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This site is tribute to those brave and forward thinking people who left loved ones and all they knew to try to build lives in a country for which not a lot was known. Some came against their will, but I hope that as time went by they considered themselves lucky to have come to this wounderful country.

They were mostly humble people who were battlers and worked hard to make a living and rare their family as best they could. Very big families were the norm, and the strugle to feed and clothe them must have been a great struggle we can only wonder about, with all our modern gadgets to help us live from day to day.

Some were here from very early in the history of our great country and some didn't come untill early in the 20th century. Most were country folk who farmed the land and others were city dwellers. There were soldiers to shoemakers to ditch diggers, but none were world beaters, but I could not be more proud to be able to call them my Ancestors, and it is an Era that should Not be Forgotten, for we owe them much.

The principal names in my ancestory and that of my husband are:- Tollis, Edwards, Saunderson, McDonald, White Singleton and Harrop. Winkler, Coles, Graham, Schuhmacher, Perry and Scheibel.

This site is under construction so you will have to be patient with me.

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