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Nancy L. Lecompte
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Last Updated May 2014

This web site will be expanded as my projects progress.

I have deep roots in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and perhaps Connecticut. I have only three immigrant ancestors in my entire tree. But how can that be?

I have one Irish grandmother on Mom's side of the family tree. All my other grandparent's branches of the tree have been here a while ... a long while. My next two immigrants are found on Dad's side of the tree. The first is a Scotsman who came to Maine from Nova Scotia in 1851. My final immigrant is a German who came as a mercenary with the British during the American Revolution. He was captured with Burgoine's Army and paroled. Before the war was over he was a resident of Maine with a new bride. All the rest of my ancestors were on American soil before the American Revolution (only one Loyalists among them), therefore I do not consider them immigrants - they are Americans!

I have a number of families on the coast on Maine in the very early 1700s and at least two here at the time of King Phillip's War in 1675. Another group is involved in the early settlement of the New Hampshire coast in the 1630s. There is even a rumor of a Native American (unproven at this time). More than one came on the Mayflower and most others are part of the Great Migration.

This is my heritage and I am very proud of it.

Some of the families/projects I am actively researching are:

  • Descendants of Samuel Proctor Of Falmouth, ME
  • Early Saunders on the coast of Maine
  • The Grafton Family of Calais, ME
  • The McQuarrie Family of Bath, ME
  • The Verrill Family of Minot & Greenwood, ME
  • All Thurlow families in Maine

I have recently completed some courses in genetics in preparation for my next project. I will be attempting to break through some research obstacles using genetic genealogy techniques.

Proctor Family The Proctor Family of Maine

Stevens Family The Stevens Family - 4 Generations

Patriots My Patriot Ancestors

Cherry Valley Cherry Valley Massacre & the 6th/7th Regiment Massachusetts Line of the Continental Army

Readers might also be interested in my research on the history and genealogy of the Native American People of Northeastern North America. Please visit my Ne-Do-Ba Research Journal blog or the Ne-Do-Ba Website.