[Robinson Crest]


7g gr_ _ Christopher ROBINSON m. Agatha Bertram
1645, Cleasby, Yorkshire, England - 1690

6g gr_ _ Christopher ROBINSON m.(12 Oct. 1703) Judith Wormeley

John Robinson m. Catherine Beverley
b. 1683 - d. 1749

Benjamin Robinson

Christopher Robinson m. Sarah Wormeley
b. ca. 1705 - d. 18 July 1768, "Hewick", near Urbana, Middlesex Co., Virg.

Judith Robinson
d. 5th year

5g gr_ _John ROBINSON m. Frances Yates
b. ca. 1708

Benjamin Robinson m. Lucy Robinson [dgt. of brother, Peter]

Judith Robinson
b. ca. 1711

Frances Robinson

William Robinson

Peter Robinson m.(9 Aug. 1750) Sarah Lister
1 March 1718/19 - 1765, St. Johns, King William Co., Virg.

Mary Robinson

William Robinson m.(15 May 1806) Elizabeth Lilly
b. 11 April 1749 - d. Middlesex

4g gr_ _Robert ROBINSON m. -
b. 29 Aug. 1750

John Robinson m.(17 April 1784) Deborah Dunlop
d. "Green Branch", Middlesex Co., Virg.

Catherine Robinson m.(2 July 1785) Thomas Wyatt

Judith Robinson

3g gr_ _John ROBINSON 1776, Nova Scotia

- Robinson

- Robinson

T.M. Robinson
d. St. John, New Brunswick

2g gr_ _John L. ROBINSON (18 Oct. 1810, Ky.) - Sarah [Sallie] Daugherty 5 August 1796, Bedford Co. Virg. - 30 Dec. 1851

Sarah [Emily Jane] Robinson
b. Nov. 1811

William Green Robinson
b. 31 Oct. 1813

Benjamin Earl Robinson
b. 16 Oct. 1816

John Alexander Robinson m. - Cedarcraft
15 Sept. 1819, Bedford Co. Virg. - 3 April 1888, Warren Co, Ky.; bur. Old Union Cemetery, near Woodburn, Ky.

Cyrus Milton Robinson m. (20 Jan. 1847, Simpson Co., KY) Elizabeth Whitesides
29 June 1824, [Woodburn / Bowling Green, Ky, / Mo. ?] - 22 July 1901, Woodburn, Ky.

g gr_ _James Allen ROBINSON m. (16 Nov. 1849, Owensville, Ind.) Louisa Benson
20 Aug. 1826, Warren Co., Ky. - 10 March 1903, Owensville, Ind.; bur. Owensville Cemetery

Robert Littleton Robinson
b. 23 July 1829

Martha Robinson

Sylvester B. Robinson m.(1)(12 Aug. 1875) Mary Virginia Barker; m.(2)(29 Sept. 1892) Hattie Jacquess
15 Nov. 1852 - 9 Apr. 1932

George C. Robinson

Woodfin D. Robinson
b. ca. 1848

William C. Robinson m.(26 Feb. 1884) Lydia Dorsey
b. ca. 1845

Minnie Belle Robinson
b. ca. 1842

Dove Laura Robinson m. Osborn Lockhart
b. ca. 1866

Ada Robinson Robinson m. (10 Aug. 1887) John J. Mauck
b. ca. Aug. 1869

gr_ _Anna Mary ROBINSON m. (27 June 1900, Owensville, Gibson Co., Ind.) Orville Webster McGinnis, Judge
18 Oct. 1875, Owensville, Gibson Co., Ind. - 21 Sept. 1951, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.; bur. Owensville Cemetery

_ _Richard Robinson McGinnis m. Lucy Babcock Walker
17 April 1901, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Ind. - 7 July 1986, Laurel, Jones Co., Miss.

Allen Orville McGinnis m. Dorothy Campbell
5 July 1903, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - March 1985, Petoskey, Mich.

RossAnna McGinnis m. Robert Cooke Enlow

30 Dec. 1905, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - Sept. 1983, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.

John Robinson m. Catherine Beverley (b. 1683, VA); Child: Henry Robinson m. Mary Waring [Child: John Robinson m. - Clements? -> Catherine Robinson m. Joseph Pollard, II, Virg.], Christopher Robinson, John Robinson, William Robinson, Robert Robinson, Catherine Robinson, Mary Robinson, Beverley Robinson

Christopher Robinson m. Sarah Wormeley; Child: Christopher Robinson (d. 1775), Mary Robinson, Betty Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson (m.(19 May 1782) William Steptoe, d. "Hewick"; Child: Elizabeth Steptoe (m. Allen Christian; child: Mary, William, Elizabeth, Martha), Sallie Steptoe (m. Philip Grymes), Martha Steptoe (m. James Stamper), Thomas Steptoe, James Steptoe, George Steptoe, Walter Steptoe)

Peter Robinson m. Sarah Lister; Child: Christopher Robinson, Peter Robinson, Judith Robinson(b. 5 Sept., 1751), Sarah Robinson m.(4 Oct. 1773) Benjamin Grymes, Lucy Robinson m. Benjamin Robinson

William Robinson m. Elizabeth Lilly (b. 23 Oct. 1750, dgt. of Lucy (Burwell) (dgt. of Lucy Ludwell (Grymes) & Carter Burwell) & Thomas Lilly ); Child: Lucy Lilly Robinson (b. 1 Jan. 1807, m. Benjamin Temple), Judith Willantina F. Robinson (b. 9 March 1808, m. John R. Taylor)

John Robinson m. Deborah Dunlop; Child: William D. Robinson, Deborah E. C. Robinson, Benjamin F. Robinson, Christopher Robinson, Frances Yates Robinson

MYSTERIES - Anyone have any information on these?

Kentucky Land Grants, p.396; Grantee: Robinson, David : 200 A, Survey: 6-15-1804, Warren Co.; Watercourse: Gasper R [Book 2, Page 319]

Kentucky Land Grants, p.396; Grantee: Robinson, Jno M : 200 A Survey: 9-2-1813, Warren Co.; Watercourse: Drake Cr [Book 15, Page 389]

Kentucky Land Grants, p.396; Grantee: Robinson, Christopher : 50 A, Survey: 9-18-1812, Warren Co.; Watercourse: Clay Lick Cr [Book 16, Page 321]

Kentucky Land Grants, p.1643; Grantee: Robinson, Basil : 12 A, Survey: 10-29-1850, Warren Co.; Watercourse: None [Book 35, Page 393]

Kentucky Land Grants, p.1643; Grantee: Robinson, Jerry A : 50 A, Survey: 3-5-1849, Warren Co.; Watercourse: None [Book 41, Page 396]

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