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8g gr_ _John POLLARD
of Ways, Wales

(John)? Pollard

7g gr_ _Robert POLLARD, Sr.
b. 1630/5, Wales - d. Virg.

Sir Lewis Pollard

6g gr_ _Robert POLLARD, Jr. m. (1694) Elizabeth Baylor
b. Virginia - d. King & Queen County, Virg.

John Pollard

Richard Pollard

Thomas Pollard

James Pollard

Mary Pollard

Mary Pollard m.(5 Dec. 1721, Virg.) Ralph Shelton
b.ca. 1695 - d.ca 1780

Elizabeth Pollard m. Phillip Pendleton
b. 1696

Hezekiah Pollard

Thomas Pollard

Temperance Pollard

Robert Pollard, III m.(ca. 1722/3) - Garlich
b. 1699 - d. 30 April 1759

5g gr_ _Joseph POLLARD** m.(1724) Priscilla Hoomes
b. 1701, King & Queen County, Virg. - d. 26 Dec. 1791

James Pollard
lost at sea

Sarah Pollard m.(20 June 1743) Judge Edmund Pendleton
b. 4 May 1725 - d. after 1815, Caroline

Anne Pollard m. James Taylor
b. 22 Feb. 1732 - d. after 1815, Caroline

Elizabeth Pollard
b. Oct. 1736 - d. after 1815

4g gr_ _Thomas 'Old Henry'*** POLLARD m.(1)(15 Jan. 1763) Sally Harding; m.(2)(ca. 1765) Rache(a)l - **
b.ca. 30 Sept. 1741, Lunenberg Co., Virg. - d.ca. 11 Sept. 1811, Shelby Co., Ky.

Jane Pollard
b. 26 May 1744 - d. after 1815

Milly Pollard m.(1) ; m(2) Colonel John Pendleton
b. 12 May 1747 - d. after 1815

William Pollard*** m. - Anderson, of Hanover
18 March 1758, Virg. - 6 Sept. 1836, Hanover Co., Virg.

Elijah Pollard
1765, Virg. - 1855, Ky.

3g gr_ _ William S. POLLARD, Sr. m.(after 2 Jan. 1787)* Amelia [Amy, Amite] Clark(e)
b. 1766, Cropper, Shelby Co., Ky. - d. before 1815, Shelby Co., Ky.; bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

William S. Pollard, Jr. m.(11 May 1825) Sarah Sharp
20 Nov. 1802, Shelby Co., Ky. - 29 Dec. 1874, Gibson Co., Ind.; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

2g gr_ _ Silas POLLARD m. (7 Nov. 1833, Shelby Co., Ky.) Prudence Sharp
b. 1814, Shelby Co., Ky. - d. 30 Mar, 1900, Owensville, Gibson Co., Ind.; bur. Owensville Cemetery

Caroline Pollard
b.ca. 1836

Sarah A. Pollard
b.ca. 1839

Mary J. Pollard
b.ca. 1840

g gr_ _Marg(a)ret Allen POLLARD m.(26 Mar.1863) Richard Paul McGinnis
31 Jan. 1844, Gibson Co., Ind. - 23 Dec. 1919, Owensville, Gibson Co., Ind.; bur. Owensville Cemetery.

Benjamin Pollard m.(16 Feb. 1882) Vitula Grysby
b.ca. Mar. 1850

Talbott Pollard m. Finley Powell
b.ca. Oct. 1849

gr_ _Orville Webster McGinnis, Judge m.(27 June 1900) Anna Mary Robinson
3 Dec. 1869, Owensville, Gibson Co., Ind. - 12 Feb. 1934, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.; bur. Owensville Cemetery

Roscoe C. McGinnis
23 Feb. 1872, Owensville, Gibson Co., Ind. - 16 Feb. 1906; bur. Owensville Cemetery

_ _Richard Robinson McGinnis m. Lucy Babcock Walker
17 April 1901, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Ind. - 7 July 1986, Laurel, Jones Co., Miss.

Allen Orville McGinnis m. Dorothy Campbell
5 July 1903, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - March 1985, Petoskey, Mich.

RossAnna McGinnis m. Robert Cooke Enlow
30 Dec. 1905, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - Sept. 1983, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.

Manuscript of Mrs. S.F. Watters - The Pollard Family: The Pollards of Kings Numpton, County Devon, England : descended from Sir Lewis Pollard, Knight, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, a son of Robert Pollard who was 2nd son of John Pollard of Ways. Robert Pollard b. 1630-5, Wales.

King and Queen County, Virginia, by Bagby : Robert Pollard listed as one of the early settlers in the area now recognized as King and Queen County.

The History of the Pollard Family of America by Maurice J. Pollard : Robert Pollard 1,000 acres of land, 1656, on emigrating from Wales.

account from the family Bible recorded in the handwriting of Judge Pendleton:
"Sarah Pollard, born the 4th of May 1725, was married June 20th, 1743, to Judge Pendleton. She is now in her ninetieth year.
Anne Pollard, born the 22nd of February 1732, is now in her 83rd year.
Elizabeth Pollard, born October 1736 is now in her 76th year.
Thomas Pollard, born September 30th 1741, is nearly 73. He rode on horseback from Kentucky a year or two ago, and means to return shortly.
Milly Pollard, now married to Colonel Edmund Pendleton, was born the 12th of May 1747, and is now in her 68th year.
Jane Pollard was born the 26th of May 1744, and is now in her 71st year.
Joseph Pollard, the father of the above, died December 26th, 1791, nearly 91.
Priscilla Pollard, the mother, died July 26th, 1795, over 91."

** Joseph Pollard, 1754, removed to Goochland Co. serving as County Treasurer; was Sheriff of King and Queen.

*** William Pollard Child: William Pollard; Robert Pollard; Benjamin Pollard; Joseph Pollard, II m. Catherine Robinson (dgt. of John Robinson of Mary (Waring) & Henry Robinson of Catherine (Beverley) & John Robinson of Catherine Hone (Beverley) & Christopher Robinson; Thomas; Elizabeth; Mary; Mildred; Jane; Susanna : Clerk of Hanover.

* Pollard-Clarke surety marriage bond dated 2 Jan., Lunenberg, Virg. signed by George Clarke

William S. Pollard, Jr. - Child: William Pollard, III (b. 11 Mar. 1823, d. 20 Aug. 1901, Henry Co., Ky., m.(11 July 1852) Malinda Eastes), Casander Pollard (b. 1830, d. 1920 m. Logan Westfall (1824-1847), Silas A.(Ashby?) Pollard (m.(1 May 1859) Sarah Montgomery - child: William Pollard (m.(1) Mary Belle Freland, m.(2) Margaret - - child: Floyd Pollard m. Irene Cora Johnson - child: Floyd Deon Pollard (b. 1 June 1927, m. Leticia Mercedes Gonzalez (b. 22 Feb. 1927), d. 19 Jan. 1994 - child: Carlos Pollard (stepchild), Lourdes del Carmen Pollard, William Roger Pollard (b. 23 May 1960, m. Tatiana Yaremchuk (b. 3 Feb. 1967)), Nicole Irene Pollard

Mary Pollard m. Ralph Shelton (b. 25 Sept. 1698, King William County, Virg., d. 1743, King William County, Virg. - Child: Elizabeth Shelton (b. 16 Aug. 1724, King William County, Virg., m.(3 Nov. 1749) Joseph Whitlock), Mary Shelton (b. 1 Aug. 1726, King William County, Virg., m. Henry Gosney; child: Mary Gosney, Benjamin Gosney), Richard Shelton (b. 14 Aug. 1728, King William County, Virg., m.(20 Aug. 1746) Mary Wright, dgt. of Mary (Hawkins) & Francis Wright, d. 5 Jan. 1821, King William County, Virg.; child: Jane Shelton, Joshua Shelton, Ralph Shelton, Elizabeth Shelton, Richard Shelton, John Shelton, Mary Shelton, Isaac Shelton, Sarah Shelton, Nancy Ann Shelton, Charlotte Shelton, William Shelton), Jane Shelton (b. 22 May 1730, King William County, Virg.), William Shelton (b. 3 Nov. 1732, King William County, Virg.), John Shelton (b. 25 Apr. 1734, King William County, Virg.)

Robert Child: Robert (b. 1724, m.(1755) Elizabeth Cluverius (widowed cousin, dgt. Benjamin (6th Virg. Regiment under Lt. James Hendrix) - child: Robert (b. 1756, m. Martha Russell), Richard (b. 1758, m. Ann Hill (dgt. of Thomas)), Elizabeth (b. 1759), Anne (b. 1761, m. - Wade), Sarah (b. 1763), Margaret (b.ca. 1765, m.(2 July 1788) Capt. John Watts, d. 24 Jan. 1778)), Richard (b. 1726, m. Elizabeth Coleman, moved to Culpeper - Child: Robert, William), John (b. 1728), Benjamin (b. 1730, Nancy (m. John Garlick (son of Mary (Camm) & Samuel Garlick), Mildred (m. James Gaines, of Orange Co., Virg.), Jane (m. - Smith, of K & Q Co.), - m. M. Mitchell, Wm. Penn (b.ca. 1740)

MYSTERIES - Anyone have any information on these?

* George Clarke - signed Pollard-Clarke surety marriage bond dated 2 Jan., Lunenberg, VA; how related?

** Elizabeth D. Schenk, Eberhardt Schenk, Laura Schenk, Clinton S. Schenk all buried in W.S. Pollard's Oak Hill Ceme. plot - could these be Rachel's family? Rachel (b. 1746, Virg., d.ca. 1811 [before Feb. 1831], Shelby Co, Ky.

*** Samantha Pollard, Dr. Walter Sutton, Jessie S. Pollard all buried in W.S. Pollard's Oak Hill Ceme. plot - could these be children or ?

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