Genealogy Research for Fowler-Allen Family

Genealogy Research for Fowler-Allen Family

My mom began our family genealogical research about 15 years ago in England. She did this the old fashioned way, looking through physical records and mailing off for information. By the time, I got into genealogy about 5 years ago, she had already found an enormous amount of information on our family. So I decided to research my husband's family. Later when my daughter was born I put both sides of the puzzle together.

My ancestors lived for hundreds of years in the same villages and towns in England and Wales. I left England at 18 for Alaska. My husband's family is from all over. His great grandparents homesteaded in Alaska in the 1940s and for generations and generations on lines of the family, they have been pioneers through many different states, through many different events. This research also includes some lines of my step mothers family that originated from France through Quebec)

The main family lines covered in my research and the oldest ancestors I have recorded in that line are:

* ALLEN, Phineas (Ohio)

* ASHLEY, William (England to Indiana)

* BALLARD, Thomas  (England to Virginia to Kentucky)

* BELLAMY/BELLOMY, Thomas  (Virginia)

* BOSWELL, William  (Virginia to Arkansas)

* BRICAULT, Julien  (France to Quebec))

* BUNCH, John  (Virginia to Tennessee to Arkansas)

* CASE, Henry  (England to Long Island to New Jersey to Ohio)

* CHADWICK, Thomas  (Derbyshire, England)

* CHARTIER, Robert  (France to Quebec)

* CISSELL/CECIL, John Baptist  (England to Maryland to Kentucky)

* CORWIN, Mattias (England to Massachussetts to Long Island)

* DARTER/DAUGHTER, Hudson  (Delaware to Ohio)

* DEARMAN, Richard Jr  (England to Virginia to North Carolina to South Carolina to Alabama to Mississippi)

* DICKERSON, Richard Wesley  (Pennsylvania to Indiana to Ohio)

* DUTRIEUX/TRUAX, Phillipe  (Amsterdam to New York)

* FERGUS, Francis  (Ireland to Virginia to Pennsylvania to Tennessee)

* FOWLER, John  (Yorkshire, England)

* HARDESTY, George  (England to Maryland to Kentucky)

* HARRIS, Thomas  (England to Virginia)

* HART, William  (New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Indiana)

* HARTMAN, Christopher  (Germany to New Jersey to Ohio)

* HENDERSON, Richard  (Virginia to Kentucky to Ohio)

* HORNER, David  (Ireland to Pennsylvania to Indiana)

* HOLE/HOEL/HOWELL, Charles  (Long Island to New Jersey to Ohio)

* HUDSON, Richard  (England to Virginia to Kentucky)

* HUFF, John  (England to New Jersey to North Carolina to Ohio)

* HUTCHINSON, William (New Jersey to Ohio)

* JONES, Thomas  (England to Pennsylvania to Mississippi)

* LEMELIN, Noel  (France to Quebec)

* MACDONNELL, John   (Ireland to Delaware to Pennsylvania to Ohio)

* MAJOR, Thomas  (Virginia)

* MAREEN/MARINE, Milleson  (France to Delaware to Maryland to Indiana)

* MCALISTER, Charles  (Ireland to Pennsylvania to Indiana)

* MCCORKLE, Alexander  (Ireland to Virginia to West Virginia to Indiana)

* MCCORMICK, Mary  (Pennsylvania)

* MCFADDEN, Samuel  (Ireland to New York to Ohio)

* MCGILLARD/MACGILLIARD, John  (Ireland to Pennsylvania to Ohio)

* MCNUTT, Alexander  (Ireland to Ohio)

* MARLEY, Robert (Yorkshire, England)

* MOORE, James (Pennsylvania to Ohio)

* MOORMAN, Thomas  (Ireland to Virginia to North Carolina)

* QUINN, Daniel  (Ireland to Massachussetts)

* ROUSSEL, Robert  (France to Quebec)

* STROUGH, William V  (Virginia)

* SHINER, Richard  (England)

* STEVENS, Henry John  ( England)

* TOMLIN, John  ( England)

* TOUCHSTONE, Richard  ( Ireland to Maryland to North Carolina to Mississippi)

* TREHARNE, George  (Wales)

* WALKER, John  (Scotland to Virginia to Indiana)

* WINK, Jacob  (Amsterdam to Pennsylvania)

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