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  Welcome to these pages on ...

the BORTHWICKs of Scotland, Australia, New Zealand & Philadelphia USA,
especially the descendants of
(click on their names to begin)

which has developed into ...

BORTHWICK Worldwide One Name Study

(Guild of One Name Studies No 3727)

and as well there are pages on ...

The BROWN family of Brislington, near Bristol, & of Australia
especially the descendants of
William BROWN and his wives - Sarah HORT & Deborah WORGAN
(click on their names to begin)

and some pages on ...

The BROUN family of Haddington, Scotland & of Australia
especially the descendants of
John BROWN and Charlotte DOWLING

and later I will launch some pages on my mother's family ...

HARRISONS of the Clarence River, NSW, Australia
Descendants of John Harrison & Johanna Kelly
Click here for Norman Clarke's site on the Parnell Family - 3 Harrisons married 3 Parnells!

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