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 Hawkins Family

Hawkins Family

From Suffolk & Nottingham, England



This site is under construction and there is a lot more to be added.

There is another site called "RELATIVE DENSITY"  which contains not only the Hawkins records  but the Wardle and Hartshorn records. The search facility allows the user to select any individual by surname.




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How it all began

(Written by William Wardle)

  Research on the Hawkins/Wardle families began in 1985 with my discovery of an old chest under the window in the bedroom of Albert & Elsie Hawkins. Anne & I were visiting Elsie who was ill in bed. Being nosy I asked Albert what was in the chest and he said “They’re just old photos and stuff, it all wants slinging.” “Can I have a look” I said. With a positive reply, I proceeded to open the chest. Being interested in all things old, I was amazed at what I found. Old photos, receipts, letters, I.D. cards, birth certificates, family bibles, baptism certificates, binoculars used by Anne’s grandfather, Edward Hawkins, home made birthday cards from Albert and Fred for their father Edward in the 1920s.Wills of Anne’s grandmother Gladys Williams (nee Watkins) Again many photographs of Elsie’s family, (Gladys died whilst  living with Albert & Elsie in 1978 and her family documents were saved in the chest).

Each document evoked conversation, we were there for hours!



Surname List.

This is a list of all the names discovered so far. The numbers indicate the generations. The ones in yellow are from Wales.


1.Marriage of Albert Hawkins to Elsie Williams.

2. His parents marriage

3. His paternal and maternal grandparents and so on

1. Hawkins = Williams

2. Hawkins = Brightman   Williams = Watkins

3. Hawkins = Heaton   Brightman = Warren   Williams = James (nee Evans)  

4. Hawkins = Quinton   Heaton = Etches   Brightman = Hickson  Williams = James


5. Hawkins = Hubbard  Ford = Quinton  Heaton = Bettison  Etches = Burden  Brightman = Bursnall  Hickson = Harwood 

 Williams = Jones

6. Hawkins = Mulley ?  Hubbard = Pollard   Eaton = Clay   Etches = Winfield    Burden = Culbert   Brightman = Stanger


7. Hawkins = Patrick?  Mulley = Barnes?   Clay = Cheatham   Bettison = Herrick   Etches = Oxspring    Burden = Burton


8. Mulley = Frost?   Barnes = Clerk?    Bettison = Ulliot   Cheatham = Garrett   Aches (Etches) = Baguley

9. Bettison = Lee



This website hopefully provides an interesting and informative history of the Hawkins family. As you go back, each generation doubles in size. e.g. you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents and so on. There are many surnames connected to the Hawkins tree, because at each marriage, a different surname is added to the family. Their name may be different but they are still part of us.

Most of our ancestors would have been agricultural labourers (Ag Labs) or miners. John Eaton was a framework knitter (we know this as he left a frame in his will of 1734)

If you have any information to add or have any queries please contact Anne Wardle

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