for her contributions.

Irene and I traveled to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri where our dad’s grandparents
Charles and Amanda André were born. While there we visited the library,
courthouse, Catholic Church and cemeteries. We also met our André cousins
L. Wade and A & D Hemmer (Damien André branch). L. Wade has provided us
with a treasure trove of André history. Collecting bits and pieces of family history over the years has truly been a labor of love.

This site is work in progress so visit us regularly for updates and additions.
Please contact us for questions, comments, additional information and/or

Our cousin J. Young (Aunt Erma’s daughter), a family historian has shared
quite a bit of information with us as well. We would like to thank L. Wade and
J. Young for their invaluable contributions. Collectively, we are the family ‘griots’.

Griot (pronounced gree-oh): A West African tradition passed down through
many generations by which a designated clansman functions as an oral
historian for the tribe. The griot often recites ancestral history through poetry,
music and storytelling.

So in the spirit of the griot, this is our story.

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         The Native American symbol
    above is 'Kokopelli' the flute player.
         Also known as a fertility god,
       trickster, healer and storyteller.